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Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone

I love pizza! I guess, everyone loves pizza! With the long list of flavors to choose from everyone has their own favorite and if all else fails, one can customize their very own combination. The downside of eating pizza though is it could be pretty messy. Matched with a grease-laden kind and you're bound to share your pizza toppings with oil on your gorgeous shirt. Not a very pretty sight, if i must say so. Admitedly being an OC eater, I am very cautious when it comes to having my food drip all over my clothes, book, desk or worst, on my car seat. Thus the reason why i rarely eat with my bare hands (nagkakamay) . I value the use of utensils very much or if none is available then i can always settle for paper napkins instead. Thus, this new concept created by the people behind Amazing Cones immediately caught my attention. Hmmm.. pizza in a cone where all the ingredients are stuffed inside a cone-shaped crust served with melted cheese on top? Very much intrigued by their advertisi

Christmas Cheer Begins at Starbucks

I would like to interrupt my regular blogging for some shameless plugging Ü See you all there!!

Taste of Sanctuario (Metrowalk, Ortigas Center)

Tagaytay's hidden secret is NOW in Manila! Craving for oysters one Saturday night, Paul and I went to Metrowalk with the sole intention of dining at *where else?!* Oyster Boy. While walking in from the parking area, we chance upon a new establishment located at the back portion and is quite a distance from the more frequented area by Metrowalk's regular clientele. Taste of Sanctuario originated in Tagaytay City. Although this will be my first time to try it out, I am very much aware that they have one of the yummiest coffee and bread! Thus, how can i pass up a chance to try a new place that is right in front of me? Scanning their menu for less than a minute, I pushed aside my oyster craving and went right in this cozy restaurant for another food adventure. First thing that we ordered was a basket of assorted bread slices (P100) with a platter of pates (P100). The bread basket includes: raisin bread, pan de sal, pesto with cheese, cheese foccacia and plain foccacia. It was