#FrannyCooks : Japanese Beef Curry with House Foods

I love Japanese curry!

house food curry 5
The kind that's really creamy with a hint of spicy note and one that goes so well with fried meat and rice..yes lots and lots of RICE. I remembered how eating at Go Go Curry in Tokyo was actually one of the highlights of our trip. This goes side by side with that swanky sushi bar that Paul took me to or that delicious bowl of tendon where it took us more than 2 hours waiting time just to get two seats in the house. 

Nursing my twins always leaves me really hungry and craving for random things. It's like I'm pregnant all over again only I wasn't this hungry when I was carrying them in my womb! Lately, I've been eating like there's no tomorrow and I'm so thankful that I still manage to lose weight despite eating so much. Hooray for the calories burned while breastfeeding my twins! 

house food curry 2
Recently, I got a couple of boxes from House Foods which are all Japanese Curry sauces in two different variation. The Vermont Curry is meant to be cooked with your choice of meat and it has a sweeter profile as it includes apples and honey. It comes in 5 different spice level and we got the first three - mild, medium hot and hot. The other variant is the ready-to-eat Japanese Curry with Vegetables. This is perfect for people who are in a rush as all you have to do is to pop the container in boiling water or pour the contents in the microwave and enjoy this with a cup (or two) of piping hot steamed rice. 

I tried the Vermont Curry to make our Beef Curry. Let me share the recipe with you:

What you'll need:
house food curry 3

- (1) box of Vermont Curry, spice level depending on your preference. For this recipe I used the Medium Hot kind. 
- 1 kilo of beef chunks slice into bite size pieces
- Carrots, diced
- Potatoes, diced
- Celery, cut into bite-size pieces 
- Ginger, sliced into small thin pieces 
- Garlic, minced 
- cooking oil
- water 

1) Saute the garlic and ginger in hot oil
2) Add in the beef and cook till it turns pinkish brown 
3) Add in all the veggies and saute for a minute or two 
4) Pour in the water and wait for it to simmer. Lower heat.

house food curry 4

5) Add in the curry cubes and mix well till it thickens.
6) Serve with rice and enjoy! 

This is one easy recipe that can be done within 30 minutes. You can also do this with pork or chicken. I have yet to try it with seafood like shrimps which I plan to experiment on next time. 

Bon Apetit! 

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