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#FrannyCooks : Shepherd’s Pie with U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes (the easy way!)

It’s been a week after the long holiday season and after all the fun, the anticipation, the gift-giving, merry-making and non-stop eating, I bet we all have one big dilemma, we got lots of leftovers in the fridge! To be honest, I really do not like seeing our fridge packed with tiny plastic containers which are filled with all sorts of food items -- that last piece of corndog, half a bowl of pasta, a few more slices of cake and chopped veggies and pang-gisa that were excess from our holiday cooking, all these and more. This is why I also find it exciting to clear out our fridge by coming up with dishes that can be created using our holiday leftovers.    Scanning around, I spotted a pack of ground beef that was an excess purchase from what was supposed to be our Christmas spaghetti. I also saw some leftover peas, carrots and onions stored in tiny round containers which are taking up unnecessary fridge space. Seeing all these ingredients, I immediately thought of one particular dish and