Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back at La Marea Pastry Shop in Cebu

I once said that my Papa is a creature of habit most especially when it comes to his dining preferences. Well, I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree as I would catch myself going through certain routines once in a while. Take for example every trip I make to Cebu City. Three things are for sure: First, I get to eat lechon (lots of it!). Secondly, I have to hoard on bags of chicharon to take home with me. Lastly, I always have to visit La Marea Pastry Shop in Crossroads, Banilad.

la marea cebu 3
Such was the case again during our recent visit to the Queen City of the South last December. After having a nice romantic dinner at Maya Mexican Restaurant, Paul and I walked over to La Marea Pastry Shop for dessert! Of course, after all those years hearing my raves about it, it's finally time for Paul to have his own taste of La Marea's Warm Brownie Cup.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bistroquet Pizza & Grill in Alexandra Retail Centre

When our friend A came to Singapore for his regular business trip, we all cheered! Aside from the fact that we all love A (and his other half D) very much, his visit also gives the Normanton Kids the reason to eat out especially on a weeknight. You see, weeknights for us normally means heading to the gym after work, having home-cooked dinners or putting in more hours at work (yeah, we're all workaholics like that!). Whenever A visits us, we make sure that we get to go out for a nice meal together.

During his recent visit, we decided to check out Bistroquet Pizza & Grill at Alexandra Retail Centre. This is because we got a 1-for-1 deal with the Entertainer App and the restaurant is located very close to home too. To be honest, I've seen Bistroquet since we moved to Singapore but never thought of giving it a try because the restaurant always seems empty whenever we pass by. That evening though, there were two big groups of students for dinner.

bistroquet 1
While waiting for the others to arrive, we ordered a basket of Truffled Fries with Shaved Parmesan (S$8) for starters. The truffle aroma was very faint that you have to literally place your nose really close to the basket to smell it. The fries looked like it was store-bought and it would have been nicer to have more parmesan cheese. Still, we love fries so we happily munch on this no matter what.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gelato World Tour 2015 in Singapore!

It's no big secret how much I love ice cream. Served on a cone, cup or on top of a freshly baked waffle, ice cream has been my favorite meal-ender since I was a kid. I'm also glad that my office somehow has a steady supply of Magnum Ice Cream, thanks to all those who got confirmed and/or promoted, making it so convenient for me to just grab a pack when I need to de-stress or to end my lunch on a happier note. It may not be the healthiest dessert on the planet but hey, it makes me happy so I'm sticking by it. :)

gelato world tour singapore 10
Gelato is the Italian's take on ice cream. What makes it different from it's American counterpart is the use of less cream and more milk. Thus, if you think about it, gelato has less fat content vs. any ordinary US-made ice cream. There's a whole lot of science that goes into making a gelato which Paul was trying to explain to me all evening. Things like the speed of churning the gelato, the sugar content, the freshness of the ingredients and so on. After all that gelato talk, it was my turn to convince him that we go to Italy -- the land of gelatos!

gelato world tour singapore 11
While we would need some time to plan that gelato food trip to Italy, we're both so lucky to learn that there was a Gelato World Tour featuring the top 16 gelato brands all over Southeast Asia happening this weekend at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Entrance is free and if you want to take part in the gelato sampling, you just have to purchase a S$12 ticket that will entitle you to try 8 out of the 16 gelato flavors available. Not a bad deal at all!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar in Bonifacio Global City

Guess what? Frannywanny.com has been around for 8 years already! I'd say time flies when you're busy blogging. It's always fun to reminisce as I would go through my old posts and read all about the food and travel adventures that I've had with Paul and the friends we're so lucky to meet along the way. After all, eating is a communal activity and it's always a good thing to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion such in my case, that would be eating and writing.

During our visit back home over the holidays, Paul and I met up with a couple of our favorite Filipino food bloggers whom I have to say are one of the best in the country. These guys do take food seriously and they have been my gurus when it comes to keeping myself updated with the yummiest food find in the metro.

sarsa ktg
Meet Jeng, Richie & Rina, Jane & Jeff, Jaz & Eric, Spanky, Joan & Abet, Ray & Lynne. These are the guys and gals behind some of the food blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow on a daily basis.

Jeng and Jane took care of organizing our dinner and it was after Jeng's recent trip to the Lion City where he told me all about this really good Filipino restaurant called Sarsa Kitchen + Bar that we agreed to have our dinner there. A quick research also told me that the restaurant is owned by Chef JP Anglo (one of my chef crush! heehee ♥).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fluffy Dessert in Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore

Do you remember this totally adorable 7-second line?

Indeed, the world went crazy over little Agnes of Despicable Me and her cute ways that this winning one-liner totally stayed on longer than the movie itself. Case in point, I suddenly had this line in mind the moment Paul and I walk into Fluffy Dessert in Tanjong Pagar Road.

fluffy dessert 2
Fluffy Dessert specializes in Taiwanese ice desserts and it was just perfect timing for Paul and I to chance upon this little store as we were walking around the area in search for a place to have dessert one evening. I always give great importance to first impressions and I immediately liked what I saw.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

F All Day Dining at F1 Hotel Manila

After checking in at F1 Hotel Manila for a quick overnight staycation, Paul and I, together with my MIL and FIL headed down to the 3rd level for lunch! I love that the restaurant is named F All Day Dining as you all know that F is my favorite letter! :)

It's the hotel's main restaurant that offers all-day buffet from breakfast to dinner. They also have a little spread during afternoon tea! How cool is that? Anyway, the theme during the time that we went was Chinese New Year so the buffet has predominantly Asian/Chinese dishes to celebrate the occasion. Our lunch also fell on a Friday which means all meatless dishes for me. Normally, this is the only day in the week where I'd avoid eating out much less going for a buffet. Well, I trust that F will have a good variety to still make my lunch satisfying. 

Let's go through the different stations and dishes that caught my eye:

f1 hotel manila 6
Of seafood, sushi rolls and sashimis!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Staycation Files : F1 Hotel Manila

It's really amazing how one learns to time manage most especially in moments when we clearly do not have that much allotted free time to spend. I guess this is the classic case of "so little time, so much to do." Such is always..and I repeat, always the case whenever we fly back home. No matter how much time or days we've allocated for a certain visit back to Manila, we always end up feeling like we should have stayed longer. I guess, that's because time spent at home with our families will never ever be "long enough".

So, I was pretty amazed that Paul and I have managed to sneak in a quick overnight staycation at F1 Hotel at Bonifacio Global City. I guess it's because this was specially prepared by my fellow blogger J and dear friend T whom I can never ever say no to. :) F1 Hotel is the first hotel in Bonifacio Global City and I do remember having lunch there not so long ago.

f1 hotel manila 2
We're finally back at F1 Hotel, this time with my MIL and FIL as we invited them to join us for lunch at well. Luckily, service was so quick that we immediately got our room keys and up we went to our room -- the Fort Suite (Php. 12,000).

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