Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Green Cheese Japanese Cheesecake, Hole in the Wall Food Hall

I sure hope that you all had a good start to your week! Coming from such an action-packed weekend, I'm glad that I had a relatively calm and steady Monday to match my sleepy state. Had it been one that's crazy and stressful, I would have probably went nuts! Then, I remembered this mouthwatering Japanese Cheesecake that I recently had back in Manila. The thought of it was enough to put a smile on my face. Not the cutesy, Mona Lisa-like smile but the kind that is so infectious that will surely spread around in minutes.

Something like this...

green cheese 2
Isn't this the cutest thing? Opening soon in Manila, Green Cheese will soon allow the public to have a bite (or more) of its fluffy and soft Japanese Cheesecake that literally melts-in-your-mouth. I just love the custard-like texture that's so milky you just want to laze in bed in your PJs while indulging on this delectable creation all day long. We tried it warm and right after placing it in the fridge and I personally prefer it cold as the texture becomes more sponge-like. This pairs so well with a cup of coffee or tea.

green cheese 3
the happiest (and the cutest) cheesecake!
To maintain the quality of the Japanese Cheesecake, be sure to keep it in a cool environment. I loved this so much that I even brought back a box with me to Singapore and happily shared the joy with my friends and colleagues who all couldn't stop raving about it! Looks like this will be one of my regular pasalubongs from now on.

Presentation is one thing and taste is another but if you put them together and both are equally just as satisfying then you got yourself a winning product! I believe that aside from the regular Japanese Cheesecake, there will also be a Green Tea flavored one.

green cheese 1
Well, here's giving you the first glimpse of what will soon be Manila's newest foodie favorite and definitely the talk of the town (and on Instagram too!). I'll share more information with you as soon as Green Cheese officially opens its doors to the public.

Watch out for the opening of Green Cheese in Hole in the Wall Food Hall at the 4th Floor of the Century City Mall in Makati City. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram now!

Friday, September 26, 2014

CONTEST ALERT! Hee Kee Desserts in Jurong Point

It's Paul's birthday and we're gonna parteeeeh

Yesireee! This will be a fun weekend as we will finally throw that poolside barbecue party that we've both been planning to have since we moved into our new home here in the Lion City. Every single time, whenever we'd pass by the barbecue area and we would smell the delicious aroma of meaty barbecue, buttered seafood or even hotdogs, Paul and I would always talk about throwing a small barbecue party with our friends. More than a year had past and finally, we found the perfect reason to push through with it! So yes, we will be busy marinating, preparing, chopping and pre-cooking today but that's all right. I just hope the weather will cooperate with us tomorrow. Please don't rain on Paul's birthday parade party!

Speaking of the birthday boy, let me tell you a little bit about him. Most of you have probably known him by name (and perhaps by face for some) with the numerous times I've mentioned his name throughout this blog. I just can't help it. After all, Paul has been and will be the main inspiration of this blog. Aside from the fact that he's such a good eating partner and a talented photographer, Paul is also a dessert lover. Believe me, no meal of ours will ever be complete without dessert. May it be a plate of cut-up fruits, a bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream, we always have to end our meal in a sweet, satisfying note. No complains here!

hee kee 6
So, when we were invited to check out the newly opened Hee Kee Desserts in Jurong Point, we gamely traveled all the way to the west of Singapore for it. Hee Kee Desserts is a local restaurant that specializes in Hong Kong-style desserts. What makes this unique though is that the restaurant is Halal-certified so that's great news to all those who has a strict Halal-only diet. Browsing through the menu, we were just so surprised that there are *read this* 80 dessert options to choose from! That is A LOT! While most of the dessert choices are similar to the ones you'd find in Hong Kong, they also have a couple of specially created desserts that makes use of our local ingredients and products.

Let me share with you the sweet, yummy treats that we were able to sample that day:

hee kee 7
Traditional Steamed Milk Pudding (S$3.50)
Remember when we were young and before bedtime, our parents would make us drink a glass of steamed milk? I would remember trying to avoid this every single night as I'm not a fan of steamed milk and would happily drink gallons of cold fresh milk instead. Sadly though, this sentiment has carried on till this day that I happily gave Paul my share which he enjoyed very much.

hee kee 8
Homemade Beancurd with Gula Melaka (S$3.30)
We also tried this warm beancurd pudding which tasted exactly like the Filipino taho. The gula melaka was so delicious as it gives a sweet punch to the subtle flavored beancurd. The only missing is sago and it would surely feel like home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nomama in Capitol Commons, Pasig City

I know it hasn't been too long since we moved to the Lion City but every time we get to fly back to Manila, we can't help but feel somewhat touristy in our own country. I guess it's because at least every quarter, there's a new mall, a commercial complex or an attraction that would open and is worth checking out. So, during our ninja-like visit home, Paul and I went to Capitol Commons along Shaw Boulevard as we kinda saw this on our way to the airport during our previous visit.

nomama 11
Weeks before we moved to Singapore, I remember Capitol Commons to be the place where one can go on a food truck hopping. I'm not quite sure where the food trucks went but what we saw were several fully operational restaurants in the area. For this particular visit, we dropped by Nomama to say hi to our friend Chef Him and to check out his new menu.

I've known Chef Him way back when I was still wearing my magazine publisher hat. He was the first chef whom I've tapped for an event and I've been his loyal fan ever since. What I like about Chef Him's cooking is the consistency. Be it his catered food or the dishes that he would prepare in his very own restaurant, Nomama, you're assured of only the best quality and equally impressive flavor. Not to mention that I'm always so amazed with his food presentation too.

nomama 1
So, when Nomama first opened in Quezon City and I heard the Chef Him was holding a couple of private dining sessions for a fixed rate per head, I was pretty determined not to miss this opportunity. It has been 3 years since and we've been back a lot of times that I've actually lost count. That's why I was so surprised when I found out that Nomama is closing its Quezon City branch and has moved to Capitol Commons. I guess, it's because Chef Him is opening a new restaurant concept also in the same area so it makes a lot of sense to just keep both restaurant close to each other.

Here's what we had during our 1st meal in Manila at Nomama:

nomama 2
Edemame Hummus with Spiced Pita (Php. 170)
I always enjoy having something light to munch on as a way to start a meal. Biting into the thin pita chips, I really enjoyed the mix of spices added into the edemame hummus. It was really yummy. So yummy actually that I shamelessly cleaned our bowl almost sparkly clean.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen in Plaza Singapore

For locals here in Singapore, Crystal Jade has been a household name since 1991. Today, it's the leading Chinese dining concept with more than 120 outlets all over the world. In fact, my first taste of Crystal Jade was in Manila when it opened a couple of years ago. I could still remember the long queue that would form almost all throughout the day in the V-Mall branch. That's also where my love for Dan Dan Mian began.

crystal jade 4
Often times, I would say that dimsum is one of my top 3 favorite food in the world and having steamboat or what we commonly call hotpot / shabu-shabu for dinner is always something that I look forward to. Never mind that my kitchen diva skills are not Master Chef level yet but at least, I get the opportunity to cook even if it means tossing everything into the boiling pot with the confidence that everything will still be so delicious.

So, when Paul and I were invited to have dinner at Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen in Plaza Singapura, this was one of those dinners that I was really excited about. In contrast to the other Crystal Jade restaurants all over Singapore, this one allows diners to go on a 90 minute eat-all-you-can steamboat with free flow drinks and ice cream! It brought back memories of the time that Pan, Paul and I had this amazing 2 hour eat-all-you-can hotpot lunch in Taiwan which later turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.

crystal jade 12
First you start by choosing your soup stock. You can choose two to make it more fun to interchange from one soup base to another. There are a total of six options to choose from: pork's bone soup (clear soup), tomato soup, curry soup, miso soup, superior soup and spicy mala soup.

crystal jade 1
Then, you hop over to the buffet section where you can take your pick from a variety of veggies, fresh meat, meatballs and even cooked items too which you can either eat right away or toss into your boiling pot too!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Wholesome Table in BGC

The healthy trend has finally reached Manila and it's something that locals seem to be embracing quite well. That's really good as it's high time for people to take a closer look at what they're eating and if this will bring more harm than good to their body.

wholesome table manila 8
A quick check on Google showed me that heart attack, stroke and cancer remain as the top 3 causes of death in the Philippines. While cancer is more often than not due to genetics, there are a lot of ways to avoid the top 2. No, I won't go preaching about health and wellness to bore you all out. However, I just want to share that moving to the Lion City has made me realize the importance of eating well and keeping a more active lifestyle. It has just been more than a year since we've moved and both Paul and I would shake our heads in disbelief whenever we would come across our photos taken 2 years back. Paul has lost all the unwanted weight and has done an amazing job at maintaining it. I still have half a journey to go, but we share the same sentiment -- guilt. Guilt of allowing ourselves to just eat to our heart's desire when we were in Manila without thinking about the adverse effect that it can do. Not to mention that as we were so happy munching our way around town, we both have lived extremely sedentary lives. You can say that moving here has indeed been a blessing as it served as an eye-opener for us. At least, this eye-opener didn't have to happen when either one of us is in the hospital due to stroke or high blood pressure. That would have been too late. 

wholesome table manila 5
So, when I found out that a new restaurant serving healthy, organic food called The Wholesome Table recently opened in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), I immediately added this to my list of places to visit. Luckily, we were able to dine here during our recent trip home with Paul's cousins and since I wasn't able to research about it, I simply asked my good friend and fellow blogger Spanky on what should we order at The Wholesome Table. Spanky immediately said: "Meatloaf. Don't forget to get the Meatloaf." With that, we made sure to include that in our order list. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

IKEA Singapore Pyjamas Party

For those who have watched the movie 500 Days of Summer starring Zooey Deschanel and my ex-boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you probably also loved this scene:

Paul and I are regular shoppers of IKEA. It's highly possible that someday, we will be able to furnish our future home with IKEA furniture pieces and items as it has been our go-to place since our 1st day here in Singapore. We would joke that if only we can live in IKEA, we probably would go for it. Well, who would have thought that the opportunity would come for us to "spend the night" in IKEA?

A week ago, Paul and I were chosen to be one of the lucky few to join the exclusive IKEA Pyjamas Party. It was a 4-hour event starting at 11PM and we were told to come in..what else?!...our PJs. We were too shy though so we just went in our comfy t-shirt and shorts. Well, some were really brave and came in their full PJs complete with fluffy bedroom slippers!

This event was to launch the 2015 IKEA catalogue also known as the new IKEA bookbook™. There were a lot of pocket activities that took place all throughout the 4-hour duration. Let me take you on a quick tour around IKEA to see what took place during this fun event.

ikea sg 3
As you enter the 2nd floor of IKEA Alexandra, you'll see comfy pillows and blankets on the floor. There's a movie screening which the young ones enjoyed. I believe that's Hunger Games on the screen.

ikea sg 6
We peeked into the different showrooms where Wii and Xbox consoles were set-up.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

McDonald's Delight 500 : Grilled Chicken McWrap

Peer pressure [n]: social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted. (Source)

mcdonalds sg 1
I know, I know... I'm too old to be "pressured" by my peers but when it comes to food, I have a good circle of friends whom I trust for their recommendations. Included in this circle is my friend I. She's a foodie herself and is a great cook too. She's someone who got an amazing taste in food and so far, I've loved every single recommended restaurant that she has brought the NKids to. So, when I began talking about McDonald's Grilled Chicken McWrap (S$5.40 a la carte / S$7 meal) and how it's one of the healthier options on McDonald's menu, I knew I had to give it a try. All the more when she and C would bring home these McWraps to enjoy for breakfast or to bring to work the next day.

So, over lunch today, Paul and I decided to head over to McDonald's for me to finally try the McWrap. Look how big the packaging was. I was actually surprised as I was expecting that this won't be very filling judging from the picture on the menu board. It's about a foot long, pretty much like a sub sandwich.

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