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Intricate Japanese Dining at Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, Forum The Shopping Mall

Throughout our years of non-stop eating, it’s no secret how much Paul and I love Japanese cuisine. This is actually one reason why we decided to visit Japan last year as we just wanted more, more and more! One thing that I love about the Japanese way of cooking and preparation is how they make every single thing look so pretty. Regardless if it’s just a piece of rice cracker or it’s something more elaborate like a sashimi platter, there’s a lot of thought and creativity poured into each item making your dining experience truly memorable. A few months ago, Paul and I were invited to try Kaiseki Yoshiyuki , which is located adjacent to Horse’s Mouth at The Forum Mall. Heading there gave us this sense of mystery, as there wasn’t any big, flashy signage directing you to the restaurant. Instead, you’ll just see a modest sign beside a big black door. Open the door and you’ll be led inside the restaurant. The interiors of  Kaiseki Yoshiyuki is so beautiful that I can't help but admir