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Daily's Diet : Eating Right for a Healthy Me (with a Discount Code!)

Experts often say that the secret to losing weight is to remember the 80/20 rule. Well, okay, there are several variations to this -- 90/10, 75/25 and it goes on and on. However, it all points to the same principle -- losing weight is a mix of 80% diet and 20% exercise . I learned this the hard way and I am still learning about this now. No amount of slaving on the treadmill will ever be enough without a healthy and balanced diet. That doesn't say though that you shouldn't exercise. Exercise improves your blood circulation, it burns off all the unwanted fat and it makes you feel young and happy. We're all for eternal youth and happiness so yes, do not forget to exercise.  Okay, now we talk about DIET . This is something that has been quite a challenge especially for food bloggers and lovers like me who believes that the secret to happiness is to eat like there's no tomorrow. Okay, that's an exaggeration but a quick browse through my social feed will tell you that

Going Salmon-Loco with Salmon HQ!

"The great gift of Easter is hope." – Basil Hume Happy Easter, everyone! Time is zooming by so fast and as the number of COVID19 cases continue to rise, my only wish is that we get to end this fight against the virus soon. Let's all do our part, shall we? Stay home, practice social distancing, sanitize sanitize sanitize and go and get the vaccine when you can .  I'd also like to add one more tip too -- let's continue to support local businesses as believe me, our economy has been hit so badly and it is just too painful to see one restaurant/retail outlet/business close down after the other. Along with its closure means people losing money, jobs and a livelihood.  With that, allow me to share with you one of my favorite home food business whom I have been supporting since late last year -- Salmon HQ . I first tried their fresh salmon sashimi and sushi bake sometime in December when I prepared my sister's going-away lunch. I know that they will most probabl

Getting the COVID19 Vaccination in San Juan City : Our Personal Experience

Yesterday was a happy day for our family. After a year of staying at home and trying our hardest to adjust our lifestyles to adhere to the safety protocols to avoid getting and spreading the virus, my parents got their 1st dose of the vaccine! I think a lot are curious how it all happened so allow me to tell you all about it from registration down to immunization .  We first got wind of the registration sometime in February and while I know that my family's still undecided whether or not we're getting the vaccine, I decided to just register to secure us a slot. Yes, I am kiasu that way but I figured out that it's better that we have a slot and that we are given the chance to choose than not getting any slot later on. I assured my parents that this will give us time to slowly decide by doing our own research and getting first hand information from others who will be immunized before us.  Cut to last weekend, I found out that the form that I have filled up back in February