Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visa Debit Card: Three reasons why I love thee


Two months ago, I wrote about the wonders of having a Visa debit card. I talked about the convenience, the speed and the power that it gives you without having to worry about bringing a loadful of cash in your bag. Sad to say, our environment is not that safe and we go out having to be mindful of pick-pockets and snatchers all the time.

After writing that entry, I had the privilege of using my very own Visa debit card powered by Unionbank. Signing up for it was so easy! I simply filled up the form, presented two valid IDs and within weeks I finally got my very own debit card! I loaded up my card with a small amount and this became my emergency cash from that point on. The best thing is there is no minimum maintaining balance needed so you can deposit as much as you want and leave it empty without the fear of losing your account or incurring interest fees.

Let me share with you three amazing things that you can do with your VISA debit card:

1) Swipe it!

I am in dire need for a new pair of sturdy flipflops that will be my walking companion here and abroad. You see, I love wearing flipflops as it’s light and pretty much easy to maintain. I really get to over-use my flipflops as I bring them with me wherever I go. Since I will be traveling soon, I know I need a new pair as my old ones are pretty much worn out.

Finally, I found the one! It was during one of my impromptu shopping trips with Paul when we saw a cute pair of bejeweled Fitflops sandals! I’ve always wanted a pair of Fitflops and the moment I saw it on the glass display, we immediately headed inside the store and asked the sales clerk to get me a pair to try on. Guess what, I found out that it was actually the last stock they have!

VISA debit card

I tried it on and just how the glass slippers fit perfectly into Cinderella’s feet, this particular Fitflop was the right size for me. What great luck! I didn’t waste any time and I told the sales clerk to wrap it up right away. It was only when I opened my wallet and realized that I was Php. 500 short in cash. Drat! It will take me forever to head to the nearby ATM machine to withdraw money! Good thing, I saw my Unionbank Visa Debit Card and I happily pulled it out and handed it over to the cashier.

In less than 3 minutes and a few swipes on the card terminal, I signed my first debit charge slip and I am now a proud owner of my first ever Fitflops! Yay!

2) Click it!

I honestly think that whoever has created the first ever groupon site is a genius! Imagine allowing food lovers like me to be able to try a new restaurant at a lower price. It has also made traveling more affordable too!

VISA debit card

Since everything is done online, it’s easy to use the Visa debit card in making purchases in groupon sites! Just recently, I purchased a few coupons for me and my family using my Unionbank Visa Debit Card. The process is very much similar to using a credit card only the amount immediately gets deducted and I don’t have to wait for another month to pay for my purchase. That’s a speedy way to choose, click and buy!

3) Cash it!

While I love shopping and dining at weekend markets, one challenge that I always have to deal with is the lack of a credit card facility thus every single purchase – big or small – should be paid in cash. With that, I have to make sure that my wallet is ready every time I plan to visit a weekend market.

VISA debit card

Since my Unionbank Visa Debit Card works both like a credit card and an ATM card, I didn’t have to worry. All I have to do was to head to the nearest Unionbank branch in my neighborhood and withdraw some cash.

VISA debit card

I can also check my current balance through the machine too! It was really convenient and I was able to head over to my favorite weekend market with enough cash to spend!

These are just three of the basic things that you can do with your Visa Debit Card. In addition to all these, you can use your card to pay your bills, transfer funds and a lot more! So have fun and go swipe, click and cash away!!


  1. Hi Fran! I also have a VISA UnionBank debit card too which I got from work, which is on a payroll account. I agree that having a debit card is so convenient to use that I bring it with me everytime I shop. I don't have to bring a lot of cash too as I can just swipe it whenever I pay. Sometimes I only have a full week of allowance in my wallet and I just withdraw money whenever I need more.

    But the downside is, sometimes I depend on my debit card too much that whenever I shop, even though I don't have any money on my wallet, I know I can just swipe it using my card and get away buying stuff I don't need, which I would regret later on and realizing that sometimes it doesn't help me save money at all. haha!

    Anyway, I've also enrolled my UnionBank debit card with my PayPal account too and always use this when paying online such as on Ebay and on other groupon sites.

    So CHEERS for us for finding something we truly appreciate!! ^_^

  2. I have one too. And I agree that it is indeed convenient and safe to use.

    I've had my Unionbank Visa Debit Card for years now. I use it for my Paypal too.

  3. Neal has had this for a few years now and I see the convenience everytime we use it. I'm now ready to get my own. :)

  4. VISA debit card is the best! of course thought we just have to be extra careful when it comes to keeping it safe as this is good as cash and anyone can just pick this up and swipe away.

  5. Having a hard time deciding where should I transfer my savings account until I saw your post! :)

  6. Hi. Nice post.
    I too am a EON account holder. I have to agree about the convenience of this card. I've used it to pay my bills, purchase items at POS.
    However the annual fee is a bit pricey.
    I'm considering transferring to EastWest's Visa Debit. Maintaining balance is only Php. 100 and has no annual fees. :)


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