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Themed Buffet Nights at J65, Hotel Jen Tanglin

It's no secret how much I love buffets! I guess every foodie does. It's the perfect way to dine with a big group of friends and everyone will somehow be able to find the dishes that they love. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to fill your tummy with the best and yummiest things in life. So, when Paul and I were invited to try J65 's themed buffet nights, I quickly gave a resounding YES! From now until the 25th of May 2017 , diners of J65 will be able to try a wide-variety of specialty dishes based on different themes assigned to a specific day: Sundays/Mondays: International Buffet Tuesdays: Colours of Asia (local specialties) Wednesdays: Lobster Rock n Roll Thursdays: Live Barbecue Fridays/Saturdays: Seafood Mania  We love seafood so we went on a Saturday to indulge. In true Hotel Jen 's fashion, one thing that I love about the buffet spread is how interactive most stations are. There are several local dishes where you can unleash your inner chef an

O Mamma Mia lands in Singapore!

Growing up, pizza has been one of my favorite comfort food. I guess I've told you about this before  and I hope I haven't bored you out. It's about my regular afternoon snack routine with Pan where we would order a box of our favorite local pizza together with a bucket of mojo potatoes and we have been having this for close to 30 years. This has been our signature sisterly bonding activity and just recently, Pan and I did this again when I was back home for a wedding last January. Yes, not even a fully made up face and my long gown can stop me from enjoying our favorite snack. I have a strong feeling this practice is meant to last a lifetime and we'll continue to have our pizza afternoon sessions for decades to come. I can't wait for Pan and I to also share this tradition with our little ones for them to hopefully love pizza that way we both do. Anyway, since I've moved to the Lion City, I got to admit that I've always been on a hunt for the best pizza

Back at Yentafo Kruengsonge at Kallang Wave Mall

It has been raining on-off for the past weeks here in the Lion City and seriously, it has been a challenge to pull myself up from bed as this is just the perfect time to curl in bed and sleep all day long. I really can’t wait for the weekend to come as I have big plans of hibernating for as long as I can. When it comes to rainy, cold weather, it’s also the perfect time to enjoy a bowl of delicious noodle soup. This then made me think about that dinner that Paul and I recently had at Yentafo Kruengsonge . It wasn’t my first time there as I’ve been to their Cathay Cineleisure outlet but this time, we went to check out their Kallang Wave Mall outlet, which I feel is much bigger and has better seating capacity as compared to the former one.

Something new at Dolce Vita Restaurant, Singapore

“Change is good” , they always say. While my OC-self tends to squirm at the thought of dealing with any change in my routine more so a change in my comfort zone, I can’t help but agree. With change, come new discoveries and opportunities, after all. I also believe that change helps us grow in life. We deal with new challenges; we conquer bigger obstacles which leads to a more fulfilling reward at the end of it all. We come out a winner after every change. So one big change happened to one of my favourite Italian restaurant here in the Lion City. Dolce Vita Restaurant 's head chef,  Chef Marco Manocchio , who has been with the restaurant since 2015 recently launched a new menu featuring some of his personal specialties. How's that for a good change? I was one of the lucky ones (thank you my lucky stars!) to be invited to try a simple repertoire of Chef Marco’s new dishes. Let me share them with you!

Chef du Partie (CDP) Global Table at the Powerplant Mall, Makati

For the past 4 years, I’ve kept this growing list of restaurants that I’d love to try whenever I get to fly home to Manila. Of course, given that I am only home for a very short period of time and our schedules are normally filled to the brim with errands, family meals and reunions, more often than not, I only get to cross out an average of 5 restaurants during every visit and this is definitely not enough to keep up with the never-ending growth of new restaurants opening in the metro alone. CDP Global Table at the Powerplant Mall has been part of my list since my first year here in the Lion City. Thankfully, I finally got to cross it out from my list last December when I met up with my best friends T and E for our annual Christmas gathering. With everyone’s tight schedules, we agreed to meet up exactly a day before Christmas Eve. Talk about cutting it real close! T was able to make reservations, which I think was a good move given how packed the restaurant was that night. This