Franny Mommy : My First Letter to My Twins

Dearest L and J, 

In exactly a week's time, we will finally meet for the first time. That said, I thought of writing you both the first of the many letters that you will be receiving from me. Our journey together started around early March and it has been filled with a lot of excitement with a mix of paranoia as I simply just wanted to do everything right for the two of you. Your Dad is a tougher cookie but I know how paranoid he gets too as he would check on your heartbeats and patiently monitors your kicks every single night. 

Often times, I try to imagine what will be the feeling of seeing you both for the first time. Will I cry? Will I laugh? I'm not really sure as I'll partially be drugged with anesthesia too but one thing is for sure -- my heart is  filled with so much gratitude. It's exactly the feeling of finally getting that one thing that you've been wishing, hoping and praying for the longest time. 

We have grown to be so close through all these months. I will miss our poking games, how you'd keep me up with your fishy-like movements, how I would try to see which one of you would react first when I play a lullaby, which one would react to my voice. My favorite one is when you both would try to follow Daddy's voice turning my belly into a very funny-looking, irregularly-shaped ball. With all the fun that we've been having with the both of you inside me, I'm sure we'll have more fun when you're both finally out and we'll all be together as a family. 

You both have been so good to me that I've had the easiest and smooth-sailing first two trimesters. I know the past few weeks has been challenging for the three of us. I'm sorry that I had to take all those medicines and know that even if needles, blood and the thought of undergoing a c-section scares me, for the two of you I'll bravely face them over and over again. 

ang twins baby shower

The world is waiting for you, L and J. We're finally at our last stretch and in 7 days, I will have you both in my arms. 

Signing off for the first time as... 
your Mommy

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