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Hot Dish Home Delivery : Real Food for Every Celebrations

Earlier this month, we celebrated the birthday of one of our househelps, B. My twins would point to her as "Yaya B" which makes her very happy. She's been with us even before I gave birth to my twins and in this day and age where long-lasting househelps are a rarity, she's definitely winning the loyalty award so to speak. I do value birthdays and it has been a tradition for us to celebrate the birthdays of everyone in the house thus including our loyal helpers and even Kuya M, my Mom's driver of close to a decade. Nothing grand but rather we would prepare a simple but meaningful meal for them. After all, they have made the sacrifice to be away from their own families to be able to stay and to work for us so in return, we make it a point to make them feel like they're part of the family. I've been away from my own family to work abroad for 4 years and I know how it feels when it's your birthday and you're not with your loved ones. I am very lucky

Seeing Clearly Now : Ownday Philippines in SM Megamall

First of all, this is not  a sponsored post but rather an appreciation post. A few weeks ago, I made a shoutout on my personal Facebook page asking my friends for their recommendation on where I should have my new glasses made. You see, I've been visiting the same optical shop from the time I first had my glasses when I was about 10 years old. Over time, we've been going back for grade adjustments, change of frames and so on. However, the past decade has been crazy busy for me! I got married, moved to another country, had my babies and well I barely had time to really change my frames. The least that I would do is to update my lenses since well, I won't be able to visually function properly with bad lenses, right? It was only lately that I took a close look at my frames and boy do they need some upgrade. Within minutes, messages came pouring in with recommendations and I'd say... 90% of the responses said the same thing. OWNDAYS . I am very familiar with this

Sunday Family Affair at 26th St. Bistro by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

It was one of those rare moments that my family was so game to drive all the way to Bonifacio Global City one Sunday afternoon that we decided to make the most of it by going for an afternoon stroll chase with our three little toddlers, checking out the long long long queue at Tiger Sugar   (and resigning to the fact that it will take us months before we can try this) , and ending the fun day with a nice family dinner at 26th St. Bistro . This place is not new to me as it has been my favorite make-shift office / in-between-meetings hang out every time I'm in the area. I love how spacious it is and that they have a wide selection of hot and cold dishes which has definitely made them notch above all the other coffee shops in the area. They got free WiFi for Swirl Cardholders too which is a big plus for those working. The only thing missing is to have more provision of electrical sockets as the ones available are always taken by longer staying customer. Anyway, as you know my Pap

All things British at Cucina in Marco Polo Ortigas

"We don't call them fries, it's chips! We call it chips!" "You don't boil sausages, you grill them! Who boils or steams sausages?" I'll never forget these comments given by my former boss during one of our office chats about food. Oh how I missed him and our old team! It began when we started talking about the famous British Fish and Chips and one of us asked him why don't they have it with rice, of course, for us Asians..#riceislife! He then explained that they have their deep-fried beer-battered fish with chips and mind you, they don't call it fries. Living in the Lion City, Paul and I had the privilege to know more about the English language such as saying holiday instead of vacation , lift instead of elevator and nappies and prams instead of diapers and strollers . I love listening to the English accent and how formal it sounds. When it comes to food, Singapore also has a strong British influence as the Philippines is to the A

DIY Mama : Homemade Baby Lotion with The Body Shop's Shea Butter

It's March and that signals the tail end of the first quarter. I can't believe it. Pretty soon, summer will really roll in and before we know it, we're just about to bid 2019 good bye. Crazy! Time is zooming by in record speed. Anyway, March has always been one of my favorite months. It's the birth month of two of my bestest friends C and T, it's also when Paul and I found out that we were expecting (not knowing they're twins) and well, it's also the time when we would normally plan for our summer vacation too. I wonder if we can really go out and travel with our twins this year. Keeping my fingers crossed! March is also International Women's Month  where we celebrate women all over the world. Growing up, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to be born to parents who never, at any point in my life, made me or my sister feel inferior being a woman. In fact, it's the opposite. They were very protective of us thus making us really feel so special and

Franny Mommy TV : Fisher Price Smart Stages Toy Review

Remember my blog post on receiving some new toys and two pairs of shoes from Fisher Price last week ? Well I did promised to give a more in-depth review of the toys and.. I do keep promises. Fisher Price Smart Stages Tablet So, here you go my dear readers, presenting my very first Toy Review on the Fisher Price Smart Stages Tablet and the Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy Walker ! Kindly excuse my haggard/tired eyes. I shot this after coming from a meeting in BGC where I drove myself to and from braving the traffic in Taguig, Makati and EDSA. Wow! I felt like a winner as soon as I finally reached home. Oh, how I wish our traffic condition will improve someday . Well, dreams do come true, they say. Happy viewing and please do not forget to subscribe! (I just had to say that hahaha)