Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Timbre+ (Timbre Plus) at One-North in Singapore

As we all know, hawker centers has been a part of Singapore's foodie life since the 1980s and this is where we've grown to love our Chicken Rice, Char Kuay Teow, Chili Crab and more. No visit to Singapore will ever be complete without dining at any hawker centers and likewise, every Singaporeans and residents have their own favorite hawker centers and stalls that they frequent on a regular basis. In Tagalog, we'd say, we have our own suking tindahan. I have my favorite mixed veg stall who knows me by face (sadly, not by name yet) and this is where I would also get my staple 1 meat/fish + 2 veggies + curry sauce on my rice from.

timbre plus singapore 6
Times are changing and there's that conscious effort to preserve the the Hawker Heritage. That said, we've seen a couple of modernized hawker centers opening all over town. What makes these different is it features up-and-coming food establishments that serves a more varied modern and international fare. It started with Salut in Bukit Merah followed by my favorite Essen at Duxton in Tanjong Pagar and recently, Paul and I joined our friends to check out Timbre+ (Timbre Plus) at One-North. If you noticed, these modern hawker centers are situated closer to offices giving corporate workers more dining options for lunch that's still within their daily meal budget. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flavours of India 2016: Melt Cafe in Mandarin Oriental Singapore

One of my favorite time of the year is here and we only got 2 weeks to enjoy it!

melt cafe mandarin oriental sg
It's time for Melt Cafe's annual Flavours of India promotion and if there's any buffet theme that I love the most about Melt then this would probably be it. You see, Melt Cafe offers a wide range of dishes from a good selection of fresh seafood to an interesting line-up of salads, roasted meats, desserts, cheese, Western and Asian dishes but did you know that they also serve one of the yummiest Indian dishes in town? For instance, always make sure to try their freshly made prata (I love the garlic and cheese variants) as well as their curries and tandooris too.

I was fortunate to try last year's Flavours of India where we had an interesting wine pairing dinner which was actually my first time to have wine with Indian food. Normally, I'd go for some Mango Lassi to balance out the possible spiciness of some of the dishes. This time around, Chef Santosh Kumar outdid himself again with these mouthwatering dishes which are all part of the buffet selection for both lunch and dinner from 16 to 31 May 2016.

Let me take you through some of the dishes that really stood out for me in this special buffet line-up:

melt cafe mandarin oriental sg

Kachemas Ki Biryani (Whole Lamb Biryani)
This sits at the head of the buffet section and take my advice and help yourself to a generous serving of this flavorful and really tender lamb biryani. This has been cooked for 10 hours if I'm not mistaken so expect the lamb meat to easily flake off by just using your fork and the rice was just so delicious. I was even so lucky to have Chef Santosh personally served a good amount of biryani on my plate.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Marco Marco in Circular Road

Perhaps after I finally get over my Japan hangover and I'd stop daydreaming about sushi and gyoza, I would go back to my all-time favorite comfort food -- pasta and pizza. These two have never failed in putting me in a happier mood especially on a very challenging day. I remember how Mommy would make it a point to cook pasta every Monday as she knows that this is definitely not our favorite day of the week. Also, Pan and I have this tradition of ordering our favorite thin-crust pizza during finals week which we would enjoy as an afternoon snack while reviewing for our exams.

marco marco sg 1
So, when my good friend D suggested that we go check out Marco Marco in Circular Road after our indoor cycling class one time, I was so game! Marco Marco actually has several outlets all over Singapore and it's a casual dining restaurant that offers a wide array of pasta dishes and pizza flavors to suit everyone's discriminating taste. Each flavor is named after a city or a travel destination so you more or less can get an idea of what it's made off based on the name.

D was raving about the The Singapore (S$15) which is a delicious pasta creation made of plump juicy shrimps, bechamel sauce and laksa cream. It smelled and tasted so yummy! I'm not sure if I was just so hungry after the workout or the pasta was divine that I managed to inhale my food in less than 10 minutes! I'm so glad I took D's advice and ordered this. It was the BOMB and I'll go back for more of this!

Monday, May 16, 2016

All-Day Breakfast at O' Coffee Club, Singapore

food porn (noun) : a glamorized spectacular visual presentation of food. 

Before anyone things that my blog is starting to get into adult content, don't worry. Frannywanny.com is still very much safe for general patronage. It just makes perfect sense to start the busy week right by talking about my favorite meal of the day -- breakfast. Also why not share some photos in hopes that I'm doing all the yummy food some justice while describing them to you.

There's really something special about breakfast, don't you agree? Especially when you know that you're waking up to the yummiest breakfast fare from sausages to bacon, to all kinds of egg dishes, stacks of waffles or maybe pancakes and for Filipinos, a wide array of -silog options! If you ask me, breakfast can really get me excited to jump out of bed and to quickly get ready. After all, the faster I'm done, the sooner I get to eat.

o coffee club 5
So, when I was invited by O' Coffee Club to have breakfast for dinner one Friday evening, I was just so excited about it! Since we're having breakfast, I went for coffee. Good thing, I have very high caffeine tolerance so even if I had coffee at night, I can sleep like the baby hours after. I tried the Frozen Espresso Latte (S$6.40) which has a robust coffee flavor but I find it a bit too milky for my taste. The whole presentation was cool though where you get to customize your drink but adding in your milk and syrup based on how much you want. Even the ice cube was made of coffee so the flavor was very strong.

o coffee club 4
Our meal began with a plate of Eggs Benedict (S$10.90). You can choose whether you want to have it with smoked salmon, ham or in our case, we had it with Mangalica bacon. Okay, I don't even know where to start but let me just say that this Eggs Ben was really delicious! Since almost all cafes offer this dish as a breakfast staple, it be quite challenging to tell if one is better than the other. However, if you ask me, here are some of my criteria: poached egg has to be runny, English muffin has to be chewy not hard or flaky and lastly, the Hollandaise sauce has to be creamy and smooth.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dallas Restaurant & Bar at Suntec City Sky Garden

If there's one mall that I would recommend for visiting friends to go to, that would definitely be Suntec City. It's amazing how this mall has transformed itself through the years. I remembered when my family and I first visited Suntec sometime in the 90s. We went to check out the wishing fountain and had dinner at Tony Roma's after checking out the Warner Bros store. Fast forward to 5 years ago, the mall has expanded to several more towers and while the Warner Bros. store wasn't there anymore, it has been replaced by countless other retail shops and more F&B outlets too.

dallas suntec 1
Just when we thought they're be happy with that and no more expansion will be done, then Suntec had another renovation and expansion two years ago where they have added more wings. Today, it's one of my favorite malls in Singapore because of its wide variety of restaurants and cool foodie concepts such as Pasarbella and the Sky Garden which has been converted into such a hip and happening place.

The Sky Garden actually has been there for a long time but now they've added in more restaurants making it a nice place to wine and dine underneath the starlit sky. There are several ways to get to the Sky Garden. First is to go up to the top floor near True Fitness, secondly is through the Suntec Convention Centre and lastly (and the best, in my opinion) is to take the longggg escalator near Pasarbella which will take you directly to the Sky Garden. There are about 5 or more restaurants in this area and one of those is Dallas Restaurant & Bar.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites : Seven Comfort Cuisine

I know my birthday isn't for another 25 days but as you know, I celebrate it wayyyyy in advance and even for weeks after. So, during my recent visit to Manila, I decided to celebrate my birthday with both my side and Paul's side since we won't be home on the actual day.We stayed for a very short time only so I had a joint celebration with my dear niece, Julia. :) I just love my in-laws and I'm so glad that we were all complete that night.

We didn't had a lot of time to prepare not even to go out and to buy food so thankfully, I met the cool guys behind Seven Comfort Cuisine who took care of our dinner line-up. All I had to do was to email them to inform how many we will be and to share some of our diet restrictions too. They are so quick to respond and they willingly suggested the dishes based on our specifications.

seven comfort cuisine
So, that night, we had: Savory Chicken Mushroom Pasta (Php. 600 / Php. 1,000), Caramelized Peppered Pork (Php. 750 / Php. 1,250) and Cheezy Salmon Bechamel (Php. 1,500 / Php. 2,500). Since there were 9 of us plus 3 kids, they suggested that we get the large sized trays which is good for 10-12 pax. The serving was very generous that we actu ally had so much left which we shared with our helpers too.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

On-board Singapore Airlines SQ 638 (Singapore - Tokyo)

I'm backkkkk!!!

I've been very delinquent in blogging lately but I have a good reason why. It's because Paul and I went on a much-awaited trip to Tokyo, Japan with a brief stopover in Manila. We've been planning this trip since last year and despite that, I still had to cram our itinerary a week before we flew off since I had to deal with moving flats sometime in between! Oh dear life. Anyway, all's good and I'm so happy we made the most of our first-ever visit to Tokyo and believe me, this is definitely the first of many returns!

We took the red-eye flight to Tokyo via Singapore Airlines because Paul has work on Saturdays. Since we're flying out Singapore at 11:55PM, this gave us ample of time to do all our household chores, run last minute errands, do last minute packing, shower and slowly made our way to Changi Airport. We even had time to grab a bite at the lounge too!

singapore airlines 4
On-board SQ 638, the first thing I noticed was that the aircraft seems to be quite old. What gave it away was the outdated seat upholstery as well as the small personal screens. No biggie though as the leg room was still very spacious and that's the most important thing as Paul and I planned on sleeping for most parts of the flight anyway. Well, that was the plan. He slept well but I was up most of the time. Such is the problem of light sleepers. I somehow just can't sleep anywhere and that is even after drinking two cups of wine and tiring myself out by cleaning the house all day. *sigh*

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