Back at Cibo : Trying Something "New"

Happy Easter! 

I hope that you were all able to have a good and peaceful Holy Week. After all, it was the perfect time to reflect, to repent and to have hope for He has risen again. As for me, I spent it with my family and gave my kids my undivided attention. 


Given that the past week was all about family, let me share with you one of my family's favorite restaurants. With all our varying tastes, it honestly is difficult to agree on a restaurant because what may be good for me, may not be something my parents would be keen on trying or returning to and so on. Cibo is a place where we're all happy to dine in and it's simply for these 3 reasons: 

#1 Quality is always top notch. We can always expect their pasta noodles to be al dente and tasty, their pizza perfected baked and they have a good selection of hot and cold beverages too. 

#2 Service is always consistent. No matter which Cibo branch we go to, we are always well taken cared of by their staff. 

#3 They have a wide menu to choose from. 

Well, as you know that I have been getting Farfalle alla Genovese for more than a decade and recently, I took upon the challenge to "try something new." It's been months since that challenge was accepted and I am happy to report that I have tried several dishes apart from my ultimate favorite. 

Here's actually a compilation of the different dishes that I was able to try and enjoyed. 

First was their Beef and Pork Ragu. Spaghettini alla Bolognese -- This is a safe dish that was well received by my parents and the #AngTwins. It had a good portion of minced beef and pork, the spaghettini was just perfect. Not too thin nor too thick and as always, cooked al dente. It's a no-frills type of pasta that doesn't need much introduction. 


Second was Rigatoni All'Alfonso -- When I posted on social media that I want to try something new from Cibo, I got a lottt as in a LOT of messages telling me to give this a try. How can I not try it when it's highly recommended by a lot of people, right? Indeed, it was good! I love how the shrimps were perfectly cooked, the noodles made it so fun to eat and the tomato-based sauce was just light enough that it didn't drown out the pasta. 


Another pasta dish that came highly recommended was the Penne al Telefono -- It's actually a simple dish of stewed tomatoes, cream and mozzarella cheese but it's one of the most popular pasta dishes at Cibo. The penne had a good bite and the tangy flavor of the tomatoes paired with the cream and cheese made it a very comforting dish. 


The next dish was not something new -- Spinaci Zola -- I love this so much. In fact, I love this as much as I love my Farfalle alla Genovese and Patatine Fritte. I'm super happy that they now have a larger portion for those dining with a bigger group. Now that's a LOT of love in just 3 sentences haha! This has truly stayed consistent all these years. The spinach dip covered in cheese and baked until you get a nice toasty top crust, the crunchy crostinis that my little J enjoyed so much and how it makes as a perfect starter whenever you're dining at Cibo. 


Mommy loves pizza and she particular loves Cibo's pizza because it's not oily at all and it has the yummiest toppings that perfectly suits her taste. We got the Pizza Gamberetti but I can also vouch for the Pizza Tartufata especially if you are a truffle fan like me. The Pizza Gamberetti has a tomato-sauce base with shrimps, onions and basil. Meanwhile, the Pizza Tartufata has an olive oil and cheese base with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus as toppings. If you notice, Cibo doesn't overload their pizza with lots of toppings but what I can say is that the flavors remain strong and truly satisfying. 


Lastly, how can I not dine at Cibo without my all time love -- Farfalle alla Genovese? A lot has been said about this already so I'll just park the photo of this amazing dish here but really, if you haven't tried this and you love pesto and mushrooms, then you have to order this on your next visit. 

I can't believe Cibo has been around for 25 years already. It's nice to look back as I can still remember my first ever Cibo experience and I have to say that I have stayed hooked and loyal to it since then. In fact I have blogged about Cibo not once, not twice but three times! That's a lot given that I rarely blog about the same restaurants since I have a forever growing list of restaurant experiences to share with all of you. 

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