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Franny Mommy Finds : Belo Baby Wipes with Zoeily DIY Cookies

Ever since the start of the quarantine, Paul and I have been finding ways on how to keep our twins busy. Of course keeping them busy is easy but we want to do it the right way and that is to allow them to also develop a new skill or to learn something new. Since they can't go to pre-school yet because of the current situation, we took it upon ourselves to be the first teachers of our kids in hopes that somehow, we are prepping them to be ready for formal schooling when the pandemic ends and it's safe for everyone to go out again. I'm usually super busy with work during the weekday so I rely on Paul and my mom to help teach the twins while I deal with calls and my daily workload. However, I try my best to make it up to them during the weekend by giving them my full, undivided attention. On one of the those weekends, I received a package from Zoeily Cookies   and I was so excited! They sent us a ready DIY cookie kit and I know this will get the twins super excited.

Food Trend : Sushi Bake and Where to Get this in Manila

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to guest in the one and only podcast that I religiously listen to. It's called Sini Gang  and it's by my friends and foodie idols -- Chef Edward Bugia, Chef Sharwin Tee and The Pickiest Eater in the World, Richie Zamora . For many nights especially during this quarantine season, I would find myself working till midnight and I would always have Sini Gang playing in the background as I listen in to their various episodes that mostly revolves around food. So when Richie approached me and asked if I can be their guest for one of their shows, despite having a hundred butterflies in my stomach, I said YES. I'd be crazy to pass up an opportunity to join a fun discussion with my foodie friends. We talked about the top food trends that has hit our country since the start of the ECQ and this includes the Dalgona Coffee, the Ube Cheese Pandesal (where I shared about Twin Beans Kitchen ) and of course, the ever famous -- Sushi Bake . Lin

Milky Dust Donuts : Best Homemade Donuts in Town

Despite how fussy and meticulous I can be with food, there are some food items that I prefer it to be simple. Take donuts for instance, give me a tray of assorted flavored donuts and more often than not, I'd go for the one that's just glazed in honey or sugar, one that has just chocolate frosting on top and definitely not one that's stuffed with heavy cream. In other words, I like my donuts simple and classy. That's how I would describe  Milky Dust Donuts . It's nothing fancy. No artificial coloring, no fancy icing. All you get are big round donut balls that's stuffed in 4 types of filling -- vanilla, chocolate, mocha or ube and cheese. It's dusted with powdered sugar and kept in microwaveable tubs that can help you keep it for a couple of days in room temp or longer when chilled. From the moment that I laid my eyes on my friend Twinkle's Milky Dust Donuts  on social media, I wasted no time and quickly placed my order. I wasn't sure what got in

Twin Beans Kitchen : Breads and Frozen Meats

It's been 6 months since the first news about the virus has been released. Since then, we have been staying home to lessen any exposure and to keep everyone safe. Given that the entire metro has been in quarantine since March this year, I'd say that I've also have discovered a number of delicious food finds along the way. This is because we no longer go out to buy bread or to do our groceries in fear that staying out for long will bring more harm than convenience or good to us. Luckily, technology has been helping us have easy access to food and basically all the essential goods that we may need. We're also seeing the rise of online money transfers and payments nowadays. Indeed, going cashless is the way to go now and to just do things with just a few taps here and there. One of my favorite discoveries was Twin Beans Kitchen  which was created by my dear twin mommy, D. D and I have been mommy buddies since our twins were barely a month old and it's funny how we al

Discovering Coco's Tiny Kitchen

How are you, my dear readers? If there's one thing I love about being a Filipino is how we can be very resilient. No matter what the circumstance may be, wherever the wind takes us, we are probably one of the most flexible individuals in the region, to quickly adapt to changes and to seek the positivity in all things. It's no wonder that the Philippines was once voted as one of the happiest place on earth . Take the current situation that the entire world is facing, we were once put on Enhanced Community Quarantine which has led to business closures except for those offering essential goods like supermarkets and drugstores. With just a handful of restaurants offering take out services and public transportation not available, quickly people took to social media and messaging platforms to offer their products. Suddenly, there was a barrage of marketplaces being set-up in almost all communities imaginable. For years, you've never bothered to know your next door neighbor