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Back at The Grid Food Market (Part 2) : Bucky's, Le Chon and Bun Appetit

I got to say that with a little more than a month left as we close 2019, The Grid Food Market was indeed one of my favorite foodie places this year. What's there not to love about it? It has a very good selection of food choices and I'd say, they didn't stop at being "good" but they really went above and beyond by getting the best in the industry. Here, you get only the most authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, the yummiest Laksa , the highly desired Lobster Roll and of course, you finish off with the best Chocolate in town and award-winning cake selections too. Even my twins love it so much that we spent almost the entire day last Saturday dining at The Grid . We had lunch, merienda and dinner there and we never got tired of it as there were just a lot of options to choose from. For my part 2, let me focus on 3 homegrown brands that has quickly made a name for itself in the foodie circle. One was first known for their ooey gooey, super sinful brownies. Anothe

G! with the Barkada : Greenwich Pizza Making Camp

I recently discovered how much I enjoyed planning the birthday parties of my twins. Whether we have decided to make the party big or small, I love thinking of fun and creative ways to celebrate their special day. I have an entire year to plan for their 3rd birthday but I'm starting to list down some ideas already. Time flies like a speeding bullet and before you know it, my adorable twosome will turn another year older *sniffle* . Can they stay my babies for a little while longer? Anyway, the day after their birthday, we were invited by Greenwich Pizza to join their Pizza Making Camp  together with fellow foodie friends. It was only recently that we have re-discovered Greenwich pizza and we just love the Hawaiian Overload pizza . Yep, we are that kind of people who loves pineapples on our pizza.  I was so game to learn how to make my own Greenwich pizza and I had my little L who was ready to help me too. All participants of the Pizza Making Camp  gets their own apron,

DIY Mommy : #AngTwins turn TWO at Sunrise Buckets

Get ready to jump into muddy puddles and celebrate with us! You'll probably be familiar with the phrase "muddy puddles" if you have toddler kids like us. Yes, Peppa Pig is in the house and this was our theme for the second birthday of the twins. After the big party last year, Paul and I decided to keep things simple this year for two reasons: 1) My beloved Angkong just passed away a little more than 100 years ago and.. 2) We just wanted to keep this year's celebration intimate yet fun with family around. I started planning for their birthday as early as March. Yes, not wanting to cram (which I still always end up doing) I started considering various venue options. One, a simple DIY swimming party with cousins where we can prepare fun snacks for kids and a heavy afternoon merienda for our adult guests, another option was to just eat out minus the frills and this, a party that's somewhere in the middle -- that's fun, simple yet memorable. Back in Mar

DIY Mommy : A Look Back at the #AngTwins' First Birthday at Vikings Jazz

I never thought that I'd be the type of mom who loves throwing parties for my little ones. Sure I love to plan but I never thought I'd actually enjoy going through the whole process of thinking of a theme, planning the decor, the food and even the cake. I guess, motherhood can really change you and for me, it has made me a more creative and resourceful mom. Since my twins have just celebrated their 2nd birthday. I thought of doing a throwback and sharing with you how we celebrated their first birthday . As you know, first birthdays are a BIG thing here in our country. It's normally when the parents would really allot a bigger amount of budget and would go through the trouble of securing a venue months or even a year in advance. I don't blame them, after all, a baby turns 1 only once (haha) and well it's also a good way to celebrate 12 full months of sleepless nights parenthood. What more for us as we celebrated 12 full months of surviving twin parenting! Hoor

[VLOG] Hair Color with Aveda Natural Hair Products

I can't remember the exact date when I last had my hair colored. Most probably it was sometime in 2016 as I have stopped my annual hair color treatment from the moment I got pregnant with my twins early in 2017 and all the way till I breastfed them. It's so funny because I have tiny white hairs sticking out around my "sideburns" area and when I told my cousin-in-law J that we're finally expecting a baby, he told me this "do me a favor, color your hair so that you'll be a pretty pregnant lady" . I had to explain to him that doing hair color is a no-no especially when you'll be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that might endanger your baby. He was really serious about his advice that he even sent me a whole package of facial mask. J, this is one reason why I love you! ♥ So anyway, we've heard a lot of things about Aveda hair products and one thing that stood out to me was how it makes use of all organic ingredients. That means, it'