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It's December and here are some Random Musings

 🎶 It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas! 🎶  I can't believe that December is here and this means that we're about to bid 2022 good bye. I have to say that this year was definitely much better than the last. It's the year where we felt more normalcy as compared to the past 2 years. We were finally able to go on several trips and while we managed to dodge COVID19 for the past 2 years, the virus finally entered our home a few weeks ago. I still have to say that I did not enjoy falling sick at all and the worst part was having to be isolated from the world for more than two weeks. Well, I just hope that the only good thing we got out of this was some temporary antibodies that will keep us safe for a few more months.  Apart from being able to travel, 2022 was also the year when I closed a chapter in my career life and opened a new one. I recently bid theAsianparent good bye and my life as the General Manager to the most awesome team ever. It was time to go back t