All-Day Dining at Breezes in Nüwa at City of Dreams

If there's one distinct trait that the #AngTwins took after us, it would be our love for staycations. They really get so excited whenever we'd tell them that we're staying a night or two at a hotel. Well, I totally can understand why. Sometimes, it is just good to take a break and to have a change in environment, right? 

A few months back, Paul's aunt L called us to ask us if we're willing to stay the weekend at Nüwa and of course, we told her YES! Even if we have no definitely plans lined up and would probably just stay in the hotel or go to the malls nearby, I know that the #AngTwins would be with this. We also love Nüwa because there's just a lot of food options available and parking is free. It's part of the entire City of Dreams compound too so it's connected to two other hotels namely -- Nobu Hotel and Hyatt Regency Manila. 

breezes 01

For families staying in any of these hotels, I highly recommend that you check out Dreamplay. We took the twins there during our first staycation at Nüwa back in 2022 and they had so much fun. Let me tell you more about that next time. This is perfect if you have kids 5 and up. For the younger ones, I'm afraid there might not be enough activities for them and the ticket price is not cheap so better to wait till they get a bit older to make it more worth it. 

True enough, for this weekend we spent most of our time resting in our hotel room and the twins enjoying the pool. As they swam, Paul and I would hang out at Breezes which is an all-day restaurant that's by the poolside of Nüwa. We love that they have two different menus available -- breakfast and for the rest of the day so we never really ran out of things to try. The service was superb and so far, everything that we have tried were delicious and the portion was quite generous too. 

Here are some of the dishes that we were able to try during our stay: 

breezes 07

Wave Breakfast (Php. 620) -- Wave is a restaurant very similar to Breezes but is located at the pool deck of neighboring hotel Nobu. I'm guessing that they share the same kitchen and perhaps Wave has been around for a longer time so this is one of their many specialties. This is a hearty breakfast plate with two eggs done any style, honey cured bacon, kielbasa sausage, roasted mushrooms, hash brown and toast. It reminds me of my sister and brother in law E who would tell us about the traditional English breakfast. I'd imagine this to be close to that with the absence of beans. Paul enjoyed this very much and I was happy to dig into the mushrooms and hash browns too. Yum! 

breezes 08

Eggs Benedict (Php. 620) -- We also tried their Eggs Ben which comes with two pieces of English muffins topped with smoked salmon, poached egg, spinach, asparagus and covered with their very own hollandaise sauce. So yummy! I love that it wasn't too cloying and that Paul and I got a piece each so we were still able to share our breakfast and enjoyed every bit of it. 

As soon as the twins were done swimming and we were able to give them a bath, we headed back to Breezes with Mommy who visited us at the hotel that day. For lunch, we enjoyed the following: 

breezes 10

Caprese Salad (Php. 750) -- We always have salad whenever we're dining with Mommy and we're all very pleased with this. I can't believe how huge the burrata mozzarella cheese was as it sat on top of a bed of basil leaves, sliced fresh watermelon and tomatoes. Super super super good! They have also drizzled balsamic vinaigrette all over it making it even more perfect. I highly recommend this as I'd happily go back and have more of their Caprese Salad soon. 

breezes 03

Deep Fried Calamari (Php. 600) -- Upon the request of J who was starving after his morning swim, we ordered a plate of crunchy calamari which the twins quickly devoured in minutes. I got to admit that it was pretty good as you get a nice crunch and the squid was well-seasoned too. It was served with lemon and garlic aioli for those who wants a bit more tangy flavor. 

breezes 06

Margherita (Php. 600) -- Another one of my Mom's favorite. Freshly baked pizza topped with cheese, tomatoes and basil. It's simple but one that never fails to put a smile on my Mom's face. I have to say also that Breezes makes really good pizza as they bake it upon order so the crust as a perfect bite. Yummers! They also have a number of kiddie pizzas in smaller sizes and in flavors that are kid-approved too such as a smaller Margherita Pizza and Hawaiian Pizza.  

breezes 09

Baked ASC Certified Atlantic Salmon Steak (Php. 1,600) --  It took a while for them to serve this but believe me when I say that it was worth the wait. The salmon literally melts in the mouth and it's seasoned with caramelized lemon and is served with a small serving of salad and pommery beurre blanc which is French-style white butter sauce. The best way to enjoy this is to drizzle the beurre blanc over the fish, squeeze out the lemon and dig in. I'd have some mashed potato or rice to go with this and to later "mop up" the remaining sauce on the plate. 

breezes 02

Chicken Inasal (Php. 850) -- when Auntie L heard that we had plans of dining at Breezes. She recommended their Chicken Inasal so we made sure to add this to our order. As soon as it was served to us, we immediately caught the delicious aroma of grilled chicken marinated in annatto oil, soy sauce and lemongrass. It smelled and tasted so good. We ordered a bowl of garlic rice to go with this. I have to say though that the serving of the inasal wasn't so big as it's just half a chicken so if you plan to share this I recommend that you order more. 

What a delicious lunch! We were so happy with our meal at Breezes that we decided to dine there again before checking out the next day. This time we had the Chicken Inasal again and paired this with the following:

breezes 05

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (Php. 600) -- thinking about the Caprese Salad the previous day, I decided to try another salad. Sadly, this paled in comparison to the Caprese Salad. I should have went with what my heart wanted and that was to have another serving of the Caprese Salad. It wasn't bad at all but it's your typical caesar salad. Nothing over the top. 

breezes 04

Fish and Chips (Php. 550) -- the #AngTwins requested for Fish and Chips this time and they enjoyed this very much. Beer battered fish fillet served with a generous portion of fries and with three types of dips -- tomato ketchup, garlic aioli and tartar sauce. You can never go wrong with that, right? It was good and the twins had this with fries.. no rice this time! 

I love how Breezes makes group dining so easy. My favorites were the Caprese Salad, Chicken Inasal and the Salmon Steak which, in my opinion, were ahhhmazing. We look forward to being able to visit Nüwa again soon. Truly grateful for Auntie L and cousin M for hosting our weekend at Nüwa

Breezes is located the Level 1 Pool Deck of Nüwa Tower 2 in Paranaque City.

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