Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Airport Lounge : Pacific Club Lounge

You may have noticed that I've been flying in and out of Manila quite often these past few weeks. With my sister's wedding and a couple of family stuff that I have to attend to, I found myself being a frequent visitor of both Changi Airport and our very own Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Not that I want to play favorites but it's not hard to favor Terminal 3 over the other 2. First of all, it's newer (and way cleaner) and secondly, it has a lot more dining options that makes the waiting time much more bearable. As much as I love flying home, I have to admit that I really dislike waiting. While Manila is simply a quick 3 hour and 10 minute flight from Singapore, you also have to factor in the time you have to allot for check-in, immigration checks, luggage scans (oh gosh!) and getting to your boarding gate on time only to find out your flight will be delayed.

pacific club 1
For the past months though, I've been more patient in waiting thanks to having access to several airline lounges all over the world. This has kept me busy eating or surfing the internet while we get word when my flight is ready to board passengers. I recently flew home again to attend the wedding of my dear friends J and D. I was flying solo as Paul had to stay in Singapore for work. Since I got to the airport early due to that laglag-bala scare, I had more than hour of waiting time before boarding time. Up I went to Level 4 where all the airline lounges are located. I have been to Sky View Lounge before so I turned left and checked out Pacific Club Lounge this time. This lounge caters to passengers of Delta, KLM, SkyTeam and Priority Pass. I believe that BPI SkyMiles Platinum cardholders can enter too. 

The interiors looked pretty. Simple but pretty. I handed my access card and within minutes, I was welcomed by the receptionist to enter the lounge. 

pacific club 5
Of course, after putting down my hand-carry luggage, I went straight to the buffet table. Hmm.. are these all? That was the first thing that entered my mind as all they had was Arroz Caldo, a very dry-looking Club Sandwich, more dry-looking baked pastries and the most promising item on the buffet line -- cut-up fresh fruits. Oh dear.. I wished I followed my instinct and went to the other lounge instead. *sniffle* 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tech Review : ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE500KL Laser

I have to admit that I've always been an Apple girl. However, the curious spirit in me has always wonder what life is like in the Android world as I have friends who have also been raving about it and they've been extremely loyal with their own line of gadgets too.

asus zenfone 2 laser 1
Finally, my opportunity came when I got hold of the very pretty and sleek ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser which is one of the newest model in the market retailing for only Php. 7,295. It runs in Android Lolipop 5.0 operating system which you can link to your Google account. I have to admit that I actually had to read the operating manual to ensure that I'm doing the set-up right. For a moment there, I felt like a techie newbie who's threading carefully as I scroll through the various screens and as I check out the applications available. Getting the hang of it though was easy as navigating around is pretty user-friendly.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Starbucks Coffee Philippines x Moleskine 2016 Planner

Question: What happens when the world's top coffee chain teams up with the world's most-sought-after notebook/diary brand?

starbucks ph planner 1
The answer is ... THIS.

starbucks ph planner 2
Yup, this Christmas was made extra special (and more classy) by our friends over at Starbucks Coffee as they launched the 2016 Planner in partnership with Moleskine. Paper fanatics will surely go crazy over this as we all know how amazing Moleskine notebooks are. I could hardly use mine though as I don't want to waste any page with my scratchy handwriting. Moleskine notebook paper has this touch-worthy smooth texture and that distinct "dirty white" shade with grey lines on every page.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Meat Liquor in Duxton Hill, Singapore

Just for one night, we totally threw "diet" out of the window. So longggg!! *waves*

meat liquor 1
Well, we had a good reason. A was in town and the NKids got together for a night of meat, meat and more meat! I was so excited to learn that London's famous Meat Liquor opened a branch here in Singapore a few months ago, so this is another thing I happily crossed out from my list after our visit.

meat liquor 2
The menu was pretty straight forward, there were a couple of burger options, salad (but who wants them right?) and sides! We started with some Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese (S$15) which looked just as mouth-watering as it sounded. Come on, who doesn't love Mac & Cheese right? I love how the creamy macaroni was well-encased in such a nice deep-fried crust.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The HEAT Rises, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel in Manila

Truth to be told, I'm not really much of a TV person. In fact, I can really count in my hands the number of times I've actually sat down and watched an entire TV show this year alone. Paul, on the other hand, cannot live without television. He has a list of weekly TV shows that he religiously follows and the remote is the first thing he looks for the moment he gets home from work. You can say that the secret to a happy marriage is not having to fight over the remote. Haha!  The only time I get to watch TV is during meal time. For instance, we would put Masterchef Asia on in the background while enjoying our meal. That's one of the few shows that I really enjoy as you all know, to me, chefs are like celebrity!

good vibes gang
Happy to share our first meal in Manila with our favorite food bloggers! #goodvibes
So, when my favorite hotel buffet outlet, HEAT, invited Paul and I over to try their new signature dishes which were specially created by 8 chefs, we were beyond ecstatic! HEAT has been one of our families' go-to place for special occasions as we frequent EDSA Shangri-la Hotel a lot most especially as we were growing up. Recently, HEAT had a revamp where some sections were changed while the others got a nice refresh. I love the open-kitchen set-up now where you get to see the kitchen action up close and you can interact with the kitchen crew and the chefs too.

We were really thanking our lucky stars that day as we got to meet Executive Chef Tobias Unger and his pretty Executive Sous Chef Roxanne Castillo. Together, they shared 8 star dishes that's new to the buffet line-up and I'm here ready to present them all to you!

edsa shang heat 10
Our lunch began with a variety of Signature Hand-rolled Maki and the special Magic Cube Roll by Japanese Chef Yusuke Hino. All are filled with a thick cut of tuna sashimi and tamago which I both love sooooo much! Donn't underestimate the size of these masterpieces as they were pretty huge! I had 4 pieces and I had to stop halfway as it was really filling. Nonetheless, it was one of my favorite dishes that day.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heritage Dining at Joyden Treasures in Leisure Park Kallang

There's really something special about traditional recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation. It's the kind that has been perfected overtime that no matter what, each dish will surely be a treat to your senses.

I was recently invited to visit the newly opened Joyden Treasures at Leisure Park Kallang. It's a bit out of the way even from my office but there's no way that I'm missing this. After all, I've been wanting to try Joyden since my first year here in Singapore as I heard that it's one of the best Chinese restaurants in town. Finally, I can happily put a big check mark beside it on my list!

Joyden Treasures is the 3rd Joyden outlet in Singapore. It's being managed by second generation owners who aims to stay true to their family's heritage by ensuring that the dishes presented are as authentically traditional as it can get. For one thing, Joyden is known for its seafood dishes so we surely had a lot of that during our tasting dinner.

joyden treasure 6
Our meal began with the Double-Boiled Seafood Soup in Old Cucumber (S$14). Served individually in personal-sized old cucumber, be careful as you slurp as the soup is piping hot! It's a very refreshing yet highly nutritional broth filled with  mushrooms, dried scallops and fish maw. I dug a little deeper and I got a piece of pork wonton too! It was so yummy and definitely a great way to start a meal.

joyden treasure 7
Next was the Phoenix Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll (S$16/22/30). Aesthetically, this was an easy favorite as everybody just loves prawns and we just love how it was presented. I carefully bit into my prawn roll and I was surprised to see slices of salted egg and century egg inside! This was indeed one of the dishes I'd love to have again and again.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Hour at Hombre Cantina, Boat Quay

When Paul turned a year older a month ago, I decided to do away with the usual fancy dinner date and to just chill and enjoy some good food. After all, 'Mr Hardworking' decided to still go in and work on his birthday so knowing how he just likes to keep things simple and casual, I took him to Hombre Cantina for an all-authentic Mexican fare to unwind.

hombre cantina 2
I've been wanting to check out Hombre Cantina after getting raves from friends saying they have really good Mexican food. Good thing though, it's part of The Entertainer App's line up making it even more enticing for us to try. So there we were an hour and a half before dinner time enjoying the view of the beautiful Singapore River. 

hombre cantina 5
Luckily, we also got there in time for Happy Hour which entitled us to get a bottle of beer for only S$8 and one round (basket) of Chicharrones. Don't expect much from the chicharrones though as the serving was really really really small...barely enough for two and when we tried to ask for more, we were given a firm NO. Oh well... 

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