Taste of Sanctuario (Metrowalk, Ortigas Center)

Tagaytay's hidden secret is NOW in Manila!

Craving for oysters one Saturday night, Paul and I went to Metrowalk with the sole intention of dining at *where else?!* Oyster Boy. While walking in from the parking area, we chance upon a new establishment located at the back portion and is quite a distance from the more frequented area by Metrowalk's regular clientele.

Taste of Sanctuario originated in Tagaytay City. Although this will be my first time to try it out, I am very much aware that they have one of the yummiest coffee and bread! Thus, how can i pass up a chance to try a new place that is right in front of me? Scanning their menu for less than a minute, I pushed aside my oyster craving and went right in this cozy restaurant for another food adventure.

First thing that we ordered was a basket of assorted bread slices (P100) with a platter of pates (P100). The bread basket includes: raisin bread, pan de sal, pesto with cheese, cheese foccacia and plain foccacia. It was soooo difficult choosing which one to try first so I just picked one out of the basket and took a bite.

I got the pesto and cheese variant and i love how soft the bread was. Plus! The roasted garlic pate made it even more yummy. Paul and I tried the different types of bread mixed and matched with the 5 different pates served on the platter. When asked which pate i loved best, I guess it would be difficult as all five pates from the Roasted Garlic to Chicken Liver to Queso de bola with Sun dried Tomato to Cheese Pimiento and lastly to the Smoked Bangus spread were all soooo good.

Moving on to our main entree a.k.a. our real dinner, both Paul and I ordered something with Tuyo (dried fish) in it. I tried the Tuyo Risotto (P150), which is tomato-based risotto mixed with shreds of tuyo and topped with grated cheese. I like it because the combination of the sweet and sourness of the tomato sauce and the saltiness of the fish is just right. Don't expect Italian-quality risotto here, though, as this is basically your home-style risotto dish at its best.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, got the Tuyo with Rice and Egg (P80). This basic Filipino breakfast dish was served with 6-7 pieces of tuyo on top of a cup of steamed rice with egg cooked sunny-side up and chopped red tomatoes on the side. He commented though that they used spicy tuyo and non-spicy eaters should steer clear of this dish as the spicy tuyo oil that has seeped through the rice might just ruin the experience for you.

It was a very filling meal that we had to forego dessert for now. Too bad because we were eyeing on having the Manga't Suman for dessert. Maybe next time ;)

The verdict:
4 stars for taste : we love the bread and pate platter!
5 stars for service : I requested the waiter to wrap the remaining bread slices for me to take home. I remembered that there were only 2 slices left but i was pleasantly surprised to see 4 slices on my brown paper bag the next day. Naawa ata sakin ung waiter hahaha
4 stars for cleanliness

Overall: 4.5 twinkling burping stars!

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