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A Love Affair with Coffee (Nescafe Direct Mailer)

Oh how I miss my IMC days... Back when we would have to deal with sleepless nights thinking of marketing strategies and coming up with executions for Starbucks Coffee (who would have known that I'd actually end up doing this for real!) , Sun Cellular, Presto Creams and of course, Vetracin, the brand that played a very important role in the Paul & Fran love story. *sigh* For those who are wondering what IMC is, it stands for Integrated Marketing Communication . This was my chosen course and till this day, I couldn't imagine myself taking up any other course but that. Marketing is my life, even as a freshman in the university, I've been busy getting sponsorships for my organization. Clearly, I have a soft spot for students asking me for sponsorships because I know how stressful this can be..then again, do not dare murder any part of my name for that is unforgivable. tsk tsk Speaking of marketing, a direct mailer was sent to my sister last Thursday. Although I not

27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride.." This statement has always been present as reason for a number of wedding beliefs in our society. Such pamahiin (superstitious belief) includes avoiding to be the bridesmaid three times in a row or being the maid of honor for someone younger than you for fear that you'll never get married yourself. What happens when a girl who simply adores weddings makes a total career out of helping her soon-to-wed girlfriends and eventually becomes their maid of honor 27 times? Everything is going oh-so-well until her attractive younger sister ends up as the bride-to-be of the man whom she has been madly in-love with for a long time. This movie is your typical romantic comedy flick that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. An added bonus also is that James Marsden, who plays as a young newspaper columnist Kevin, is super duper cute. Ü I love Katherine Heigl's (our heroine Jane) body! Kainis...everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that she

when it rains it pours (concert chismis #2)

After the BIG news about Maroon 5 coming to Manila, more big names in the music industry will be gracing our beautiful archipelago just DAYS apart from one another. First of is Ne-Yo (wheeeeee!!) who will have his concert at the Big Dome on February 29 . Becasue Of You- NeYo Add to My Profile | More Videos ...and as if it isn't hard enough to decide which concert to go to... then Ticketnet announces that Incubus will also be coming on March 9!! this might not really appeal so much to me but I'm sure this will be great news to alternative fans out there! Happy saving as ticket prices are pretty steep!!

Maroon 5 in Manila *hyper-ventilate* (concert chismis #1)

YUP! You read it right! Maroon 5 will be here on March 5 for their first ever concert at the Araneta Coliseum! It's the best time to save up as tickets will be on sale soon! ( ) This would be a nice post-valentines/early summer date for all yah lovers out there! ohhh boy! Can't wait to tell my sis and paul about it! Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder Add to My Profile | More Videos

travelling starts NOW!

Travelling keeps me sane. No matter how OC i can get, it's fun to take a guided tour especially when going to unfamiliar places to save me from all the hassle, unneccessary expenses and "ay mali" moments. Trying not to be soooo excited for fear that I might jinx it *prays hard*. I have to say i can't wait for February to come along! Check out my travel schedule next month: February 2, 2008 : The BIG Binondo Food Wok - Chinese New Year special my first Big Binondo Food Wok adventure I loveeee Ivan ManDy's food walk that I am going for Round Two with my favorite colleagues! Ü We'll be walking up and down the streets of Binondo as we join in the super duper cool festivities of the Chinese New Year! I'd say... Kiong Hee Huat Tsai !!! February 9 - 10, 2008 : Clark, Pampanga photo taken from: / It's time once again for the 12th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Exhibit and boy,oh boy am I excited! We book

Hot Off the Press: Travel Bugs Rejoice!!!

Taken from an email that I've just received from Cebu Pacific : Cebu Pacific offers P8 seats to all domestic and P888 seats to Asian destinations! Plan your great holiday escapade with the Cebu Pacific system-wide seat sale! Fly to Cebu Pacific's Asian destinations for as low as 888 PESOS! The Asia seat sale is from January 11 to 17 2008, and valid for travel beginning February 1 until May 31, 2008. Travel to any domestic destination for as low as 8 PESOS! This is good for travel from February 1 to March 12, 2008. The seat sale will run from January 11 to 17, 2008. The one-way fare is exclusive of government taxes, applicable surcharges and non-refundable. Start off your summer holidays with the best bargain in town, more than 200,000 seat are up for grabs! Book now at before seats are sold out!


I t's always fun to reminisce about the good ol' days! These were the days when I thought... ... that Santa was real ... that by selling manually typed tv schedules and oven-toaster-baked-banana-cake-made-out-of-ready-to-mix-batters to my relatives would eventually make me a millionaire ... that i can actually have a lil pony out in our garden ... that someday my family and I can live like the Jetsons ... that SUGUS is the best tasting soft candy in the world! It was pure luck that I chanced upon the present day Sugus that is no longer made in Europe but is now produced in Thailand. Opening the attractive red tin box, I immediately noticed that it also sports a new square-ish shape as opposed to its old look that resembles that of a tootsie roll or a white rabbit. Biting into my 1st strawberry flavored candy, I also felt that it isn't as soft as it used to be. However, as the flavor started to come out and as it touched every single one of my taste buds, I was transported

captured by my Z610i

Pumpkin Soup @ Secret Recipe, Shangri-la Mall