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Celebrated my birthday with Party Plate Philippines

We're officially halfway through the year! I can't believe June flew by with just one blog post. My sincere apologies! My birthday month found me so busy with work that on nights when I have the time to relax and to blog, I would opt to just binge on Netflix to clear my mind before bedtime. Anyway, please don't forget to follow me on Instagram as I would regularly post my latest food discoveries there.  Let me share with you one of the highlights of my birthday celebration. As you know, this is the 2nd year that I celebrated my birthday at home as we are still battling the COVID19 virus but one good thing that happened before my birthday was that my parents and I got our full dose of vaccines and Paul just got his first dose recently so here's to getting all of us fully vaccinated in the coming weeks. Despite having to stay home for my birthday, I got to say that this year's celebration was made extra special as I was showered with lots of love and well wishes fro