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A Taste of Thailand

It has been a year since my last visit to Thailand . How I miss the delicious Pad Thai , shopping at Central World Plaza and of course, getting the best deals at the Chatuchak Market . Yesterday, feeling a bit hungry and with a few more hours to go before dinner time, I drove to Madison Square Pioneer which is just half a block away from my office. It's funny that I'm starting to hear raves here and there about certain establishments in this complex from people who actually lives or works farther than I do from this place. My first visit led me to a nice looking Thai restaurant called Lime Leaf . I scanned their menu and ordered a plate of Shrimp Pad Thai (Php. 150) and a glass of Thai Iced Tea . Service was fast and I got to hand it to my server for taking the extra step in ensuring that my dining experience remains insect-free by placing a candle on my table. As my pad thai was served in front of me, I immediately smelled the yummy aroma of shrimp, shrimp paste an

What's your favorite comfort food?

This entry was inspired by a question posted by a colleague of mine over at Facebook earlier today. My initial answers were: smoked salmon, sushi and pasta . While driving home, I pondered about it and realized that aside from those earlier mentioned, I actually have two more on my list. First is a bucket of Shakey's Mojo Potatoes and second is Cibo's Potato Chips . Cibo is definitely one of my favorite restaurant simply because of its consistency. I love its Farfalle alla Genovese from the time I first tried it, which incidentally happens to also be my first visit to Cibo, and I can't help but order this every single time I dine there. Accurately put, it has been five years of me loving that pasta dish. Another must-order is their Patatine Fritte a.k.a. Potato Chips. It began as a complimentary appetizer which later became a part of their menu. I love the crisp homemade-style potato chips and the yummy aoili dip as well. Yum yum yum! How about you? What's

Philippine Holidays for 2010!!!

HOORAY!!! Sharing with everyone the recent list given by Malacañang Palace on the Non-Working Holidays of 2010 !!! January 1 (Friday) : New Year (this is actually part of the long holiday declared by Malacañang earlier) April 1 : Maundy Thursday April 2 : Good Friday April 9 : Araw ng Kagitingan (3 day weekend!!) May 1 : Labor Day (this falls on a Saturday I'm not sure if they will declare April 30 as a holiday too) June 14 : Independence Day (3 day weekend!!) August 23 : Ninoy Aquino Day (3 day weekend!!) August 30 : National Heroes Day (3 day weekend!!) November 1 : All Saint's Day (3 day weekend!!) November 29 : Bonifacio Day (3 day weekend!!) December 24 : Christmas Eve (start of 4 day weekend!!) December 25 : Christmas Day December 27 : Rizal Day December 31 : Last Day of the Year! (and my first Christmas and New Year as a married woman :P) Now it's time to start planning those trips!!! :) Source: Arroyo declares holidays in 2

it's TIME for a SPECIAL TREAT!!!

Here's a special treat for all my wonderful readers out there... Simply print and present this coupon to get a 20% discount at Urban Time in SM North EDSA . This promo is until August 31, 2009. So hurry now and enjoy watch shopping!!! :)

Taking a break from Caffeine

Due to some medical findings, I have decided to take a break from caffeine to save me from more visits to the doctor. A day after making this decision, I realized that this little break is easier said than done. For three years, I've deeply immersed myself in all types of coffee drinks...from the regular brewed type, to the sassy espresso blend and of course to the comforting iced blended beverages. When you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Ok, so I will still firmly stick to my no-caffeine resolution but this won't stop me from taking a couple of hours off to unwind in my favorite coffee shops. A couple of Saturdays ago, my sister and I made a stopover at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to relax and rest after shopping. Upon reaching the counter, I was told that they already have a new Swirl Card and that I have to surrender my old one. I turned it over to the barista and waited for her to tell me how many credits were available for me to use. Lo and behold, I was told

my travel wishlist

It has been a very hectic week. At times, I feel like a Wind Up toy that just goes on and on and on. My sister said something to me early this week, she suggested that we take a spontaneous two day trip to a local destination which won't require much planning, extensive budget saving and we don't even have to go on leave. Sounds like a good idea right? I haven't been traveling as much as I used to. It's simply because I have took over a couple of major family responsibilities and of course, our BIG day is just around the corner. Nonetheless, it never hurts to dream. Sharing with you my list of domestic travel destinations for the rest of 2009 (and yes, if these won't push through, I'm ok with pushing it further to 2010) : *in no particular order* First time hits 1) Bacolod - ohh I just want to try the real Inasal! also, who can ever say no to the sugar land of the Philippines? 2) Ilo-ilo 3) Davao - this has been part of my list for years! I wonder w

A Taste of Taiwan in San Juan

I've mentioned time and time again that I feel that San Juan is slowly becoming the next Chinatown . To prove this point, I even went as far as writing an article highlighting a couple of the Chinese eateries and food stops in this city. Right after the article was published, Paul and I chanced upon a not-so-new restaurant along Wilson street. I pass through this road every single day and my curiosity increases every time I see a number of cars parked right outside this eatery. Feng Wei Wee , is a casual dining restaurant that serves Taiwanese dishes, lutong bahay style. The interiors of the restaurant has very minimal designs, you'll see a cafeteria-like set-up where you can choose the ones that you'd like to order or you can just head directly to the table and wait for the server to bring over a menu. Note that while there are a lot of Chinese restaurants in the metro, majority of which serves either Cantonese (dimsum, roast meat, etc) or Fookien (think Mann H

The Official BIG DAY Countdown begins

TODAY :) 07.11.10.

Challenge yourself to the BIG BITE MATCH!

How fast can you finish a hotdog sandwich? How about if we multiply that to five and throw in a drink of your choice? Before you shake your head in disbelief and move a step back, take a minute and think again. Maybe...just maybe you can do it ! Take Tom "Goose" Gilbert for instance, a 6-foot-something internationally renowned competitive eater who has been to most than a dozen eating contests and has emerged as the winner in most of it. At present, he is the record holder in the chicken wings eating category. Test your gobbling strength by heading to the nearest 7-11 Convenient Store and order a Big Bite Meal that consists of 5 hotdog sandwiches and a Big Gulp drink. Finish your meal in the shortest time possible and get a chance to win a whopping Php. 500,000 in cold hard cash (and bragging rights too!)! Hurry! The 7-11 Big Bite Match is only from June 26 to August 15 !

AMANO : Creations by the Hand

Passion. This is one thing that I believe that will keep you going no matter what. Take blogging for instance. I've been a blogger for almost eight years now. The first 6 years of my blogging life was centered on a personal site where I poured my heart and mind out into every single word that I wrote. It served as a documentary of my life as a college student and further on as I began to enter the corporate world. Eventually, I became less dramatic and realized that I want to talk about something that I'm totally passionate about -- Food and Travel. Thus, Frannywanny was born. As a blogger, I seek excitement in being able to share my day-to-day adventures with everyone. My heart skips a beat every single time I receive a new message from you, my dear readers. At times, someone would come up to me and ask where do I get the determination to blog regularly and I would simply say that blogging is my form of stress release. This is my way of unwinding after a busy day at wor

Thursday Club series: Ice Age 3 (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

Our favorite Ice Age friends are back in the wide screen and this time, they're in 3D! Unfortunately, Didi and Chris couldn't make it this week but this didn't stop me, Paul and Jane from meeting up in Trinoma as they launch the newest Digital 3D Cinema . As we entered the cinema, we were given a pair of plastic glasses which we all have to wear to see the special effects on screen. At first, I found wearing the glasses a bit uncomfortable because of my bad eyesight and the fact that the glasses was too big for my face that it kept on sliding down every so often. Trinoma's Digital 3D Cinema technology aims to create a whole new experience of movie viewing by providing bright, vivid visuals combined with crisp, clear surround sound that brings your senses to a different level whether you're seated upfront or at the very back of the theater. And they're back!! The movie was short but it was a good one. Watch as Manny and Ellie await the birth of their

Afternoon Bite

My friend Miren is truly talented. I met her a couple years back when we were both selling in this certain female forum . I was selling cheesecakes while she was the reigning brownie queen . From time to time, we would buy from each other, talk about modern-day barter. Since then, our friendship grew and though we rarely get to see each other, she'll always be one of those sweet friends I'm so glad to have. One Friday morning, a dainty-looking red box greeted me as I was about to leave for work. On top of the box is a short note from my friend Miren. What a sweet surprise! I grab a couple for work to share with my colleagues. This generated a lot of raves and inquiries to which I happily supplied them with more info about Miren's Dessert Express . Back home, we continued to enjoy the Gooey Revel Bar (Php. 180/box of 8) which is definitely a lip-smacking concoction of an oatmeal cookie base with lots of melted chocolate which is so good, my sister would end up licking

Thank You

Guess what surprised me early this evening that simply completed my day... a special gift from one of my favorite bloggers Thank you so much, Franco. It was an honor to be able to write for Table for Three Please and I'd love to do it again..and again...and again :)