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Taste of Royalty : Caviar Pie by Kamikalu

From the name itself -- Caviar Pie -- immediately brings forth the feeling of being part of the higher social class where women and men would gather (pre-pandemic, of course) to socialize over expensive wine and cocktails and enjoy hors d'oeuvres served in small containers or on top of the daintiest crackers or crostinis. If we go back in time, it's giving me images of being one of the ladies of the Bridgerton  families as they would be waiting in their sitting room and would lady-likely spread just the right amount of Caviar Pie on top a piece of crackers. Forgive me as I was obviously Netflix bingeing all year thus the multiple reference to some of Netflix' biggest shows. If you haven't watched Bridgerton, well then, I highly recommend for you to do so.  Okay, going back to Caviar Pie . This is probably one of my favorite snack to have. It's simple to make but what makes it special are the premium ingredients found inside. In fact, it's like the classier, ver

#FrannyCooks : Corn Dog Muffins with Mekeni Picnic

Are you #TeamNamDoSan or #TeamGoodBoy? To know what I'm talking about, you have to watch the Kdrama called "Start Up". One reason why I love watching Korean dramas is because they somehow manage to incorporate a specific Korean food into the storyline. From Chicken and Beer in Crash Landing On You to Corn Dogs in Start Up, I always end up craving for whatever is being repeatedly enjoyed in every episode. I haven't gotten around to watching a new Kdrama so I'm still hooked to Start Up and halmoni 's corndogs.  Given that, I decided to try making Corn Dog Muffins  using a pack of Mekeni Picnic Hotdogs.  I've been hearing about the brand Mekeni for years! It started when I began dating Paul almost two decades ago and heard that Mekeni is a household brand in Pampanga. Finally, I got around to trying it out and I was surprised at the wide array of products available! They have hot dogs, bacon, beef tapa, tocino and even longganisa.  I had so much fun trying