Grocery Find: Fire up with The Spice Lab's Chili

You probably all know that I used to have really low tolerance for spicy food. I think, the only thing I could take were those yummy Spicy Prawn Rolls or at the very most, a few dots of wasabi for my sushi.

I could still remember how my first few lunches here at the Lion City went. I ventured out and around my office neighbourhood to try the local dishes being sold. During one particular lunch, I decided to queue up in this really popular hawker stall selling Curry Rice. I love curry made at home and I thought to myself: "this could probably be something like what Mommy makes." Oh boy, I was wrong! One spoonful was enough to set my mouth on fire! It was so spicy that I immediately consumed my bottled water and that wasn't enough to kill the sting. I ended up buying an ice cream cone after my meal. Needless to say, that spicy experience scarred me for life.

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However, I'm not really the type who gives up easily. I'm a fighter and I try to overcome any "challenges." After 3 years in the Lion City, I'd say that my spicy tolerance has improved greatly. Today, I can easily consume a bowl of Laksa, enjoy a plate of Curry Rice and once in a while, I enjoy adding a little bit of chili when cooking at home too. It was then perfect timing that I received these bottles of homemade chili sauces!

These are not the usual chili garlic oils though as it got seafood as its main base plus it's mixed with a variety of herbs and one even has sausage and mushroom in it. I tried the Seafood Chili Garlic with Sausage & Mushroom (Php. 200) one evening as I was rushing to prepare a quick but yummy dinner for myself and Paul. Of course, I resorted to cooking pasta and since I didn't had the time to prepare any meat or creamy sauce, I opened a bottle and sauteed this with chopped garlic before tossing in the cooked pasta noodles.
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Tadah! Instant Aglio Olio Pasta with Sausage and Mushroom! It was really flavorful that a few spoonfuls were enough to bring this pasta dish to life. The best part was, I got the hubby's approval and two-thumbs-up despite the quick cooking.

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What I love about this bottle is that you can really taste the combination of the spicy flavor together with the meaty hint from the rest of the ingredients. It's not the kind that's just all spicy that will numb your taste buds forever. I can't wait to open my next bottle which is the Seafood Chili Garlic with Lemongrass (Php. 200). I think I'll have this with fish or chicken as these two goes well with lemongrass.

In addition to their line of sauces, they also have some powdered drinks available. Of course, keeping with their name, they got Spicy Hot Choco Mix (Php. 220) and Minty Hot Choco Mix (Php. 220) too. Quite interesting, don't you think?

For those who loves to add that spicy zing into their dishes, this is definitely for you!

Check out The Spice Lab's full product range by following them on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact them at +63-915-5250168 /

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