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Top 10 Food Spots in 2010

It has been a yearly tradition here in my blog that I have my year-ender list of things I'm thankful for. This year, I am thankful for more than a million things.. 2010 indeed was a really good year for love, in relationships and in my career . However, I'd like to give more focus to that one thing that has kept my year exciting, all 365 days round -- EATING . It is because of my love for food and discovering amazing restaurants that I continue to blog and share these finds with you. It is also because of my interest in dining out that a group of new found friends called The Club was born. The idea of coming up with my BEST food list was suggested by my dear friend and very loyal reader J. Therefore, J , this list is for you. Happy new year! :) In no particular order, here are the top ten restaurants that has made my 2010 truly delicious! My Top 10 Food Spots in 2010 1) Serenitea Summer of 2010 began with my daily addiction for Serenitea's Hokkaido Mi

Magical Christmas Moments : Hong Kong Disneyland

Here you leave Today and enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy… This message caught me by surprise and it basically prepares all visitors entering the wonderful world of Disney. Meet Leona, she was our tour guide on the day we visited Hong Kong Disneyland . Her happy disposition was very contagious that you’d end up smiling and waving as you move on with the tour. We met her at the Guest Relations Office and moved on to Main Street USA where we met cute Santa’s elves holding giant candy canes and were game enough to pose for a photo op. This section reminds us of photos of old New York with brick houses housing bakeries and photo shops for customers to visit. I love the Emporium where we found these coin pressing machines! Just put in a HKD $10 coin and out comes a flat oval coin bearing the image of a Disney character. We were later told that there are a lot of coin pressing machines scattered around the park but due to time constraints we contend ourselves wit

Magical dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

“A dream is a wish your heart makes…” Welcome to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel . This was the first stop of the shuttle bus that goes around the park and the two Disney hotels. At first glance, I fell instantly in love with the old Victorian look of the hotel. It looks so grand and majestic, something that reminds me of a scene out of Beauty and the Beast. We got the Sea View with Balcony room (HK$ 2,400) which has two queen size beds perfect for a family of four. Since, it was just Paul and me that night; we surely had a grand time enjoying our enormous beds! I love our pretty bathroom which was decorated with the faces of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Even the boxes of our toiletries bare the faces of these cute lovable characters. Taking a peek outside our balcony, we saw the ever famous garden maze that our friend Chel has been telling us about. This is a fun place for friends and family to play. Going up and down the hotel, I enjoyed riding the elevator that has

Hong Kong : A Magical Trip to HK Disneyland

Disney has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, twenty years ago, Papa would read my favorite storybook about Donald Duck and his three mischievous nephews Huey, Duey and Louie whom he has officially renamed “Ping”, “Pong” and “Pang” for faster and easier recall before tucking me in bed. For years, I have grown to know them for the names my dad has created only to find out from my best friend T that “Ping”, “Pong” and “Pang” does not exist. Nonetheless, this funny memory reminds me of my early childhood bonding with my dad. Moving on to my pre-school years, I have always been chosen to play Snow White who later was instructed to act dead after taking a bite from the “rotten” apple. For once, my classmate saw a chubbier, Asian version of Snow White. I hope that didn’t ruin their beautiful image of faired-skin princess. Disney continues to play a magical part in our lives; no matter how old I am now I still enjoy listening to all the Disney so

Hong Kong : Take a sweet bite at the Little Mermaid Bakery

In Hong Kong, there are only two main things you should not miss to do… to shop and to eat. While we were busy hitting our favorite shops all around Hong Kong, we also kept our eyes open for delicious finds as well. Such was the case of these to-die-for Chocolate Sticky Donuts (HKD $7) from the Little Mermaid Bakery – I remember reading how much fellow food blogger Leslie enjoyed these delicious indulgent donuts during her trip to Hong Kong and I grabbed the opportunity upon finding it near City’Super at Harbour City on our second day in Hong Kong. The case was almost empty and I was lucky to find the last clam-shell with four donuts sitting on the shelf. I grabbed it and quickly marched to the counter to make sure it will be truly mine. Paul was even telling me to ask if we can just get two as four donuts might be too much for us. I didn’t want to bother the sales clerk anymore and told him that we’ll eventually be able to finish it before heading back to Manila anyway. Let

Hong Kong: Yeh Lam Kwok

Every minute spent in Hong Kong is precious. Sure, we had four days to enjoy this lovely city but with so much sights to see, restaurants to try and malls to visit, not even a week is enough to explore Hong Kong entirely. We didn’t waste time indeed, from the moment our plane landed and having checked in at Cosmo Kowloon Hotel , we headed straight to Causeway Bay for lunch and shopping. We heard that Sogo was having a big sale and with that, I was determined to check the items out. Unfortunately we arrived in the afternoon – too late for the eager crowd. There was already a sea of shoppers making it unable for us to move around freely. After getting pushed and shoved at left and right, Paul and I left Sogo in less than two minutes. We strolled around the area and admired the pretty displays outside WTC more. Causeway Bay is one of our favorite places to visit in Hong Kong. Together with Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, these two areas are the counterparts of Singapore’s Orchard Road a