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Feel like a Princess at the Swissotel Stamford Hotel

After 10 days of travelling, walking, shopping and eating, we're finally back in Manila for a quick stop before enjoying 3 gorgeous days under the sun. Meanwhile, allow me to share with you some bits and pieces of what made our honeymoon simply perfect. Let me start off with our hotel accomodation in Singapore . Thanks to Paul's cousin J, who recommended this hotel to us, we checked in at the Swissotel The Stamford Hotel . Little did we know that we just check ourselves into the tallest hotel in Singapore. I remember having a photo with my sister back when we were little and the hotel was simply called The Stamford. I was at awe! I couldn't believe how beautiful our hotel was. Entering the room, we marveled at the lovely comfy-looking bed. Perfect to make you feel like a king and queen. The room was very spacious given that we got the standard type, there's a tea box with TWG tea packs and a glass study table on the side. Stepping out on the balcony, I enjoyed

Grab some OREO!

How do you enjoy your OREO cookie? This has been a constant pantry conversation that never fails to elicit laughter and amusement. Some would just eat it whole while some would twist it open, lick the cream and enjoy the chocolate cookie one bite at a time. My style is different though...since I am not fond of the cream but I adore the crunchy chocolate-y cookie and so I carefully twist open my OREO, scrape out the cream and give this to Paul who happily enjoys his OREO with extra cream and pop the entire thing into my mouth. My sister, on the other hand, took inspiration from an old OREO advertisement as she dunks her cookie into a glass of cold milk before taking a bite. Recently, I stumbled upon this fun websit e that allowed me to get a free OREO sampler pack at any 7-11 outle t of my choice! Not only that, we get to play the twist, lick and dunk game that will allow us to win fun prizes! :) Go on, sign up now at / and get your very own OREO sampler


After 7 long years of dating....more than a year of preparations...dealing with a million butterflies in our stomaches... We finally made IT! :) Now off to our honeymoon for a fresh batch of food adventures!!! Catch ya'll later! :)

Double Date at Asian Twist

We're so blessed to have a number of couple friends whom we regularly go out on double/triple/quadruple/quintuple (!!!) dates with. Paul and I truly enjoy chatting with them and sharing stories knowing that we can all relate with one another. Such is the case with one of our favorite couples S and J who just got married not so long ago and are now busy opening their very own hardware shop (for readers living in Quezon City please drop by their shop called N.S. Amoranto guess it right! N.S. Amoranto street!) . I always look forward to dinner dates with S and J simply because they are really fun to be with! We can all just chat and chat all night and end the evening feeling happier and stress-free. One evening, we got a message from J inviting us out to dinner. Since we were just around the vicinity, we agreed to meet up near their hardware shop as Paul and I are looking for something new. J suggested Asian Twist . Following S' instructions, we were able to find

Frannywanny on Billboard

Despite having a very hectic schedule which is somewhat taking a toll on my body and spirit... A colleague told me today that he saw my Billboard ad along EDSA early this evening and THAT made my day. Sharing with you my ad courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines : Catch it along EDSA North Bound near Guadalupe Mall! Woohoo!! My ad along the biggest, most busier road in Metro Manila! :)

The Time has Come

This just goes to show how time can really fly... Almost a year ago, I blogged that our countdown has officially begun as we marked our 365 days race to the altar... As of today, we are down to our last 6 days and I'm sure that will go by in a snap. I can feel a million butterflies in my stomach, I feel like I'm racing against time. With so many things to do, how I wish time can slow down a bit and allow me to take my time. Finally, we're down to the final leg and just about the same time next week, I will officially be married to the man of my dreams . I will try to update you all once in a while but for now my world has to stop as I attend to the biggest event that I will ever have in my life. Wish me luck, dear readers! - Fran