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Ole! : Buen Comer Poquellas at Teacher's Village, Quezon City

As the famous saying goes: "Love knows no distance." Similarly, our love for food allowed us to travel far and wide just to satisfy our craving. My in laws have been planning to try Buen Comer located at Teacher's Village in Quezon City for the longest time. This was after hearing raves after raves from cousins who told us that everything on the menu is really delicious and we just have to try it ourselves. Finally, on our first weekend back in Manila, MIL suggested that we head over there for dinner. Of course, Paul and I were totally up for that and so off we went to Quezon City. Thankfully, it took us less than an hour to get there and we easily located the restaurant which actually can be found in a very small inside street called Mahabagin. For those who are familiar with Quezon City, I'm pretty sure you won't have a hard time heading here. The menu was pretty extensive with a total of 17 items to choose from. As there were 6 of us dining that day, we

Onboard Singapore Airlines: SQ916 Business Class

After 4 fun years in the Lion City with countless flights between Singapore and Manila, I can't believe that this routine of ours has came to an end. For the last time, Paul and I headed to Changi Airport on the morning of the 31st of May as we bid a temporary goodbye to our 2nd home, which I fondly call, the Lion City. We'll definitely be back for sure but this time as tourists and perhaps with two little ones in tow but for the time being, it was time to head back HOME. A few years back, Paul and I agreed that when the time comes for us to bid Singapura goodbye, we just have to do it in style . By that, we meant flying Business Class onboard Singapore Airlines . I got to admit that the thought of finally flying Business really got me so excited. Somehow, this lessened the bittersweet feeling that we both were feeling about saying good bye to our life in Singapore . Aside from that fact that the seats were extra spacious making it so comfortable for pregnant ladies like m

Hearth and Heat at The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra

Fire up the grill! For the past weekends since April, buffet diners of The Carvery have been enjoying a very indulgent meat buffet where the meat are carefully roasted over the restaurant's brand new Argentinian Grill. What makes this different from all other barbecue pits or grills is that it has an adjustable platform allowing the chef to control the heat depending on the type of meat being grilled. He can raise the platform higher for those that shouldn't be in close contact with the fire and lower for those that should have a smokier flavor. It also evenly cooks the meat as all are laid down on the platform and are cooked in one go. As you all know, the secret to getting that perfect barbecued meat lies on the wood being used to cook. Chef Robert Chan specifically made sure that he uses a mix of firewood -- Hickory and Mesquite to bring out a distinct flavor that we later got to enjoy in our cuts of meat. For our preview dinner, we got to try a good selection of ro

Staycation Files: Back at F1 Hotel Manila, Taguig City

There's really something about staycations that I love so much. Some would tell me that they don't see the point of staying that night at a hotel especially when you have a home in the same metro. Yes, that's true but sometimes it's just good and healthy to take a break from your regular routine to unwind and simply do..nothing. So, a week after our return to Manila, Paul and I joined our blogger friends for a fun weekend staycation at F1 Hotel Manila . We're no strangers to this hotel as we had the privilege to stay here 2 years ago . This time, we're back with our friends from the KTG and after our LuzViMinda lunch, we all headed up to our respective rooms to rest up until dinner time. Checking in was a breeze as we were directed to the Premier Lounge . It's located also at the same level as the hotel's check-in lobby only you get a dedicated staff to assist you and while waiting you can even help yourself to some of the snacks and drinks availab

LuzViMinda 2017 at F1 Hotel Manila, Philippines

"Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan." (He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination) - Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Filipino National Hero Today is the birthday of our country's national hero and if I must say, one of my personal favorite heroes in history too. I still remember reading the entire book on his life when I was in university much too quickly that I finished the entire book even before the semester began. It was such a joy learning about Rizal's life and his works. His death was pretty dramatic too. He was shot by firing squad at Bagumbayan (now known as Rizal Park / Luneta) at the young age of 35. That's exactly how old I am this year and for him, he has traveled the world, wrote a lot of captivating novels (I love Noli Me Tangere) and has tried his best to fight the government for the freedom of the Filipinos. Not a lot of 35 year old individuals can say that they

Back Home in Manila : Festa Italiana at Cucina, Marco Polo Ortigas

I'm aliveeeeeeeee!!! This is probably the fist time in 10 years that my blog has been this quiet but I got a couple of good excuses reasons why. First of all, Paul and I have been busy the past few months as we have decided to finally relocate back to Manila. Yes, you read that right. We're finally back home and we haven't been happier. Don't get me wrong, our life in Singapore was nothing but a dream come true but every good chapter should have an equally good ending and so we have decided to close that chapter just at the perfect time as we await to start a new one. Secondly, speaking of opening a new chapter. I'm so excited to share with you all that another dream of ours is about to unfold in the next few months, Paul and I will be welcoming our bundles of joy. That wasn't a grammatical error. We prayed so hard for almost a year and God answered our prayers by not only blessing us with one but with two beautiful babies whom we're both so excited to me