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someday, when i grow up i want to write for a magazine... that was me back in 1998..close to a decade ago when i began to appreciate international glossies such as YM, Bop (ok nakakahiya ito...) and a lot more that features popular boy bands and hollywood teen stars. A year after, my loyalty shifted to our local titles partly due to the increasing prices of their international counterparts and also because my interest towards international showbiz chismis slowly declined. Then came Candy, Meg and Seventeen. A high school girl's bible on what's in and what's not. We were taught that flared jeans and elephant pants were totally cool so were cargo pants and funky hats that you can wear when you and your barkada would go to Galleria to have your neoprints taken. Of course, there's the traditional prom issue that would come out every January. There's a list of things to do weeks prior to your prom (like getting a manicure, reserving for a boutonniere, etc etc), there&

Lime88 : Street Food With a Twist

After reading Anton's write up about this small resto /bar hidden right in the middle of Mandaluyong , it wasn't hard to convince Paul to try it with me after I told him that they have a billiard table that may be rented for only P100 an hour. So after an afternoon of window-shopping around Rockwell, we scheduled to have dinner here as it is also along our way home. It wasn't difficult to find the place because their bright lime colored signage will immediately catch your attention the moment you take a right turn from Boni Ave towards San Rafael street. Lime88 is actually a residence turned restaurant. There's plenty of parking slots along the street and cheerful waiters will greet as you enter the gate. Since Paul really wanted to play billiards, we chose the lone table for two by the pool table. I prefer this area too because its well-lit and at least I'm guaranteed that i can clearly see what is being served to us. The food is literally pinoy street fare giv
L ast friday was a great day, aside from the fact that i spent most of my time outside the office visiting sites with Ding as well as it being the launch of my newest baby called the Green Tea Redefined series... it was also the day when i finally completed my certification as a Coffee Master. What is a Coffee Master? Every partner in Starbucks Coffee begins as a coffee explorer. We go through the 2 weeks training program immersing ourselves in the culture, the procedures and finally allowing ourselves to gain more appreciation on coffee. At the end of the training period, store partners will begin their regular shifts as baristas whereas Support Center partners like myself move on to fulfill the responsibilities and functions that we applied for. Through time, a partner will then take an exam to evaluate his/her knowledge on coffee. From the different types of blends down to the tiniest detail on how to have the best coffee the Starbucks way. After passing the exam, the partner will t

NY Pizza Express

Pizza has always been the number one comfort food for me and pan. For instance, a long and hectic periodical exams week will never be complete without ordering our favorite Shakey's Friday's Special thin-crusted pizza and a bucket of Mojos and Dip for one afternoon snack. Thus today was no exception. Resting at home for a day, I've decided to surprise my lil sister, who was a bit upset, with our favorite snack! Enter NY Pizza Express. Paul has been telling me about this new pizza place along J. Abad Santos here in San Juan for a couple of months now. Actually, NY Pizza Express was formerly located along Wilson street but good thing they have decided to transfer to a nicer place with ample parking and better visibility. With a number of New York style pizza brands sprouting everywhere from Yellow Cab to Brooklyn Pizza and a lot more, i wasn't initially that excited in trying this one out because i thought that this most probably would taste pretty much the same just like

Angel's Kitchen

reposted from dated August 4, 2007 After hearing a lot of raves about this small homey-feel restaurant along Connecticut street in Greenhills, Paul and I have decided to give it a try ourselves. We arrived at around 830PM thinking that it will be easy to get a table since #1 the place is relatively new #2 the dinner crowd are most probably done by this time. oh boy! were we caught by surprised beginning from the lonnnngg (and im serious) line of parked cars around the restaurant and after finally getting a parking slot the wait for table was up next. this small cozy restaurant was jam packed with familiar faces from the ica-xavier community, there were icans and xavierians my age, to families in long tables and it looks like they won't be leaving anytime soon. What impressed me most was the fact that the owners were there to personally attend to their customers. one owner approached us and told us that our table will be ready in