Franny Mommy : On Baby-Proofing with Warble, Shangri-la Plaza

I can't believe that my twins are about to turn a year old in a month's time. They've literally went from being newborns to curious toddlers in just a snap of a finger. WOW. I just can't help but feel so amazed as I watch them grow. I think one of the most memorable moment for me was when they learned how to crawl without any assistance. It started with small, wobbly careful steps to crazy rapid speed at present. We literally always have to be on alert level as there's no telling where they'd be crawling or cruising towards to. More often than not, my twins love going towards my direction. For instance, when I'm sitting at the corner of the bed, they'd both crawl towards me so fast as if they're racing against each other. Babies being babies though, they still haven't grasp the concept of pain, falling or fear. There are no breaks when they crawl and L, for instance, has had her first fall from the bed a few months ago. Luckily, Paul was sleeping on the mat underneath and was able to catch her.

warble ph 2
Speaking of mats, I really do give a lot of importance to baby-proofing not only our room but our house. Babies, no matter how big they are, are still very fragile. My mom would always remind me to take extra careful of their head as it's still very delicate. There are a lot of playmats in the market but one thing that I learned is that not all playmats are created equally. Some are made so thin that it's not capable of supporting or protecting your baby's head or body. We used to have this really thin rolled up mat that we got from a bazaar and Jacob accidentally fell flat on that. I really head a loud thud and that really made my heart stop for a bit. He cried so loud and I was so scared that he might get an concussion. Luckily, his chubby cheeks (bless them haha) broke the fall so all we had to do was to apply ice pack and he was okay after a little while.

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Paul and I recently visited the newly opened Warble Store at Shangri-la Plaza and we were allowed to test the mats there. My twins totally enjoyed it! It was such a fun play time for them as they got to crawl and cruise around without us pulling them back or catching them every so often. Warble Store is the official distributor of Fold Away Mats and one thing that I noticed is the thickness of the mats. I was told that it passed the egg drop test which I guess is one way to measure if it's safe enough for babies should they fall.

warble ph 1
I love the colors! It's so vivid yet so dainty! Something that appeals well to babies as they love bright colors. I love how it comes in multi-colored panels making it very gender neutral. Since I got a boy and a girl, I love products that allow me to use it on both of them without making one look too boyish or the other too girly. Each panel can also be configured to several designs whether you want it in a box, flat into a square, a rectangle and more. This is one concern that I take consideration as our room has a unique layout so those huge square mats just don't cut it for me. This is why I like puzzle mats but they're too thin now for my ever moving twins. This is why I make use of a thicker mat on top of my puzzle mat for additional cushion.

warble ph 3
These Fold Away Mats can also be converted into a ball pit!

warble ph 9
Look how my little J is having the time of his life as he tries to move around in this sea of colorful plastic balls.

Let's face it, good nannies are a rarity now a days and I'm forever looking for a second nanny to assist my current one. Without that, I have to devote majority of my time to watch over my twins. However, work will never stop coming and I end up working really late at night while my kids are fast asleep. With proper baby-proofing, I can somehow let my kids play safely while I watch over them as I work. I don't have to be in the mat with them especially for the ball pit kind where they can't just crawl off the mat.

warble ph 4
If there's one thing that I've learned about raising and nurturing my babies, it's allowing them to explore and be curious but at the same time giving top priority to their safety. I just can't stress enough how important baby-proofing is most especially once your baby learns to crawl and move around.

warble ph 6
Warble owner Claudine and brand ambassador Iya
By the way, Warble Philippines also distributes Babyzen Yoyo and many more! Check it out at the 4th level, East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City. Follow them on Facebook too

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