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Unboxing with the #AngTwins : Tiny Buds Baby Naturals

If there's one thing my one year old twins are starting to show great interest in, it's unboxing with Mommy whenever there's a new package that gets sent out way. The sight of a mysterious-looking box most especially one wrapped in a big bow never fails to make them clap with happiness and quickly crawl/baby walk towards me. Sometimes, I would patiently wait for them to wake up from their nap in order for us to unbox the package together. Oh how I wish they'll never get tired doing this with me even as they grow up. That said, I shall start a new series in this blog where I will be featuring the different boxes/packages that my twins and I have unboxed and their genuine reaction towards it coupled with my  personal thoughts about the product too. Thus, I present you my first entry under "Unboxing with the #AngTwins" . Tadaahhhh!

Kam's Roast Philippines offers the Pipa Duck

The first time I've had Pipa Duck was in Singapore when I was still handing the social media accounts of one of the biggest Chinese restaurant chains in the island . That was the best years of my career life there as not on were my clients one of the nicest that I've ever had but I get to have a good preview of their upcoming dishes before it gets launched to the public. What a job, right? The Pipa Duck as very memorable as it was my first time to come across it and we even had an inside joke about it within my team. (To YOU whom we were teasing about the Pipa Duck...know that I miss and love you! hihi) . source: Anyway, the Pipa Duck is not another type of duck. It's exactly the same kind normally used for Roast or Fried Duck what made it different is how it was prepared. Split open in the middle and "butterflied" to flatten it out, the reason why it's called so is because it resembles that of a pipa 琵琶, a traditional Chine

The Music Run 2018 at the Filinvest Grounds

" What was I thinking?!" This was predominantly my thought as we got nearer and nearer to the day of The Music Run . Well, back in July, when Paul and I decided to sign up, the main objective was because we wanted to get into a healthy lifestyle for our twins. The plan was  to train for this run at least 3 months ahead thus making the 5K distance an easy peasy challenge for us. Well.. that  didn't happen. We barely prepared for this run and we were already telling friends that we might just walk all the way. Luckily, I still had the presence of mind to sign us up for the Fun Run  so that lessens the burden than signing up for the timed marathon. We also had considered not showing up or backing out. The race fee wasn't that expensive and for fear that we might just breakdown during the race.. we thought of letting it go. But... we're not the kind who backs out that easily. So..there we were on the afternoon of November 17 together with thousands of avid ru

Market Cafe at the AG New World Manila Bay Hotel

I can't believe I've never written about Market Cafe . Being a huge fan of what was then the Hyatt Hotel in Manila where Paul and I would frequent Lili and The Fireplace , I can't believe that I never got around to writing my experiences at their all-day buffet restaurant, Market Cafe . The hotel is now under a new management and is now known as AG New World Manila Bay Hotel . Despite the name change, the enticing and very welcoming look of Market Cafe stayed the same. One thing that I remember about dining here is that even their drinks are part of the buffet. This is just a minor add-on but it's really the little details that make the difference, right? The selection is not as wide as perhaps its hotel buffet counterparts but rest assured that it's well curated and the quality is top notch. Start your meal by visiting the Cheese and Cold Cuts station . I really like starting with small bite-sized portions of these appetizers every time I dine at a buffet.

Shawa Wama invades 8Cuts Burger #i8Shawa

Love burgers? Love shawarma? Well in an ordinarily normal world, these two types of food items will never ever mix. You can only have one or the other. But who ever said life is ever ordinary? The metro's well-loved shawarma joint, Shawa Wama , recently invaded the space of its sister restaurant - 8Cuts and I personally couldn't be happier. You see, Shawa Wama opened their first branch at the Powerplant Mall and for somebody who rarely gets out of San Juan City, this has been on my to-try list for the longest time. Thankfully, I got wind that Shawa Wama  will be at 8Cuts  until November 11, 2018 so I made the most of this opportunity and dragged Paul out for an impromptu shawarma date at our neighborhood 8Cuts outlet for lunch one day.

Lamian Nga! : Rico's Lechon opens in Tiendesitas

It's no secret how much I love Cebuano lechon. Apart from my all-time fave, very sosyal  Truffled Stuffed Lechon , I love the saltiness of the Cebunao lechon and the fact that minimal dipping is required. Apart from this, I love Cebu . The Queen City of the South where you can get the yummiest finds. It's here where I load up on roasted meats, dried danggit (fish) and my ever favorite -- dried mangoes with chocolate. So, when word went around that Rico's Lechon from Cebu will open their first store here in Manila sometime back in August, I was really excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, being full time Mommy to my twins doesn't really make me as mobile as I used to be so even a short trip to the Bonifacio Global City entails a whole lot of coordination, planning and logistical arrangements. You see, every time I visit Cebu, I make it a point to have lechon. I have my go-to Cebu Lechon spot which I would frequent every time I'm in the city. Somehow, I know