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Discovering The Frazzled Cook

Foodie Manila is one food blog that I truly enjoy visiting. With Carlos' beautiful photography and very descriptive entries, I always end up hungry and craving for whatever is being featured in this blog. From Stevie's Hainanese Chicken Rice to the burger over at Malcolm's at whatever given time of the day, it doesn't fail to get me hungry with every click.   lookie! it's Hello Kitty! I was fortunate to be invited to guest blog at Foodie Manila to cover The Frazzled Cook (TFC). I truly enjoyed the dinner with non-stop chit chats, endless laughter and of course great food! Sharing with you my TFC experience as published over at Foodie Manila . The Frazzled Cook Enjoy reading! :) P.s. Do you want to be able to try The Frazzled Cook too? Click here to join Boy Kuripot's contest and who knows you might be able to win a P1000 GC!!! *photo credit: Paul Ang The Frazzled Cook is located at #916 Luna Mencias Street Barangay Additional Hills, Manda

Oh Serenitea, I'm addicted to you....

Friends over at must have probably noticed how often I would mention dropping by a store named Serenitea for just three things: Hokkaido Milk Tea, Chicken Chops and Peppered Sweet Corn. I first discovered Serenitea exactly a year ago upon hearing the raves of my boss about this cozy tiny tea store along J. Abad Santos that serves good tea drinks. One visit and a couple more, I was immediately drawn by the relaxed ambiance and yes, their good tea drinks and snacks. At first it was Gyokuro Genmaicha followed by Green Tea Yakult. Finally when they offered Hokkaido Milk Tea as a fellow plurker would say tastes like melted Kraft caramel candy, this has been my frequent choice for almost two months now. I like my milk tea plain with only 50% sugar. With Serenitea, you can customized you drink from the type of tea to be brewed then to the toppings that will be added down to the amount of sugar that will be added. It makes every experience very personal. Together with thei

Entrepreneur Networking Night : Food Business

This is definitely one exciting event all ya food lovers should NOT miss!! :) Let us turn our passion into our very own business! Click here to register . Hope to see you all there! :) Frannywanny's reminder : Do not forget to bring the April Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine to enter!

A Special Nuffnang Dinner

Trust Nuffnang Philippines to create a wonderful experience for its members at all times. First was the amazing Singapore trip that Paul and I truly enjoyed. Then just recently, we were once again invited to have an intimate dinner with a couple of fellow bloggers to welcome their talented (and very young) founders, Tim Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen to the Philippines! It was hosted by Nuffnang Philippines' director Jay Singson and his lovely wife Joy. The venue was marvelous, I was amazed the moment I stepped inside their lovely home. It reminds me of those beautiful homes we feature in Real Living Magazine . The evening began with an exclusive pizza making class by Chef Heny Sison .I guess I was really chef-strucked as I used to watch her show a couple of years ago. I love pizza and I was really excited to learn how to make my very own homemade pizza! First, we began working with the dough. Who would have thought that you add beer to add more flavor to the pizza crust? Che

Sale Alert! SM Homeworld Warehouse Sale

Mom and I went crazy over lovely home items at the SM Homeworld Warehouse Sale over at the SM Megatrade Hall today. Imagine having brands such as Cannon, Cotton USA, Tefal, Sunnex, Gourdo's and a lot more all in one venue! I went crazy hoarding plates over at Gourdo's ! Lovely side platters for only P180 for 4 pieces! Now I have a nice oven-friendly dish to make baked fish! Lastly, just had to get these cups, saucers and plates for only P850! Woweee! The SM Homeworld Warehouse Sale runs from March 26 - 28, 2010 at the SM Megatrade Halls 1 and 2 in SM Megamall.

BaKed Creations by Krispy Kreme

Just when we thought the Krispy Kreme is all about sweet, melt-in-your mouth donuts, a visit to their drive-thru branch in Greenhills made us discover their newest masterpiece! Introducing the Baked Creations ! It comes in two variants: the Pull Aparts which is a soft hand-rolled bread topped with either a sweet (Cinnamon) or savory (Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese, Cheese) topping. Another variant is the Kruffins which is Krispy Kreme's very own hand-made muffins! It comes in Chocolate, Apple Streusel and Blueberry flavors! I got the Sausage and Cheese Pull Apart which tastes like a cheese bread with a small piece of sausage and a small swizzle of mayonnaise on top. It somehow reminds me of those Japanese-inspired savory breads that I would get for breakfast. To be honest, I would still go to Krispy Kreme for my favorite Original Glazed Donut but this is a good savory alternative for those who wants a meaty option.

Request for Prayers

Dear readers, I am taking a break from my regular food and travel blogging to share this heart-breaking story with you. It's about my cousin who got into a terrible freak, if I must say, accident two nights ago. She works at a bank that's very near her house. Despite the short distance, my uncle would still drive out of the village to pick her up. Yes, he's THAT protective of her. On that fateful evening, my uncle's car broke down forcing my cousin to go home on her own. She was already standing right across the gate of their village along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City. She was at the sidewalk waiting for the right moment to cross when a drunk tricycle driver went up to the sidewalk, hit her, dragged her down and running the entire tricycle over her. Her clothes were in shreds and the kind by-standers quickly brought her to Quezon City Memorial Hospital . We were not sure if she was still conscious then but we were told that she was already throwing up blood and m

Quick and Good : Delicious Shortcuts in Everyday Cooking

Cooking has always been a passion of mine but since the start of this year, I hardly had the time to choose recipes to try, to shop and to actually cook. After watching Julie and Julia over the weekend, I was inspired again to bond with my kitchen. It has remained spotless for a couple of months now and how I miss filling up our home with the smell of butter, leaving tiny oil drops our stove and watching both Paul and my family enjoy my little kitchen experiments. Back then, it would take me hours to be able to cook just one dish, preparation time would take forever, even longer than the actual cooking time. I'm so glad that the team behind Yummy Magazine came out with another book. Browsing through all 75 recipes , I have already tagged a couple of them that I will definitely try this coming weekend. It has easy recipes using canned products such as the Corned Beef Linguine, the Tempura Meat Loaf (a.k.a. SPAM) and the Chili con Carne. I am also excited to try the different d

Going back to MoMo!

After listening to my endless raves about MoMo right after that delicious lunch that I had with a long-time friend , Paul has been dropping not-so-subtle hints of us dining there soon. Finally, a trip to Robinsons Midtown in Manila gave me the opportunity to introduced him to MoMo and I was really hoping that he'd liked it just as much as I do. Knowing that I've went through MoMo 's menu a dozen times before this particular visit, Paul allowed me to surprise him with my dinner choices. MoMo's delicious complimentary garlic bread with Country Spread It was pretty obvious I knew exactly what to do, knowing that MoMo's dishes are pretty big, I decided to just get two main entress for us to share. First was a repeat of the Sweet and Smokey Hickory BBQ Rib-lets (Php. 350). While the meat remains fork-tender , I noticed that this one was a bit drier as compared to the one that I first had at their Eastwood Mall branch. In fact, Paul had to request for extra BBQ s

Inspired by Julie & Julia

I woke up earlier than usual today to watch an entire movie on DVD. Now, for people who are close to me, they all know that this definitely qualifies as a rare occasion. First of all, I make it a point to make up for lost sleep during the weekend (not unless we have an errand to make that would require me to wake up early to get a good head start to a busy schedule). Secondly, I can hardly sit through an entire movie without falling asleep or having my mind wander off to never never land...what more having the power of just clicking the pause/stop button while watching it on DVD. With that, I must say, this particular movie that made me do the impossible must really be a special one... It was during a conversation with colleagues when we began talking about the movie Julie & Julia . My sister bought the book and told me to read it as, according to her, I would definitely be able to relate with the lead character named Julie . After going through the first few chapters of th

Lunch Out with Jollibee's 39ers

Yesterday was a colleague's first month at work and on our way to the WORLDBEX, I decided to treat her and another colleague out for lunch at Jollibee ! This was because I received an envelope filled with GCs! Woweee! :) It was another meatless Friday for yours truly so I chose one of the two seafood option on the menu board -- 2 pc. Bangus Fillet with Rice (Php. 109). To be honest, I still prefer the Jolly Spaghetti or the Palabok with Chicken Joy any day but this is pretty good with vinegar and ideally a cup of Garlic Rice. My colleague K got the Mango Caramel Dessert (Php. 40) as it was really warm that day. It comes with a scoop of ice cream. Definitely a perfect way to cool down after staying outdoors for a couple of hours or even minutes! B who was celebrating her first month at work enjoyed her 2 pc. Chicken Joy Meal (Php. 128). She was obviously enjoying every crispy bite of the chicken! Yum! Lunch outs are always fun and this doesn't mean having to break the b

When disappointment the Orchard Road

I guess I've mentioned a dozen times before how much I love Singapore ... both the country and their food. Nothing beats enjoy a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice, some Char Kuay Teow and drinking a glass of cool Barley Juice. It was another meatless Friday for me again and after attending two events today, I thought of stopping by the newly opened Orchard Road located at the Bridgeway of SM Megamall for a quick afternoon snack. A couple of blogger friends have warned me about it... the food was not that good, they say. Still I wanted to try it out to see for myself. Going around the open-kitchen area, I finally decided to get a plate of Carrot Cake, a roll of Popiah and a glass of Barley Juice. The Barley Juice (Php. 45) came first and immediately on my first sip, I felt that it was very sweet. Not just a little more than the tolerable sweetness but this one could literally send kids bouncing off the walls all night with too much sugar and/or syrup. I pushed my glass aside and

it's OHrange-y Good at Chowking!

OH, the things I do as a blogger ... ... underwent a rigorous, muscle-aching workout but a totally good one for the mind and body ... conquered my fear and ran like I've never ran before inside the country's biggest theme park and just recently, ... did the chicken dance with Jericho Rosales . I just can't help it! There was just too much energy and fun going around last night during the 25th anniversary party of Chowking where they also launch their newest dish -- the Orange Chicken ! A month ago, my friend Kat who works for Chowking was telling us about this exciting new offering. She told us how yummy it was and while I was trying my best to visualize how it would taste, I realized that all I have to do is to visit the nearest Chowking branch to taste it myself. It will, after all, be my first time to try Orange Chicken! I love the mix of citrus-y flavors with meat, I couldn't stop myself from ordering the crispy lemon chicken and the sweet and sour pork t

Jerico Rosales and the latest dance craze!

Ever wonder what is making Echo dance this way? Watch out for it.... HERE . :)

Taking a Glimpse of Malaysia

In less than 130 days, Paul and I will finally take that much-wanted and much-needed vacation that the both of us have been looking forward to since late last year. While planning for this trip, it was actually a choice between going up north and getting in touch with our roots or to go back to Singapore and to visit Malaysia for the first time. It seems like the 3 days that we spent in Singapore were not enough for the both of us that we decided to go back and to spend more days to explore the island and later on to hop over to Malaysia to continue our Southeast Asian adventure! Of course, no trip would be complete without enjoying the local cuisines and this is one thing that I am truly looking forward to. Chatting with fellow bloggers and food experts, majority assured me that I will surely enjoy Malaysian food as it is said to be even better than Singapore. Hearing this brought visions of Char Kuay Teow, Roti Canai with curry sauce, Chili or Creamy Crabs and a lot more! Since

Meatless Friday at Cibo

It was yet another meatless Friday for me, however this did not stop me from heading over to Cibo at the Shangri-la Mall to enjoy a relaxing dinner with two of my favorite girl friends. I have always loved Cibo for its consistent quality and superb service. In fact, I have my regular set of dishes that I regularly order and it never fails to disappoint me every time I visit. While bonding with my friends K and B, we agreed to order the Patatine con Maionese (Php. 110) otherwise known as Potato Chips with Garlic Aoili as starters. I really love Cibo's Garlic Aioli and couldn't help dipping each piece of crunchy potato chip before taking a bite. Yum! K chose the Fiori di Zucca pizza (Php. 330) to which both B and I agreed to. This is a perfect choice for all seafood and veggie lover! It's topped with squash flower, anchovies and lots of cheese! A very light type of pizza that makes it perfectly ok to take in a slice or two. Finally, while choosing our pasta, I asked

I'm dying of envy....

I just saw how cute the Havaianas USBs are! Oh I'm so envious! Super duper cute! :) Please do me a favor, let's not put these cuteness to waste.... JOIN NOW !!! :)