Thursday, July 2, 2015

#FrannyCooks Grocery Find: Whisk Salad Dressings + Dips + Sauces

We're halfway through the year! Time flies extremely fast, noh?

whisk 4
Cheese & Sausage Party with the NKids!
At the start of the year, I promised myself to cook more. I began with the dishes that I'm most comfortable with -- eggs, pasta, salads and sandwiches. Later on, I became more experimental by making my own pizza, creating real meals that contains meat, seafood or veggies and on certain occasions, I even tried to make some simple desserts too. To date, I can proudly say that my cooking know-how has improved greatly as I was able to gain more confidence in trying new dishes and I was also able to recreate the ones that I miss from home.

One thing that I love about cooking and planning meals is being able to try different ingredients such as sauces, spices and dips. These play a big role in helping us achieve a certain taste profile for whatever we're cooking. One brand has stood out throughout these months that I've been experimenting in the kitchen. Whisk.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

From Paris with Love: Angelina Singapore in Capitol Galleria

I've always wanted to go to Paris. In my mind, I've envisioned it to be very laid back yet stylish. Where beautiful people would hang out at the outdoor cafes dressed in the latest fashion styles and they would leisurely enjoy their cup of coffee and some pastry.

angelina sg 5
Of course, there's Angelina. One of two food places that has been on my list for years. I've heard about Angelina's famous Hot Chocolate and had a taste of a replica years back. The replica was pretty good so I had extremely high expectations for the real thing. Visiting Paris might come in the next few years but luckily, Angelina came to me earlier than expected.

Angelina opened its first Southeast Asian store here in Singapore just a month ago at very posh Capitol Galleria (beside Capitol Piazza). Its opening has been much awaited by all local food-lovers including yours truly and my hubby Paul. So, last Sunday, we met up with our friend D for Afternoon Tea. D got to the restaurant earlier than our agreed meeting time so he was able to queue up right away. By the time we got there, we just had to wait for a few minutes as they cleaned and prepared our table.

angelina sg 3
Initially, I thought that Angelina will be offering all desserts and drinks only. It's interesting to see that they actually have a pretty impressive brunch and hot meals line up. Too bad Paul and I was still full from our heavy lunch prior to our meet-up so we only had space for dessert and of course, the Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate "L'Africain" (S$12) which we agreed to share. At first, our server was hesitate to make us share the Hot Chocolate but since we told him that we intend to order a lot more, he finally said yes. One order comes in a small pot and whipped cream at the side. The chocolate was very rich, thick and creamy. I loved it from the moment I had my first sip. No wonder it wasn't really intended for sharing. It was so yummy, you'd want it all for yourself.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gigi Gaerlan Custaroonery in Manila

It's really rare for my health-conscious Mommy to crave for something sweet. So when we found out that she has been regularly craving for Gigi Gaelan's Custaroons since last year, we knew that this must be something out of the ordinary. In fact, I think it deserves an entire blog post on its own.

gigi's custaroons 1
Gigi has been making her famous Custaroons for years! My first time to try it was 5 years ago when I received a nice box from a dear blogger friend. I love the combination of the creamy, cheesy custard and having that good nutty bite similar to a macaroon. During my recent trip home, Mommy and I went to visit St. Padre Pio's Chapel in Libis and after saying our prayers and making a quick stop at the chapel store, we headed towards the parking lot where Kuya M was waiting for us. On our way there, we spotted a tiny retail outlet and what do you know?! It's actually a Custaroonery shop! The only one in the entire chapel compound. Interesting.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Twins : Korean Fried Chicken in Craig Road

It's almost the end of the month and I'm still celebrating my birthday! I guess, the beauty of having your birthday on the 1st day of the month is you can actually celebrate it for the next 29-30 days that follow. Hahaha!

twins sg5
For instance, the next working day following my birthday, I treated my closest colleagues out for lunch. We were actually supposed to head to a cafe for some brunch food but we spotted Twins, a newly opened restaurant along Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar. The interiors were simple, the walls painted in black but what caught out attention was that flashing sign from the bar that says "Korean Fried Chicken". Oohhhh!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crabby Feast at Momma Kong's in Mosque Street

"Can we have dinner tomorrow at Momma Kong's? I made reservations already."

momma kong's 15

This was the message I got from my friend C when he and his family visited the Lion City a couple of weeks ago. I'm ashamed to admit this but I wasn't sure where and what exactly is Momma Kong's. It sounded like a little hole-in-a-wall home-cooking eatery to me. However, I trust my friend C though for having really good taste in food so even without any research I happily replied back, "ok! see you then!"

Monday, June 22, 2015

#FrannyCooks Recipe: Corned Beef Macaroni

"Good things take time."

I came across this quote not so long ago and I just felt like it was the perfect answer to my endless "Whys" for many months now. You see, I've never been good at waiting. I grew up thinking that all things in life can be achieved with strategic planning and precise calculations. Of course, prayers will always be part of the equation. For most things though, this type of "strategy" has been working. Dreams have became reality, goals have been met. However, I also realized that there are some things in life where we have no control of. Sometimes, all it takes is to wait for it to happen. Slowly, I've come to understand that some things do take time and when it comes, it will be worth the wait.

swift premium corned beef 2
When it comes to food, a lot of the most delicious things do take time too. Slow-Roasted Pork that melts in your mouth, my Kongkong's Pata Tim which he cooks for more than 5 hours to make it so fork-tender and flavorful and just recently, even the new Swift Premium Corned Beef is slow-cooked and cured perfectly to bring out a fuller and richer beef flavor. During my recent trip back to Manila, I got hold of a couple of cans of this new type of corned beef and I happily brought some back with me as I'm never satisfied with the type of corned beef that's locally available here.

swift premium corned beef 7
The best way to prepare this corned beef? Doing it the way my Mommy has been cooking it for years. Sharing with you my personal take on Mommy's Corned Beef Macaroni.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Muthu's Curry in Race Course Road, Singapore

Life is truly funny at times. Just when you thought you got some things all figured out, you then encounter one thing that's totally new that will make you doubt what you already know. Can you relate to this?

For years, Pan and I used to be loyal patrons of several Indian restaurants in Manila. We would feast over plates of basmati rice, paneer, butter chicken, curries and of course, our all-time must-have, papadum. For us, Indian food is all about curry and spices. We thought we know the Indian cuisine inside and out...well not until last night.

muthus curry 9
I was invited to try the newly-launched heritage menu at Muthu's Curry. A popular and rather upscale Indian restaurant here in Singapore. Muthu's Curry has been around since 1969! This means the restaurant is 46 years old -- 4 years shy from the country's year of independence. Nonetheless, being able to be around for this long is an accomplishment already given that not a lot of restaurant can have the same luck to even last for a decade.

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