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Kozui Green Tea: an afternoon zen break

My sister and I always look forward to Saturday afternoons. This is because we usually make the most of this time to go out with mommy for a short but sweet merienda (afternoon snack) bonding. One Saturday, we found ourselves driving along Tomas Morato in search of a cozy looking restaurant for our weekly bonding session. My sister, who has been wanting to try something new, pointed Kozui Green Tea out to us and mentioned that she has been hearing a lot of raves about it. Since we all love Green Tea, we gladly went with her suggestion. Entering the brightly lit restaurant, I immediately sense a very happy vibe all over the place. A shelf was adorned with cute, Japanese trinkets while their community board has photos of regular customers obviously loving their choice of drinks. We settled at a table by the door that has a semi-circle lime green couch. It took us a while to finalize our order because everything looks so good! Finally my mom and sister each got the Iced Genmaicha

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (mini spoiler alert)

The girls are back! After three summers and a high school graduation, the story re-opens with our favorite girls namely: Carmen, Tibby, Lena and Bridget moving on to new adventures as they begin college life. Of course, the ever-famous pair of jeans was still very much present moving from Turkey to Vermont to New York and finally to Greece. It was a very light movie which is just perfect after a hectic day at work. Watching the movie has somehow made me wish that I have my own "sisterhood" whom I can always count on to be there. As one of the most touching scene was when Carmen's mom was about to give birth and Carmen, being miles away in drama camp, had to ask Tibby to help her out. Despite the fact that they just had a minor squabble prior to the call, Tibby immediately rushed out to make it to the hospital to be there for Carmen's mom. The movie touches on the beauty of friendship. It dwells on the importance of having your own support good through the good

my lucky streak

I guess I've mentioned a million times that I love joining contests. The mere thought of winning just gives me that extra buzz that I need every now and then. I guess I've also mentioned a gazillion times how unlucky I can be. After joining almost every raffle contests that comes my way and still ending up with nothing, I'm still not ready to give up just yet. Nope! The competitive spirit in my is still alive and very much kicking. This year has been very special for me. Aside from the numerous major changes that has happened and is still happening in my life, I also had my first win as seen here . While I'm still waiting for my special prize to be delivered next year, I got another happy email this morning. Just what I needed on a lazy Monday morning... a short but sweet congratulatory email informing me that I have won these cool tickets! Yipee!! It may not be that big a prize but at least it's something, right? Can't wait for tomorrow!! Thank you my l

Philippine Blog Awards : where the biggest and brightest Blogging stars meet

Mar Roxas , senator and blogger, said during his key note speech tonight, September 21, 1972; marked the end of all forms of freedom including the right to expression. This was the exact day when Martial Law was announced in the Philippines. Fast forward 36 years after in 1 Esplanade and with more than a hundred bloggers present, we celebrated a momentous occasion highlighting the importance of the greatest form of expression possible where one may write freely and pour out his deepest emotions where no one will stop them. My friends, it was the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards night . Arriving at the venue a bit early, Paul and I briefly lined up to register and to get our kits. We entered the beautiful function hall and said our HIs and HELLOs to my fellow bloggers. We enjoyed the yummy cocktail food served by Josiah's Catering while waiting for the program to start. Oh boy! We love the Crispy Fish Strips with Spicy Garlic Sauce ! Yummy! At exactly 630PM, the program began. I

I love Sanrio!

It has been a busy and fun week with events happening left and right. While I love getting my schedules filled up to the brim, I know I should also set a limitation for myself. For instance, waking up yesterday morning, I can already feel my body sending major signals of it about to pull up the white flag anytime soon. I was really planning to go straight home after work but how can I say NO to an invite to see this? White Hello Kitty bags *droool* or these? White Hello Kitty appliance showcase Hello Kitty dining set-up Hello Kitty bathroom display (in partnership with HCG) But what I love most was this.... Hello Kitty jewelry line I'll definitely save up for the last one Ü Obviously, yesterday was a purr-fest day! Miao!

Art + Fashion = Winning Combination

Can you imagine life without art? Where everyone would just be wearing plain colored tees with no designs? Yipes! Now's your chance to unleash the artist in you through the latest shirt designing contest by Volcom Stone and Aloha Boardsports! Exciting huh? :) Before you run off to buy your materials, take note of the following guidelines: #1 The contest is open to Filipino citizens of any age but should be residing in the Philippines. #2 Participants may submit multiple entries. #3 Qualified entries must be a response to the contest theme: "Why are you hurting your neighborhood? What's wrong with you?" Message is broad, encompassing social, environmental, political and economical issues. #4 Entries may be created in any art or graphics medium (examples but not limited to: water color, computer graphic, paint, color pencil, photo etc.) #5 Entries must submitted in the following format: • 16 ½" width x 23 ½" height JPEG format with 300 dpi • Artw

Ahavia Lounge Spa : the newest kid on the block

"I badly need a massage." This has been my most recent complain everytime Paul would ask how my day was at work. Thankfully, my boyfriend knows me well enough to immediately get my (billboard size) hint. Not that I do intense manual labor but it's more of my need to take time out and to relax -- physically and mentally. Finally, I got my wish. Taking my friend Jane's recommendation , we tried the newest spa in the neighborhood. The drive to Ahavia was a very short one. Located at the not-so-busy side of Wilson Street, we entered a private parking lot that leads to the garden entrance of the spa. The ambiance instantly reminds me of Thailand: the artistic decors and my personal favorite -- the outdoor chairs that is shaped like a cupped hand. Upon entering, we were greeted by Ms. Carol, a very very very friendly and accomodating woman, whose son owns the spa. Surveying the interiors, I can't help but notice that it looked like a typical home with the spa

Frannywanny chooses.....

..... for the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards !!! Aside from the fact that I totally love Nina and Ryan who are two of the nicest bloggers in town, I love visiting this blog as it never fails to make my stomach rumble at the sight of their mouth-watering food shots and stories. Ü I can't wait for the Philippine Blog Awards on September 21, 2008 ! Hope to see ya!! This event is brought to you by: Level Up! Games Nokia Blog Bank Smart Communications Josiah’s Catering Rsun Technology Store Yahoo XFM 92.3 Buddy Gancencia Reality TV Ultravision Photo and Video Click Booth Aloha Board Sports Sheero Media Solutions Belo Medical Group Inquirer.Net Toshiba ROAM Magazine PLDT Red Box Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2go Havaianas California Pizza Kitchen

Ensaymada love

Having enough time to spare before the outreach that Paul and I promised to attend today, I suggested that we drop by the Legazpi Market so I can finally show Paul why I love it so much! Thankfully, most of the stalls were still not pulling out despite the fact that it was almost 2PM. Upon entering the market, Paul was immediately drawn towards Imang Salud's stall mainly due to her giant ensaymadas and those to-die-for Plantanillas. I smiled at the stall owner, Mrs. Henares, not really expecting her to remember me since we just met once and this was already a month ago. Guess what?! She remembered me and even asked me if I'm Frannywanny . WOW! I'm so touched and flattered! She continued by telling me that she has read my article and thank me for liking the Plantanilla. Even after a dozen "no tita, it's ok po..." and "nakakahiya po, it's ok really... ", she still insists that I accept her gift as her way of saying THANK YOU. So, I final

Manila, Manila, I'll build my home in Manila

*photos by Paul Ang Manila , a city that continues to glow with colorful horse-drawn carriages (kalesa) and jeepneys that cruises down the long stretch of Roxas Boulevard and one that maintains its historical appeal through the various national landmarks is also home to more than 1.6M Filipinos. Growing up in another city, sadly, Manila is one of the cities that I rarely visit. However, every time I do, it never fails to dazzle me with its ancient feel while showing signs of keeping up with the latest urban trends. Just recently, Paul and I were invited by Alveo Land (formerly known as Community Innovations) and its PR counterpart to visit their newest development in Manila called Celadon Manila . What I always like about Ayala's projects (be it residential or commercial) is the fact that they manage to surround the area with greens and keep a very eco-friendly community. Furthermore, its neighborhood has integrated various elements that will allow the residents to live, wo

Taking a Stand

The number of blogs are growing at a very fast-paced speed. I guess it's because of the convenience of being online most of the time (thanks to DSL and WIFI connections). Through this, the Internet has turned out to be a most accessible venue where even the most bashful individual could open themselves up to the world while remaining anonymous . With the growth and popularity of blogs as an alternate resource material for people who would like to update themselves with the latest trends, newest restaurants or the best weekend getaway, it then follows that more and more brands are starting to give more attention to build a better online presence and by inviting bloggers to their media launch and events. If your really think about it, its a perfect marketing tactic to get the word out there with just a very minimal cost. Sadly, some agencies and brands have gone tad overboard. In order to make sure that they get a positive write-up, they would go to the extent of paying a fee a

Little Miss Shopaholic

Once in a while a girl can dream...she can also wish and pray and allow herself to indulge in things that will make her truly happy. For instance, today this particular girl allowed herself to gawk, drool and get excited over the newest, cutest gadget by techie genius Steve Jobs. Introducing.... the NEW iPod nano !! What I love about it: the delicious Skittles-like colors! The only problem about it: the delicious Skittles-like colors that makes it really hard for me to choose which one I like best Darn.... In other news, I finally saw the trailer of the movie version of my favorite chic lit novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic !!! Well, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed after watching the trailer because it didn't get me even a lil bit excited. In fact, I find "Rebecca" too American as I always picture her to be a typical British girl with a heavy British accent. Then again, maybe its just a bad trailer and the movie might be better. Looks like we all hav

Turning ONE!

Today , my blog turns a year old! It has been a fun year filled with gastronomic delights, exciting and memorable trips and lots of happy bits and pieces here and there. As I promised that you'll see a lot of great and, of course, wonderful changes to happen in the coming months, the first of these changes happens TODAY . Turning one, I realized that it's about time to get out of my shell and to finally establish my identity in the blogosphere. Thus.... ... is born. It's truly a blogger's dream come true. It's my first big step towards bringing my blog to greater heights and hopefully to continue to entertain everyone with stories of my food and travelling experiences. Lastly, I would like to Thank YOU . You have no idea how my heart would do tiny cartwheels and triple back flips everytime I would get comments and messages from my dear friends and readers. Thank you for always dropping by! Cheers! Fran

.....and the winner is......

CONGRATULATIONS THERESE!!! I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported and joined my first ever blog contest ! Watch out for more surprises and exciting changes to happen SOON!!!! Ü, fran

West Side Story: Opening Night Jitters [ spoiler alert! ]

A new take on Shakespeare's classical Romeo and Juliet where it involves two neighborhood gangs that is always at war with one another and two hearts that continues to beat despite the rivalry and forces that keeps them apart. It opened with a fight scene between the Jets (a group of white American boys) and the Sharks (a group of Puerto Rican immigrants) in West Side Manhattan. The story continues when Tony, a former Jets member, saw Maria, the sister of Bernardo who's the head of the Sharks, at a dance. They immediately fell in love despite knowing the possible consequences if ever they would get caught. The rumble between the Jets and the Sharks continues. Maria asked Tony to stop the fight which he promises to do. Unfortunately, the fight turned ugly leaving Riff and Bernardo, both gang heads, dead. This was just the first part of the play. Though the story was pretty interesting, I somehow felt that something was missing. I've always been a fan of musicals but for

The Hotlight is Coming to Mall of Asia!

The countdown begins! In less than 3 days, Krispy Kreme will open its 8th store in SM Mall of Asia!!! Now citizens from Pasay and nearby cities can have their fill of Krispy Kreme's mouth-watering Original Glazed doughnuts anytime, anyday! What's special about this store is that it will be the first drive thru store in a mall ! Yesterday, Paul and I were lucky enough to be a part of an exclusive party that the people behind this mouthwatering doughnut brand prepared for the media. Thanks also to Shar and Becky who extended the invite to yours truly. Ü Arriving 30 minutes before the time mentioned in the invite, we already saw a crowd forming in front of the store. Bongga! (Exceptional) was my initial comment. MTV was a major sponsor and they really went all out with a beautiful photo backdrop, tall cocktail tables, a buffet set-up by Albergus, a small stage, roving lights and lots of Krispy Kreme representatives ready to answer to your needs. After registering our na

Bitten once again by the Pepper Lunch bug!

This is a classic story of a guy who, after finally giving in to his girlfriend's stubborn cravings and insistent requests demands, agreed to drive beyond their usual dating area just to come face to face with a line that had to make them wait for 10 minutes before getting a table and eventually falling in love with the food that made him truly understand the reason why every single food enthusiasts is totally crazy about..... PEPPER LUNCH!!! It was just an ordinary weeknight and I was lucky enough to convince Paul to have dinner at Rockwell. I guess it's true that when you're with someone long enough, you'll have that strong connection going on that sooner or later you can read each other's minds. True enough, Paul knew that we'll be having dinner at Pepper Lunch the moment I suggested that we go to Rockwell. Either that or I'm just too obvious :P Waiting in line was an ordeal . I do not understand how people can stand just waiting there while smellin

Septemberfest Na!

September is finally HERE! It is officially the start of the -ber months which means it's time to seriously start Christmas shopping! In fact, Paul and I have already started ours a couple of weeks ago (teeheehee) . It is also the time to start saving up for those numerous holiday get-togethers. It will be a crazy season so do not ever forget to put a BIG smile on your face and CELEBRATE the nights away! Coincidentally, September is also the month when this blog will turn 1! As my way of saying THANK YOU to everyone, do expect a lot of surprises, new and exciting changes and more stories to be told in the coming months! So please do watch out for these! I'm soooooo excited! Breaking the Guiness As much as I would whine how we Filipinos are so addicted to breaking all possible records just to be part of the Guiness World Book (eg: biggest pancit bilao, biggest walis tingting, longest braided hair ever...) , it is still exciting to be a "part of history" so to