Friday, April 30, 2010

Eureka! Yummy Popcorn by Chef Tony

Yummy Magazine has took one HUGE step UP!

Presenting our newest creation!  

Yummy Popcorn by Chef Tony in Southern French Herb with Cream Cheese flavor!

This will be available in select Chef Tony stores starting June for only P200 a tub!! :) Watch out for more Yummy surprises coming soon!

Better yet, grab your monthly copy to be updated ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Unlike the past months wherein I have successfully managed to write at least 5 entries a week, this month tells a different story. My entries are coming in slower than usual, I hardly have the time to blog much less explore the city for the newest food destinations... this doesn't mean though that Frannywanny is losing her passion for's just that at this point in my work and hobby must take a back seat and it's time to focus on that one thing that means the most to me right personal life.

Just two weeks ago, Paul and I formally took that big step closer to being a married couple. Nope, we have not tied the knot yet but we're definitely half-way there and literally 74 days away from our BIG day.

Following our Fil-Chi traditions, we finally had our Ting Hun. This is the official ceremony wherein our parents formally welcomes us into each other's family. In other words...

we're officially and truly ENGAGED!

Check out how we are doing with our wedding preparations over at The Kanchiu Files.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sandwich Fever at Delifrance

I've always been a fan of Delifrance's sandwiches!

I love mixing and matching different meats and spreads to their soft breads. My favorites include the Norwegian Smoked Salmon on Ciabatta Bread (Php. 179) and the good ol' Crabstick Celery on French Baguette (Php. 139).

Lately, we're loving their newest sandwich offering, the French Dip Roast Beef (Php. 149) that's oh-so-sinful but very delicious that you couldn't resist but order this in every visit. I love it that their beef is quite lean and it's very flavorful. It's served with gravy but it's actually good even without it.

I love dining at Delifrance not just for breakfast but for any time of the day.

Delifrance has more than 20 branches in Luzon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

SPOTTED: Frannywanny in Serenitea

Call it mutual attraction, I discovered Serenitea and immediately fell in love with the whole concept that kind of took the place of the Green Siren in my heart.

A year later, I'm more addicted to it than ever that I even had to impose a two-week hiatus in order to normalize the tea and sugar level in my body.

Yesterday, I went back and enjoyed the familiar smell of brewed tea as I entered the store. Getting closer to the counter, I noticed that the server now has a new addition to their regular uniform. They now have cute button pins with words I couldn't not make out from where I stood. Finally it was my turn to place my order and Janet beamed at me as I ordered my usual large cup of Hokkaido Milk Tea (Php. 95).

Looking closely I read her pink button pin and it says....

It sure was a great surprise and I love Serenitea more than ever!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Store Find: Regalong Pambahay

Since Paul and I are starting to plan for our new room, we are now getting into the habit of checking out various home stores to get more ideas on how to decorate our room.

First step was to determine our color theme. Taking the advise of my colleague and Real Living Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Rach, we browsed through a handful of home books starting off with our very own Color Book that we launched last year. Finally, Paul and I found THE ONE.

We both agreed that our room will make use of neutral colors (beige, brown and white) with a hint of old rose here and there. From there, we began to scour around for decors and items that we will be needing to complete our room.

One afternoon, I decided to drop by the Regalong Pambahay Outlet Store which was located just two blocks away from my office. It was also timely that I had to buy a gift for a dear friend's wedding and so I thought visiting this store would be a great idea.

Inside, the feel was very Filipiniana/Asian. I love the subtle floral designs and how organized the entire store was. All blues in one corner, the green in another and so on. Since our friend mentioned that their home will have a predominant blue feel, I wasted no time and headed straight to the blue displays.

After making my choice, I went around the store to check out the other items...and this caught my eye. This lamp is so pretty, don't you think?

They also have a couple of shelves filled with trinkets and bags from sister company EGG. I love this cofffee table with those pink throw pillows.

The best thing is, everything bought here is cheaper as compared to the ones in their regular stores. You get 20% discount when paying in cash and 15% discount when you use your credit card!

The Regalong Pambahay Outlet Store is located along Pioneer street in Mandaluyong (beside 7-11 and Cityland Condominium).

Friday, April 23, 2010

Take the Snickers Game!

I must admit my stress level has been at an all time high since the start of the year. It must be because of the new load at work or it could also be our fast approaching BIG day.. or perhaps its just because 2010 is simply a very busy, crazy year.

Nothing beats taking a bite of my favorite chocolate bar once in a while... I love Snickers with Almonds. While the original flavor is satisfying enough, this one just gives you that extra happiness that you very much deserve.

Speaking of snickers, I stumble upon an online game that can help take your mind off from work and allow you to relax for a while. Check out the Snickers game. It's a perfect way to test your hand and eye coordination. I'm sure long-time bloggers and chatters won't have a hard time typing all those letters without peeling your eyes off the screen.

The mechanics is simple -- just type the flashing letters to increase your energy level. There's a time limit though so it's time to test your speed typing skills. At the end of each round,  you will have to kick the ball into the net without hitting the goalie.

Score the more number of goals and get a catch to win an iPod Touch (Weekly Prize) or a PSP (Grand Prize)!

Check the Snickers Game at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What makes you HAPPY?

I'm stuck at home today. Had to take a leave from work due to a nasty stomachache that kept me up all night. Was it something I ate or is it because of stress? Whichever it was, I'm just upset that I'm wasting a beautiful day doing NOTHING.

Going through the folder filled with my favorite photos I came across a couple that made me smile... these things truly make me happy and so I'd like to share them with you.

my favorite drink

my comfort food

a sweet surprise

wish I can be a kid again :)

a delicious discovery

the best set of friends


Tell me, what makes you HAPPY?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Taste of Portugal at O'sonho

To be honest, I don't think I have ever tasted Portuguese food, except for those yummy Egg Tarts in Hong Kong that I just had to get before flying back to Manla .Thus, an invitation to try O'Sonho's newest branch in Eastwood was definitely something I was looking forward to.

O'sonho, which actually means The Dream in Portuguese, has a very beautiful story behind it. Owned by sweet couple Cris and Nik Barancik, we were told that it has been their long time dream to open a restaurant. Thus, after coming home from their honeymoon and searching for a Portuguese restaurant here in Manila and realizing that there was none, this couple decided to open one themselves and the rest was history.

We were treated to an array of O'sonho's best-seller. Starting off with a soup called Caldo Verde I enjoyed the thick and creamy vegetable soup that tastes very much like spinach but as Cris explained, it's actually made of kale leaves which can only be sourced abroad.

Jimbo chose the Jumbo Wrap with Lamb and was so kind to share it with us. I loved every bite of the wrap and believe me it was HUGE! Well, it was huge enough to feed all 5 of us. I loved the tender bits of lamb plus the very tasty garlic cream sauce that they added in. An additional highlight was the spicy Peri Peri sauce that you have to add on top of your wrap to give that delicious zing and definitely that Portuguese feel.

What's a visit to a Portuguese restaurant without trying their Peri Peri Chicken? This is not your ordinary fried chicken, with the addition of, once again, the Peri Peri sauce, you'll enjoy the play of flavors that goes perfectly well with their mild herb rice.

In addition to the Peri Peri Chicken Rice, you may also opt to have it with pesto pasta. We got the Peri Peri Chicken Pasta which was very good too.

However, the highlight of the meal was the Seafood Paella. Cris told us that Nik actually came from the family who runs Casa Armas, right there and then I knew I just have to try their paella. My family has been a HUGE fan of Casa Armas and I'm sure Nik also knows the secret to their famous paella while adding a little Portuguese twist and serving it here in his very own restaurant -- O' Sonho. In between bites and stories shared back and forth, came the Seafood Paella that was placed in a beautiful medium sized pan. It's topped with plump shrimps, squid, olives and sliced boiled egg. My favorite can be found at the bottom of the pan, that delicious slightly burnt layer that was oh-so-crunchy and tasty!

Aside from the Peri Peri Chicken and the Paella, one must also try the Bacalhau de "O'Sonho" which makes a good appetizer with four pieces of toasted pita chips and a tangy mix of bacalhau (salty cod fish), carrots, bell peppers in tomato sauce.

Almond Sans Rival

We were so full but Cris and Nik insists that we try their desserts. Eventually, we're glad that we did as their cakes are also something worth going back for over and over again.

As I write this, I'm missing O'Sonho's Paella, Peri Per Chicken and desserts! Will definitely be back soon!

O' Sonho is located at 1880 Building, New Eastwood Mall, Quezon City (it's right across Dwell). They also have another branch at 20 Jupiter street, Makati (beside Fiamma). Call them at 470-1768 / 8963289.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Fashion with Inti-Mate

With the temperature fast rising, it's time to bring out all your tank tops and light-colored shirts! One drawback in wearing tank tops is having your bra straps show and that is not fashionable AT ALL.

Introducing, Inti-Mate Bra Converter! This plastic wonder hides your straps giving you a clean no-peeking-bra-straps look!

Check it out! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starbucks Coffee celebrates Earth Day 2010

Imagine a perfect win-win situation... you get to help BOTH Mother Earth and your dear pocket.

 click to enlarge

See you all on April 22 and 23 as we join the Green Siren in celebrating Earth Day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spoonfuls of THANKS from Banana Leaf

The email came as a surprise. I received a message from the PR firm handling Banana Leaf Asian Cafe that after reading my entry on my latest visit to their Robinsons Midtown branch, that they would like to invite me for lunch as their way of saying thank you for writing about my experience.

It was a holiday when I scheduled that lunch to meet with them. I went with my mom and sister as we had plans of going shopping right after. Arriving at their Podium branch a little after 12, we arrived at the restaurant and were warmly welcomed by three of their PR representatives. We were then presented with their drinks menu. I followed my mom who got the Pandan Iced Tea. I liked how refreshing this drink was which was perfect since it was a very warm day. It was not too sweet which was one of the things that I do not like when drinking Iced Tea as some are just loaded with thick syrup.

We took turns in choosing our lunch menu and finally came up with these:

Pomelo Salad Thai Style (Php. 138). Another refreshing way to start a meal. I'm used to having my Pomelo Salad with Shrimps but this version simply has pomelo and some fried spring onions to give it a very oriental taste. Everyone on the table seemed to enjoy this one while it was pretty ok me. I'd still prefer to have shrimps with my pomelo. :)

Malaysian Lamb Curry with Potatoes (Php. 268). I have been craving for lamb that I immediately pointed this out while scanning the menu. The lamb was soft and it does not have a funky lamb smell. This dish was pretty good and I love the rich thick curry sauce that went really well with our rice.

Stir Fried Malaysian Noble Leaves with Garlic (Php. 188). This was my other pick, I love love love this dish and no visit to Banana Leaf would ever be complete without this. I'm glad that my mom liked this too. It has a just-right garlicky flavor and the leaves are so crunchy and light. A very healthy choice indeed!

Malayan Beef Rendang (Php. 238). This is another dish that I regularly order everytime I have the chance to. It all began when I had my first taste of Beef Rendang not so long ago. Banana Leaf's version was a bit different, I was bewildered by the addition of the shredded coconut on top of the savory beef chunks. The beef was tender yet I would have preferred it without the coconut bits.

Nasi Goreng (Php. 188). I guess I've been saying this over and over again -- I love fried rice. If the Philippines has the Sinangag, the Japanese has Yakimeshi, the Chinese has Yang Chow Fried Rice... the Malaysian has Nasi Goreng! I love this version of fried rice with shrimps, onions and topped with egg cooked sunny side-up. It really goes well with the curry dishes.

Finally, the stars of the show! Banana Leaf PR's team made sure that we had to indulge and enjoy the best dishes in the house:

Stir Fried Crab in Malayan Coconut Curry (Php. 120/100grams). I was told that this is a preview of what to expect and enjoy during my two weeks trips to Singapore and Malaysia soon. Well, if every meal that we will enjoy during the trip will be this good... then I'm ten-times more excited! I once again love the rich, sweet curry sauce that covers the plump crabs. It was so easy to crack open the shell and pull out the meaty, soft crab meat while dipping it into the curry sauce.

Stir Fried Crab with Spicy Golden Garlic (Php. 120/100grams). Lastly, another crab variant that got the top spot in my book. I love the crunchy, flavorful crab that wasn't a bit oily and is fully topped with fried golden garlic bits. It's a good thing that we have extra Nasi Goreng left that I got the remaining scoop and mixed this with a spoonful of garlic.I will definitely go back for these crab dishes.

I enjoyed the lunch spent with our new-found friends. Amazing that all six of us were able to finish off a very hearty spread. Thank you very much Banana Leaf! Looking forward to your 10th year celebration!

Banana Leaf is located at the 2nd level of The Podium Mall, ADB avenue,Mandaluyong City.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love you Scottie

Dear Scottie (the Hottie),

You have no idea how much joy you bring to the family. I can't believe the effect that you have... with your joyful bark as I walk in the room makes my day's stress and worries go away in an instant.

Who would believe that I was never a dog-lover before..make than an animal-lover at that. I was dead scared of puppies like you most especially those that would chase me around the room to lick my feet. Not wanting to sound dramatic changed me.

You love music and everytime Mommy would play the piano you would quietly listen and walk around in tip-toes as not to disturb her.

You may still have to be potty-trained and can be a bit gross with your poo-eating habit but we still love you dearly.

Continue to brighten our day, dear Scottie as we will take care of you forever and ever.

Love lots,
Fran :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back at Mr. Jones

It was an exciting lunch as I was back at my favorite American diner ... Mr. Jones!

Just a month ago, I first tried Mr. Jones with the Yummy team and now I'm back for a food tasting in preparation for an exciting event for work!

Thanks to Raintree Restaurant's super accommodating and friendly Marketing Manager, Belle; I found myself enjoying a wide array of Mr Jones' specialties earlier was these will be served to our special guests in a couple of weeks.

Here's what we had for lunch...

We've tried The Threeesome during our first visit to Mr. Jones, I love the Egg Salad with Truffle Oil and Black Caviar! Each bite is h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y. The other two are the Prawn Coleslaw and the Macaroni Salad. Must enjoy these yummy salad together with their delicious butter toast.

Make a wild guess how many milkshake we all had this afternoon. :) One? nah.. Two? Nope! Threeee? Maybe... Four? CORRECT!! Yep! We all had a taste of four of their best-selling milkshakes and we're all glad we did! My favorite was the Blueberry Granola Yogurt as well as the Black and White.

Moving on to our main dishes. We got another favorite -- remember Elaine's Melted "Old Bay" Crab and Dory Thermidor (Php. 375)? We had this again today and I was able to fully appreciate the freshness of the Dory as well as the yummy addition of the crab meat! Yum! I wanted to dig into the rice but I remembered what our next dish was that I stopped myself just in time for the...

U.S. Beef Ribcap Tapa & Garlic Overload (Php. 295). I loved it the first time and I'm loving it forever! There's more lean meat this time and the tapa sauce was just bursting with flavor. My boss D suggested that we add a little orange juice on the tapa as it "gives a new dimension". I tried it and he's right, I love the sweet-sour surprise that I get after biting into the salty tapa.

After the tapa, came the Wicked Truffled Mac and Cheese (Php. 375). Unlike the previous Mac and Cheese that I had during my first visit, this one was better. It has more cheese sauce and good thing, it wasn't badly burned like before. I can also taste and smell the truffle sauce which really made me enjoy this dish even more.

We actually had two more specialties but I am keeping this a surprise for our guests who will be joining us for the event. These are customized ones that will be specially created just for them!

Mr. Jones is always a happy place with delicious food! Now, I really have to schedule that date with Paul to make him try Mr. Jones soon!

Mr. Jones is located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center in Makati City. Call them at 501.3111

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Del Monte Kitchenomics : Quick and Easy recipes in a click

While searching for recipes to try in the web, I happen to stumble upon the Del Monte Kitchenomics website and I had a great time browsing through its interesting and helpful features.

I really was looking for something new to try but what really sets me back from cooking lately is the time needed to prepare, cook and to serve. I have a very hectic schedule that I even have to make time to relax and unwind. However, I miss our kitchen and being able to cook up a storm for my family to enjoy.

While browsing through the website, I found a couple of recipes that are time-friendly. Cool! They also have a section featuring recipes that won't go beyond P80! This, my mom would surely love as she will be able to whip up a dish that's very affordable and seems to be very delicious too!

Among all the web features, I love the Budget Tools tab that has a Price Watch and a Seasonal Produce list! No more second guessing when my favorite fruits will be in season.

Want to be updated? Sign up to be part of the Kitchenomics Club, here you'll have more access to their growing list of recipes! Members will also get first dibs on their upcoming events and promos!

I'm so happy with my latest online find :) Now off to the supermarket to shop for my next cooking session!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ole! Late Night Snacking at Ristras!

After spending the entire evening bonding with Paul's high school friends, we dropped by Ristras for some late night snacks!

We decided to share a Burrito (Php. 340) with our own customized fillings!

Paul's side has chorizo red rice with refried beans, pork carnitas, and lots of veggies!

My side, on the other hand, has cilantro rice, black beans with lengua and lots of veggies too!

Ristras' burrito is HUGE! Thus sharing makes each serving just right. We love our burritos with lots of salsa and garlic cream sauce! Yum!

Calling all burrito fans, why not take the challenge as Ristras has an ongoing Man vs. Burrito Challenge. The mechanics is simple, order a Godzilla Burrito (which is 2.5 kg heavy or equivalent to 3 regular-sized burritos) and try to finish it in less than an hour and a half (90 minutes). Successful challengers will get a cool T-shirt, lots of bragging rights and their name on the board! Plus, they do not have to pay for their Godzilla Burrito too! So far there are two names on the board already. :) Come May, all winning participants as according to the server, will have their names printed in a bigger signage to be displayed in front of the store.

I'm still convincing Paul to take the burrito challenge!

Will keep you all updated! :)
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