Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone

I love pizza! I guess, everyone loves pizza! With the long list of flavors to choose from everyone has their own favorite and if all else fails, one can customize their very own combination.

The downside of eating pizza though is it could be pretty messy. Matched with a grease-laden kind and you're bound to share your pizza toppings with oil on your gorgeous shirt. Not a very pretty sight, if i must say so.

Admitedly being an OC eater, I am very cautious when it comes to having my food drip all over my clothes, book, desk or worst, on my car seat. Thus the reason why i rarely eat with my bare hands (nagkakamay). I value the use of utensils very much or if none is available then i can always settle for paper napkins instead.

Thus, this new concept created by the people behind Amazing Cones immediately caught my attention. Hmmm.. pizza in a cone where all the ingredients are stuffed inside a cone-shaped crust served with melted cheese on top?

Very much intrigued by their advertising, Paul and I dropped by their pioneer store along Doña Hemady in New Manila.

Our Amazing Cones story

A little over a month old, this trendy looking store is filled with customers lining up for their own pizza-in-a-cone fix. While waiting for our turn, I learned that there are other products being offered aside from pizza. There's Amazing Swirl, which is soft serve ice cream mixed with various chocolate, cookies or candies and is blended together and served either in a cup or (what else?!) a cone. Since, it will take a while for our pizza cones to be ready, Paul and I got an Amazing Swirl with Cookies and Cream to share as we wait. I've always been a fan of soft serve vanilla ice cream so it was pretty given that i'll enjoy this one. The Amazing Swirl, reminds me of Mcdonald's McFlurry with the cookies and cream finer and is instead placed in a cone!

They also have Kool Twist. This, I think, would click with the kids who loves fruity flavored ice cream. Similar to the Amazing Swirl, Kool Twist is soft serve ice cream mixed with fruity colorful syrups such as chocolate swirl, green apple, strawberry, cheese cake, butterscotch and a lot more!

For those who are too full to eat, there's Amazing Ice, this is their version of incorporating popular Filipino desserts with crushed ice to make it into a refreshing drink. Flavors include: Halo-Halo, Sago with Gulaman, Buko Pandan and Mais con Yelo. I noticed a number of teenage boys ordering the Buko Pandan during our visit.

Finally, it was our turn to place our order. With 7 flavors to choose from, I randomly got the first three for us to share and we'll probably try the others on our next visit. Everything sounded yummy from the: Screaming Garlic, Fiesty Fajita, Hula Ham, Ragin' Buffalo, Supremo Italian, Wild West and lastly, to Everything but the Sink. We patiently waited for their service crew prepare our order. I noticed that the preparation makes use of this uniqued looking revolving oven where the pizza cones are placed after defrosting at the microwave oven and topped with grated cheese. After one complete revolution, tadah! the baked pizza cones are now ready to serve.

I got the Hula Ham while Paul tried the Screaming Garlic. We bit into our own pizza cones and both nod in agreement that it is really yummy! I got a tiny spoon to dig into the cone so i won't end up eating the cheese first and the remaining ingredients afterwards. My comment on this: yum-yum!

We shared the Fiesty Fajita and for now, i'd say this is my favorite. Paul noted that the sauce in this variant is more creamy as compared to the first two cones that we've tasted. The taco-like flavor is so powerful that it will definitely make you say Ole!

Needless to say, it was quite a filling meal after tasting 3 pizza cones and one Amazing Swirl. We chatted with the service crew and found out that they will be opening in Greenhills (hooray!!) and SM Fairview soon.

The Verdict:
5 stars for taste and ingenuity
5 stars for their friendly, accomodating crew
3 stars for variety (hope there's more flavors to choose from..seafood? veggie?)

and the grand total of: 4 twinkling, burping stars

Amazing Cones is located at 11-A Doña Hemady street, New Manila, Quezon City. Telephone Number are 4165299 / 7240462

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