Romantic Dinner at Pizzeria Toscana

One thing I love about Paul is how he never forgets our special dates. He always remembers to greet me every 26th of the month (this has been going on for more than 50 months already!) and of course on that special romantic day every February called Valentine's Day.

This year's Hearts Day was made extra special because he prepared a wonderful evening just for me. It began when he picked me up at exactly 7PM and surprised me with a big big bouquet of roses that was placed at the back of his car. It wasn't until I tossed something to the back when I heard a crunchy, plastic-like sound that made me look and checked out what was there.

It was a short drive to our dinner destination. Located at Castilla street (same street as JEH Car Wash) that is perpendicular to Valencia Hills, Pizzeria Toscana is a cozy neighborhood pizza place. Mind you though, the place was jam packed when we arrived. Good thing Paul made reservations so it didn't took too long before we were ushered to our table.

The walls are filled with frames of pictures showing actors and actresses enjoying their pasta. There's an open kitchen where we saw the owners running up and about as they prepared one dish after the other. It wasn't after I briefly interviewed our waiter, who happens to be the son of the owners, that this is being solely operated by their family. The dad prepared the pizza, the mom takes care of the hot meals and pasta dishes while the kids (one guy and one girl) act as servers making sure the customers are happy and satisfied.

We ordered the Quattro Formaggi (P295), pesto-based pizza with mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, cream cheese and gorgonzola, that is simply bursting with flavor. I love the fact that is it thin-crusted and it's not dripping with oil since the four types of cheese included are high in calories as it is.

The Pasta Polpette (P195), on the other hand, is your average meatball spaghetti with hints of basil and sun-dried tomatoes. Sadly though, Paul and I find this dish a bit bland with hardly no sun-dried tomatoes found. The meatballs were delish though but there's definitely room for improvement.

Lastly, we ordered the Osso Bucco (rough estimate:P200++) which we very much enjoyed. The meat is oh-so-tender just the say this dish should be. one word: YUM!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the restaurant gave out two glasses of wine for every order of pizza. Sadly, we didn't liked the wine and opted for a glass of water each instead.

It was a very filling meal but what impressed me most was seeing the entire family working really hard to give their customers the best experience possible. I love the cozy ambiance complete with sentimental music playing in the background (we even heard the Wedding March played twice, haha!). I'll definitely be back. Ü

Pizzeria Toscana is located at the G/F Dunville Condominium (beside Community of Learners), corner of Castilla and Valencia streets, Quezon City.

Shameless plug: .... and while you're enjoying your pizza and pasta, why not give your car a treat at JEH CAR WASH located just 20 baby steps from Pizzeria Toscana? *wink*

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