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New Kid on the Block : Goodgood Philippines -- Taiwan's Freshest Milk Tea

I can't believe that summer is officially here. It happened so fast. I was still enjoying the cool breeze in January and February then suddenly, *bam!* March rolled in and the temperature started to rise rapidly. We started sweating like crazy, skin started to feel really sticky and I have this intense craving for anything cold and refreshing. This brought back memories from a few months ago when Paul and I chanced upon a new milk tea place called Goodgood in Banawe, Quezon City. If there's any place in Metro Manila that truly merits the name "milk tea paradise" then Banawe is definitely it. In every block, you can find a shop selling milk tea, boba tea, fruit tea, you name it, they got it. Even brands that may still sound foreign in other areas of the metro has already made Banawe their home. Goodgood has been growing rapidly with branches in the Scout area, in the Ortigas CBD and even in the foodie strip of Kapitolyo. We visited the one in Banawe which is

Challenge Accepted : Quaker Smart Heart Challenge

"Health is Wealth " This saying is so true as I hear stories of family friends, relatives or friends of friends falling sick. Be it one who's in their senior years or another one who's in his 20s, falling sick can really take a toll not only on one's body but on his financial being, his family's well-being and more. I come from a family with very strong genes of cardio-vascular problems like stroke and hypertension. From my Amah and my Angkong, both of whom have experienced having a stroke or dealing with super high blood pressure for most parts of their lives down to my mom and her siblings who, despite trying so hard to keep a healthy lifestyle, also ended up stroke patients themselves. When I gave birth to my twins, my blood pressure shot up to 200/120 which wasn't a good sign at all. Prior to that, I was tested to have gestational hypertension so I was on meds round the clock which got me so worried if this will affect my babies in the long run. I

Franny Mommy Favorites : Toddliebaby Diapers

A month ago, Paul and I were faced with a dilemma, one of our kids has formed this habit of removing all of his/her clothes before going to bed. It started out funny and cute until it turned annoying and frustrating because one night, he/she ended up peeing on their bed thus waking the other twin up. I began searching for bedtime onesies but it's not that easy as these are normally worn by infants and I doubt it would fit my toddler comfortably. We've been using pull up pants for the longest time as we thought that they'd big enough to do away with taped diapers. Also, there aren't a lot of sized L or XL tape diapers in the market too. Then we chanced upon Toddliebaby . A new player in the local diaper industry and it stands by it's promise of providing hypo-allegenic, non-chlorine, non-dye, fragrant-free diapers that's soft, gentle and ultra absorbent. The best part is, it's all taped diapers with sizes from small to large. PERFECT! The first night th

The "New" Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan

"Change is always good." This is what my Mom would always tell stubborn little me as I used to be really resistant to change when I was much younger. I guess it's the OC-side in me that I just like things done in a routine and in a definite process that a little change in that can really throw me off-track. Little by little, I learned to adapt, to bend, to be more flexible. Not physically but emotionally and mentally. I've learned to embrace the change and see that sometime's even when one thing is not broken, there are still more ways to improve. Such is the case for our well-loved Gloria Maris Seafood Restaurant . This restaurant has been a permanent fixture in the Greenhills Shopping Center and has played a huge role in my life growing up in this area. It's the place where we would go for our Mother-Daughter dim sum date, the place where my in laws would go for their hotpot , the place where my sister held her beautiful wedding reception and engagemen