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As a parent, I have one thing that I dread the most and that's when any of my kids fall sick. From the moment we detect the faintest sniffle followed by sneezes and runny nose, we know one thing is for sure -- we will be having a couple of sleepless nights. For twins, it is very common that when one falls sick, expect the other one to follow suit in just a matter of days, sometimes within hours even. 


A few years ago, my twins would catch a cold and we really would struggle because they'd become very fussy and cranky at night. They're sleepy and tired from the cold but with a clogged nose, they can't really have a restful night and this means, either one of us will have to sit up and carry them all throughout the night. It came to a point wherein both kids were sick and Paul and I eventually caught the bug too. It was just so hard to care for the kids while you're not in the best condition as well. This got me researching on remedies on how we can have a good night sleep while dealing with our clogged nose and I saw moms recommending Happy Noz onion sticker. I never thought that an onion is considered to be a natural remedy for colds, cough and fever but hey, I was just so willing to try ANYTHING. I found the distributor of Happy Noz locally and dropped them a message to order. The transaction was so fast that I immediately got my first few boxes within an hour of making the order. 

Back then, they had two types available -- the Organic Onion Sticker and the Anti Bac. The Organic Onion Sticker (Purple box) has onion oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil. It's said to help breathing, clogged nose and will also give you a good night sleep. Since all the oils containing the patch are safe for kids, I followed the instruction on the box which is to stick the patch onto our aircon vent and the aroma will last for 12 hours. Just enough to make us sleep better that night. This is also safe for pregnant and nursing moms. 

I also tried the Anti Bac (Blue box) is for hard core needs like when your mucus has turned yellow/green showing signs of bacterial infection. This one has the same ingredients as the Organic Onion Sticker with the addition of Tea Tree Oil. I actually used this first as we really caught a nasty bug and believe it or not, it really worked! My twins slept through the night and even Paul and I felt relaxed and comfortable with the aroma. It was indeed a surprising discovery and I was immediately a believer after seeing the effects. We continued to use the Anti Bac patch every night until we got better and I switched it to the Organic Onion Sticker for a few more days. Each pack gives you 6 stickers each.

While the box says that the aroma will last for 12 hours, it actually stayed on much longer than that. I didn't want to waste the sticker and the lingering aroma so even after changing it nightly, I would keep the used sticker and I would stick it onto our bed where we can still smell the faint scent. 


A few months ago, I was checking out Happy Noz' Lazada page and I saw that they have added two more products. I was so intrigued by the Virus+ patch (Green box) and upon reading more about it, I found out that it has Turmeric Oil which is a powerful anti-oxidant and immunity boosting ingredient. It helps blocks any virus, reduce lung swelling and it's anti-inflammatory. This became my sticker patch of choice throughout the pandemic as we really need more protection against the virus. This time, I would stick it onto my mask and it has also helped lessen my nausea which I usually get after wearing a mask for a long period of time. 


For all of our trips since last year, we never left home with our boxes of Happy Noz stickers. I would ensure that everyone has a sticker patch on their mask and we would have extras in case we can stick it in our hotel room's air conditioning vent. Better to be protected than sorry, I always believe. 

I have yet to try the Detox PM 2.5 Onion Sticker (Orange box) but this is perfect to protect you from heavy smoke or pollution. I can just imagine this coming in very useful when our air quality turned bad back when Taal Volcano had an eruption or when we were experiencing the haze in Singapore. It's best to still have this on standby at home. 

I know, I owe you a blog post to share my travel must-haves especially when you're travelling with kids. This is definitely one of the things you should always bring. We always bring the Virus+ and the Organic Onion Sticker in our travel bags as you'll never be too sure which one will come in handy. 

* disclaimer: As with anything, please make sure to consult with your pediatrician should your child have any health concerns (eg: G6PD) before using this patch on him/her. 

Check out Happy Noz on Lazada and grab this sampler package for you to try all 4 variants:

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