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Romantic Dinner at Pizzeria Toscana

O ne thing I love about Paul is how he never forgets our special dates. He always remembers to greet me every 26th of the month (this has been going on for more than 50 months already!) and of course on that special romantic day every February called Valentine's Day. This year's Hearts Day was made extra special because he prepared a wonderful evening just for me. It began when he picked me up at exactly 7PM and surprised me with a big big bouquet of roses that was placed at the back of his car. It wasn't until I tossed something to the back when I heard a crunchy, plastic-like sound that made me look and checked out what was there. It was a short drive to our dinner destination. Located at Castilla street (same street as JEH Car Wash) that is perpendicular to Valencia Hills, Pizzeria Toscana is a cozy neighborhood pizza place. Mind you though, the place was jam packed when we arrived. Good thing Paul made reservations so it didn't took too long before we were ushered

Healthy Snack Time: Chickpea Deli

After having my long awaited haircut at Essensuals Toni & Guy last Saturday, I strolled around the mall looking for a place to grab a quick bite before rushing home to prepare for a dinner party. "Something light and yummy" was my main goal. Not so far from the mall's entrance coming from the salon, I saw this tiny kiosk located right in front of 50th Avenue and the department store with a brightly lit orange and white signage. Chickpea Deli , it read. I walked towards the kiosk and saw two ladies preparing what seemed like samplers of their product. One immediately looked up and gaved me a big smile while at the same time offering me (i guessed it right!) a sample of their Falafel pattie with Honey Barbeque sauce . Did i just heard her right? They are actually selling Falafel? For those who are not sure what on earth Falafels are, I took the initiative of doing a teeny-tiny research for everyone. According to Chickpea Deli's official site : Falafels are a Medite

freedom of speech

guess what I caught on camera earlier this afternoon... Although I do not have anything against people voicing our their grievances as this is part of our freedom of speech. I just do not like the idea of them causing traffic and inconvenience to hundreds of employees here in Makati. I can just imagine the horrendous traffic jam that might beginning from Ayala Ave and Paseo de Roxas which will definitely stretch to Makati Ave and elsewhere in the Makati CBD. *sigh* Then again, I wonder, if they won't rally today when everyone's at work and will definitely take notice of their demonstration, when is the next best time to do it. I think the answer here is to bring the rally out of Makati and straight to Malacañang to literally send their message ACROSS Ü

quotable quotes

A smart person believes only half of what he hears, but a truly smart person knows which half to believe... - Mr. Ube

the start of my Meatless Fridays

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent. Just like any practicing Catholic, this would also be the day when my family and I would skip having meat for the entire day and for every suceeding Fridays up until Easter Sunday. However, since this year's Ash Wednesday coincided with the super festive Chinese New Year, we had to skip the practice and compromise by doing a good deed instead. (, i can't remember what was my good deed that day.. :P) One challenge of eating out on a meatless Friday is finding a good restaurant that serves yummy seafood dishes at a reasonable cost. Normally, good seafood entrees can only be found at high-end restaurants that guarantees that your fish won't taste "malansa" . Either that or you'd end up with deep fried seafood dishes that will clog your arteries faster than you can say "oh no!" Thus, i really have high respect for restaurants who manages to come up with delectable veggie or seafood dishes and won'