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Break the Habit and #PledgeToDoubleCheck products for your Family’s sake

Every morning, I would ask the #AngTwins what they would like to eat for breakfast and they would love enumerating all their favorite food. Cake, Ice Cream, Pizza, Spaghetti, Burger, Waffles...and the list goes on and on. As a food lover, it's a dream to watch your kids showing more love and interest in eating. I get so excited whenever I can share something delicious with them and to watch them eat it with so much delight just fills my heart with joy.  However, as a mom, I sometimes have to step on the breaks and carefully plan out their meals. Teaching them to eat right and healthy is our responsibility has their parents and they're at this stage wherein we have to train them to eat their veggies and fruits. This is also when I've learned to check the labels.. not only once but twice. I watch out for the sugar content and making sure that they get their vitamins and minerals too.  [PR] Our family, most importantly, our kids are the special treasures we have and with that