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Candishhh Bakes : Didi bakes Focaccia

The internet is a space so vast that you'd think it's just impossible to meet someone real and much more, carry out a genuine friendship from that. After all, we have our online and offline personas. Some mirroring each other, the others totally different that would even put Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to shame. When I started and joined the local blogging community 13 years ago, Didi a.k.a. canDishhh was one of those who welcomed me so warmly and I gotta say that we hit it off instantly. Well, I guess, it's also because we both went to the same high school so that's one big similarity and we share a lot of common friends too. Besides that, I've always loved Didi's personality. She's very down-to-earth, brutally honest and is one of my very loyal friend. Back then, Didi and I were two single girls, not even engaged to be married and motherhood is totally far far away from the picture. I remembered how we would go out for dinner or would just chat