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Manoy Roast: Delicious Chicken and Frozen Meals

I've mentioned that Yaya M has left us already and if there's one big challenge that majority of the households are currently facing is the lack of good, reliable help. When a helper leaves, it's harder now to hire a new one simply because you have to take all the precautionary measures before she actually starts work and that means having to do the recommended 2 weeks quarantine, swab test and all the checks. The worst thing is after going through all that, you then realize that the helper falls short of your expectations or worst, she would come up with whatever excuse to leave right away *sigh*. We are lucky though that despite the countless number of undesirable ones who have given all the excuses in lies in the books, we have found good reliable ones who are truly blessings in our household.  I remembered when Yaya M first left us and we had R with us here at home. We would help out to make the workload lighter for her. For instance, we would take care of cooking to al

EATaewon Seoul Food Experience

 Annyeong! It's been a while since my last blog post and boy this year is zooming by oh so fast!  So, how has everyone been?  As for me, I've been extra busy with work as I recently took on a new role that's equally exciting and challenging but really, I love theAsiaparent and I love my team and I am so excited to grow with everyone this year. On the domestic side, Yaya M has left us (again and for good this time) and we wish her luck in finding her one true love.  Meanwhile, my twins have started pre-school this year so Paul and I have also took on our new roles as Teacher Mommy and Teacher Daddy. I'm still sad that my twins will most likely not experience nursery life such as meeting new friends, being part of school programs, gaining independence and more. Pre-school life was so much fun for me and it breaks my heart knowing that by the time the pandemic is over, they might have to enter big school already. *sigh*  I'm glad that we enrolled them in Kindermusik ea