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#BestEverLife with the new Best Ever Joy

I remembered back when I was based in the Lion City, despite not having kids then, our day-to-day life still remained equally busy. For example, after a busy day at work, I would literally rush home at 6pm. Sometimes, I even have to squeeze in a quick trip to the grocery if I'm running low in ingredients and make sure that I get home by 7pm. As soon as I step into our empty apartment unit, I would be on auto-pilot. Cook the rice, chop, wash, mince, prepare the pan, saute, bake, boil, steam, check if the rice has been cooked, set the table, serve the dishes and wait for Paul. The goal is the moment Paul walks in the house, dinner will be ready for him. After dinner, I would then take on the role of dish washing while he takes care of other household chores like doing the laundry, folding the dry clothes and ironing. We would then take a quick shower by 10pm and while drying my hair, I'd be blogging or catching up on work. Our normal bedtime would still be past 12 every single ni

Ang Family takes the Tabasco Family Challenge

Every night, I thank Him for leading me to Paul 16 years ago. How he became my first serious and last boyfriend. Our love story is something that I just love telling over and over again. Apart from meeting and eventually marrying him, I am also thankful for gaining a new family who loved me like their own. I am blessed to have the best in laws who continuous to support me in whatever I do. So much so that they all were so game when I sent them this message a few hours before our Father's Day dinner last weekend: "I got a bag filled with 6 bottles of Tabasco. Let's do a Tabasco tasting challenge later, ok?" Within minutes, I got replies from Paul's siblings all saying yes! Aren't they just the best? We had so much fun doing the challenge that even Daddy happily watched on and even helped me with the mechanics. Even my nephew J appointed himself as our game master and scorer, if you listen closely, you'll hear his cute commentator lines.

My Lazada Live Experience with Fisher Price

Hello everyone! It's finally June and it's my birthday month. Soon, we're pretty much halfway through 2019. Time is zooming by so fast again, don't you think?  Anyway, let me backtrack a bit and tell you about my first ever experience doing Lazada Live . I guess everyone all know what Lazada  is as today's world is all about online shopping and basically doing everything and anything online. Before I had my twins, I remember attending an event where moms and (then, this momma to be) were asked to stand up and share two of their guilty pleasures . Mine was a no brainer -- chips and carbs. These are still my guilty pleasures till today, actually. Well, most moms mentioned "online shopping" and in my mind, I was like.. "What?!" Back then, I felt uncomfortable trusting online sellers with my money...worst, my credit card details. I had a million and one questions then like "what if the item was fake?", "what if no item gets delivered