Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All-Day Dining at Feria in Radisson Blu Cebu #RediscoverFeria

When people would ask me what Paul and I did in Cebu, I would simply say... "we slept and ate...ate and slept some more." Not really intending to sound incredibly lazy but we were on a vacation so I guess what we did was just right.

radisson blu feria 17
Take our first day for instance, upon checking in, we decided to grab lunch at Feria -- the hotel's in-house all-day buffet restaurant. This is because we just plan to take a nap after lunch and wake up just in time for the afternoon cocktails at the Business Class Lounge.

radisson blu feria 18
The restaurant boasts of a very very very wide variety of food. If my memory serves me right, there were about 10 stations available -- Cold Cuts / Antipasti, Salads, Cheeses, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Western and Dessert. While there were some staple dishes, the menu generally changes in every meal and every day.

Allow me to tour you around Feria

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hotel Review : Radisson Blu Cebu, Philippines

Among all the 7,107 islands or rather the 81 provinces in the Philippines, Cebu holds a special place in my heart. It's the place where I had so much fun dolphin watching when I was a kid, eating to my heart's content every single time and the Cebuanos are just so hospitable and warm. I've visited numerous times but I still get excited whenever the opportunity comes for me to go back again.

So, last December, Paul and I took 4 days out of our 2 weeks long holiday visit to the Philippines to relax and spend some quality time in Cebu. It was Paul's first time so I was really excited to show him around and hopefully he'd fall in love with Cebu just the way I did before. After booking our flights, the next step was for me to do a full research on where to stay. The choice was either to stay in Cebu City where we can visit the malls and a number of the famous touristy spots or to enjoy and chill out at the beach in Mactan. We went for the first option and I relied on my favorite travel guide, TripAdvisor, in helping me choose our accommodation.

radisson blu cebu 2
Call me a fussy traveler but I can be quite picky when it comes to hotel accommodations. Sure, you get to stay in your room for 10 hours max a day but I do value comfort above anything else. I always believe that your accommodation can make or break your trip. Imagine the comfort that awaits you at the end of a tiring day. I also love checking out the amenities and special add-ons that we sometimes get in our room. Little things like a welcome snack or some good night cookies are major plus points for me.

radisson blu cebu 12
Radisson Blu was our choice for this particular visit. It's located right beside SM Cebu making it so accessible to restaurants, cinemas, a bowling alley, shops and more. We availed of the airport pick-up as we didn't want to go through the trouble of hiring a cab upon landing in Cebu. Our flight was a bit delayed but as soon as we got to the conveyor belt area of the airport, we saw a man holding a laminated signage with the hotel's logo on it. After giving him our names, we were led to our car which was waiting for us at the entrance. I just love the speedy service! Time is indeed very precious when you're traveling.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Staying Connected : Globe Telecom P599 Data Roaming Plan

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Living in the digital age, I've come to appreciate the ease and convenience of the internet. People may say it's an addiction but really, time has change and its no longer the concept of being online just to play but rather being online to easily be reached by friends and family, to have access to information immediately and to make your life way way way easier. Much more when you live miles away from home. Having a fast-speed internet connection has really been a big help to ease all those sudden bouts of homesickness. It has allowed me to be updated on the daily happenings back home and vice versa. Somehow, technology and communication has narrowed the ocean-wide distance between me and my family.

globe data roaming
Since I've moved to the Lion City, I have kept two sim cards. One for me to use locally and another (my trusty Globe sim) for me to use when I'm in Manila. That said, I have pretty much mastered the art of switching sim cards from my phone at record speed. For my recent trip home though, I thought of using my Globe sim two days before I fly home. This is to allow my parents and sister to message me their last minute requests without having to spend so much on international messaging. 

Luckily, Globe Telecom has a good promotion where I can have a full day's worth of data roaming for only Php. 599. This was indeed music to my ears as I've had the unfortunate experience of being charged Php. 20,000 before when Paul and I went overseas for our honeymoon. Trust me, paying that large amount wasn't really something that we were expecting to do on the first month of our marriage. :-/ 

globe data roaming
So, no more shocking bills from now on and how the data roaming works is that as soon as you subscribe to it, Globe will automatically latch on to its partner carrier in that country. In my case, it was Singtel. I did a quick speedtest and while it may not be the highest that I've experienced here in the Lion City, it was pretty good for mobile use. 

Should you be traveling soon, don't forget to consider this cool deal for Globe Telecom's data roaming for only Php. 599. Here's the list of countries this package covers: http://bit.ly/globedataroaming

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Authentic Cantonese Fare at Lung Hin in Marco Polo Ortigas

I really love it whenever I get to catch up with my dear friends Jin and Leslie. If you haven't visited their blogs yet, I highly recommend that you do so after reading this entry as, for me, they are the best and most reliable food bloggers in town. ♥

lung hin manila 1
I trust Jin and Leslie's taste when it comes to food so whenever we dine out, it's one of those rare moments where I'd rather keep quiet and allow my two friends to take the lead. Take for example our recent lunch out at Lung Hin, I know they've been there so many times but knowing that I'm dying to try this when I visited Manila last month, they were game enough to go back just to have lunch with me and Paul. Aren't they the sweetest?

lung hin manila 6
It took us a while to locate the hotel so we were actually the last to arrive. Leslie, the ever prompt one, took charge of pre-ordering the Roast Duck (Php. 1,600/half) as she knows that it will take a while for this to be ready. True enough, our glorious plate of duck arrived just a few minutes after Paul and I did. Talk about perfect timing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Explore Singapore : Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa

Finally I'm back with another entry for my Explore Singapore series! I'm terribly sorry for the long hiatus as I have been crazy busy to explore a new site here in the Lion City. Thanks to my friend D who gave me these tickets to the newly opened Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa, Paul and I spent one weeknight playing around as we let our imaginations run wild!

trick eye museum 2
The Trick Eye Museum originated in Seoul, Korea as it features a number of 3D artworks where people can do a bit of role playing to get into the character or to be part of a certain scenario. There's no hard and fast rules on how to go around the museum. It's important to just have your camera, follow the correct angle and shoot away.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

12 at 12 Value Set Lunch at Ah Hoi's Kitchen, Singapore

My dear readers probably know by now how big a fan I am of discounts and 1-for-1s. Of course, this is truly the best way to dine out as we get to try more dishes for a fraction of the price. After all, I've come to accept the hard truth that money doesn't grow on trees so being hardworking, frugal and smart about saving and spending money is truly the way to go. Don't get me wrong, I would still indulge and splurge once in a while but nonetheless, I think real hard before going for it.

So, I just heard about the latest lunch promotion that Hotel Jen Tanglin recently launched. It's called 12 at 12 at Ah Hoi's Kitchen and this just got to be the best promotion that I've ever heard of! Imagine being able to have 12 different viands plus complimentary drink, soup and rice for only $12 nett! The promotion runs during lunch hour which is at 12 noon sharp. The best part is, for groups of 12, the 12th person gets a free meal!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Inside Hole in the Wall : Scout's Honor

After eating our way around Hole in the Wall, we were just about ready to wave the white flag. Before that though, we just have to visit one last store. I have been hearing raves about this yummy dessert store and I made it a point not to miss this. Not even when our tummies are about to burst from so much food, my visit will never be complete without checking out Scout's Honor!

hole in the wall 2
Luckily, Chef Miko Aspiras was there for me to say hi! I saw him back when we went to dine at Fairmont Makati and I'm happy to see that he has finally opened his very own dessert brand.

scout's honor 3
Scout's Honor's menu is divided into three parts -- there's the Classic Scout Cookies, Craft Cookies and they got flavored Milk to go with your cookies too! First, Paul and I checked out the Classic Scout Cookies which are ready-made cookie creations which are not the ordinary.

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