Ole! : Buen Comer Poquellas at Teacher's Village, Quezon City

As the famous saying goes: "Love knows no distance." Similarly, our love for food allowed us to travel far and wide just to satisfy our craving. My in laws have been planning to try Buen Comer located at Teacher's Village in Quezon City for the longest time. This was after hearing raves after raves from cousins who told us that everything on the menu is really delicious and we just have to try it ourselves. Finally, on our first weekend back in Manila, MIL suggested that we head over there for dinner. Of course, Paul and I were totally up for that and so off we went to Quezon City.

Thankfully, it took us less than an hour to get there and we easily located the restaurant which actually can be found in a very small inside street called Mahabagin. For those who are familiar with Quezon City, I'm pretty sure you won't have a hard time heading here.

The menu was pretty extensive with a total of 17 items to choose from. As there were 6 of us dining that day, we decided to just order an assortment of items to share.

buen comer 2
We started our meal with this towering plate of Nacho Potato Crisp (Php. 108). Think of it like a nacho tower only instead of tortilla chips, we got thinly sliced potato chips instead. I loved it! It's very addicting too. Personally, I think the garlic cream sauce was the magical addition as it really gave it so much flavor. Furthermore, it's topped with minced meat, cheese sauce, shredded lettuce and a couple of spicy jalapeno slices.

buen comer 3
Of course, what's dining at a Mexican-themed restaurant without having burritos? We tried Buen Comer's famous Kare Kare Burrito (Php. 148) and loved how it's loaded with their homemade Kare Kare rice, crunchy pork bagnet, shredded lettuce and rice. To add to the whole Kare Kare flavor, they also have added their homemade bagoong which I find to be really good -- not too salty and it has a slightly sweet taste too. We all took turned adding more of the garlic cream sauce into our burrito slices too.

buen comer 5
We also tried the Japanese Style Fried Chicken Wrap (Php. 208). Similar to the burrito, the only difference is the absence of rice. It's packed with deep-fried chicken tenders, egg, shredded lettuce and a really delicious creamy dressing. Personally, I like this more than the burrito.

buen comer 4
However, what won my heart that day was the Peri-Peri Chicken with Dirty Rice (Php. 148). Perfectly grilled chicken fillet on top of a delicious bed of flavored rice. What sealed the deal was the inclusion of the garlic cream and the cilantro sauces which were both made in-house at Buen Comer. I swear, I can drizzle this on practically every single dish. It's so so so good! The chicken has a nice smokey flavor complementing the tomato-based rice underneath.

buen comer 1
Lastly, we also got the Steak and Rice Pilaf (Php. 218). I wasn't able to try this as I was so busy digging into the Peri Peri Chicken but Paul said it was pretty good too.

There are a lot more dishes to try and I can't wait to go back! If only Buen Comer is located closer to home but I guess for something this good, it's definitely worth heading down for.

Check out Buen Comer located at Mahabagin street corner Mapagkawangawa, Teacher's Village, Quezon City. They're only open from Wednesday-Saturday, 4pm - 11pm. Follow them on Facebook for more details.

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