Serenitea x Sesame Street Collaboration 2019

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get?
How to get to Sesame Street
This song has been our household background music every single weekday morning 30 plus years ago. With just the opening tune, my sister Pan and I would rush over in front of the TV and sit there quietly for the next 30 minutes. In fact, that's the only time we would watch TV and after the show is over, we'd continue with our pretend game of bahay-bahayan or teacher teacher. Back in the day, we didn't had YouTube so that's pretty much the only screen time we get and we didn't mind at all. My favorite character has always been Cookie Monster followed by the duo Bert and Ernie. Unfortunately, I was never fond of feathered animals so Big Bird somehow terrifies me. For some reason, Elmo wasn't so popular then instead we had Oscar the Grouch who lives in a trash bin and Count Dracula who taught us how to count.

serenitea 3
One metal straw each for my twins!
Fast forward to today, my 1 year old twins are crazy over Elmo! They would watch his sing along videos on YouTube and you know what? We got them to love brushing their teeth from watching Elmo's Brush You Teeth video starring Bruno Mars, Nicole Kidman and many other celebrities. We didn't had to go through the ordeal of getting them to love this daily routine as they would instantly clap and jump when they know it's time to brush their teeth. They also got to learn how to stomp their feet, flap their "wings" and turn around after watching "If you're happy and you know it" by Elmo, Abby and Rosita.

Sesame Street turns 50 years old this year and I just love how it continues to play a big role in the developmental years of my children as it did to mine. I'll never forget how I would look forward to the segment that says "Today's show is brought to you by the letter ___" and every segment would be all connected to that.

serenitea 5
Just timely, my favorite milk tea brand, Serenitea, partnered with Sesame Street from now until October 2019. We noticed the cute store decors, the adorable Sesame Street designed aprons and pins on the store staff, the specially designed plastic cups (I heard there's a paper cup version too) and plastic covers as well. Well, the one thing will get all Sesame Street fans crazy is this limited edition line of metal straws! Of course, I just had to head over to my favorite Serenitea branch to check it out one evening. Well, it was also a good excuse to go for an impromptu milk tea date.

Want to have your own Serenitea x Sesame Street Metal Straws? Simple! Anytime until August 14, 2019, you get a free metal straw of your choice for every purchase worth P899. This is available for all dine-in, take-out and in-house delivery. Unfortunately, you can't avail of the straw if you're ordering via Grab or Lalamove. If you're worried that you won't reach the minimum requirement, let me give you a little wa-is tip. Why don't you get Serenitea gift certificates which will still qualify you to get your very own metal straw and you can slowly enjoy your drinks later on. Smart huh? ;)

serenitea 1
In addition to the metal straws, you will love the assorted Sesame Street designed cups and plastic covers when you order your drinks! I specifically requested for an Elmo cup but I'm not so sure if they can customize the plastic cover for you too. There are 7 available designs for the cups so collectors will totally go wild! .

I was so excited to bring my straws home for my kids as it got them to drink more water! Just be careful as you know they can accidentally poke their eyes with these metal straws so just keep an eye out but watch your little ones enjoy their drink with their Elmo, Cookie Monster or Big Bird straws!

serenitea 2
Well,, you have a week to go to collect your Serenitea x Sesame Street Metal Straws so you know the drill! This is truly one that will get both mommies/daddies and kiddies so excited!

Click here to see the full listing of Serenitea branches all over the country:

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