Who's Frannywanny?

Hi! I'm Fran and I'm the girl behind Frannywanny.com -- a 12 year old blog that basically chronicles my life with my husband Paul and our great love for food.

We're currently based in Manila, Philippines but have resided in Singapore for 4 fun years so do expect to read a mix of food adventures from these two cities.

This blog serves as our personal journal as we share our honest restaurant and hotel stay reviews, some recipes on our favourite homemade dishes, a couple of cool and interesting grocery finds and as we recently entered the world of twin parenthood, expect us to share with you our adventures on that too.

We're proud parents of J and L, our adorable boy girl twins who brings so much joy to our day, every single day. Apart from this blog, I'd like to invite you to visit my instagram page where I post up-to-date discoveries and stories about my busy, a tad crazy, yet totally amazing life!

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