Oh Serenitea, I'm addicted to you....

Friends over at Plurk.com must have probably noticed how often I would mention dropping by a store named Serenitea for just three things: Hokkaido Milk Tea, Chicken Chops and Peppered Sweet Corn.

I first discovered Serenitea exactly a year ago upon hearing the raves of my boss about this cozy tiny tea store along J. Abad Santos that serves good tea drinks. One visit and a couple more, I was immediately drawn by the relaxed ambiance and yes, their good tea drinks and snacks. At first it was Gyokuro Genmaicha followed by Green Tea Yakult. Finally when they offered Hokkaido Milk Tea as a fellow plurker would say tastes like melted Kraft caramel candy, this has been my frequent choice for almost two months now.

I like my milk tea plain with only 50% sugar. With Serenitea, you can customized you drink from the type of tea to be brewed then to the toppings that will be added down to the amount of sugar that will be added. It makes every experience very personal.

Together with their yummy milk teas, I highly recommend their snacks as well.

These snacks were made popular in Taiwan and we're lucky that there's no need to book a plane ticket to enjoy these instead, a short drive to Serenitea will do.

I love the Chicken Chops (Php. 65) which are deep-fried chicken fillet seasoned with their secret spicy powder and served with fried basil leaves!

Another favorite and my latest discovery is the Peppered Sweet Corn (Php. 50). One order comes in three corn slices. Similar to the chicken chops, this is also seasoned with Serenitea's spicy powder and it a fun snack to enjoy together with your ice cold milk tea.

I'm so happy that more and more people share the same fondness over Serenitea as I do. It's amazing to see how the store is literally bursting with customers going in and out on a daily basis. I know that Serenitea will continue to grow reaching out to more and more tea fans out there.

SereniTea is located along J. Abad Santos cor V. Cruz, San Juan City. You may contact them at 3794166 for more inquiries.


  1. im a witness how you crave for this store! yay im soo far! i wanna try it! :P

  2. you got that right dyanie! it has been a year of loving serenitea! :) i think they have a store in bf homes na :)

  3. Looks so good, Fran! Can't wait to try Serenitea! :)

  4. wow wow.. the milk tea looks so yummy.

  5. ro: let's order!! :)

    u8mypinkcookies: i love their concept and the fact that i can customized almost everything!

  6. me too!!! my friends and I are so addicted to Serenitea!
    we're at the Banawe branch every week! http://jotan23.blogspot.com/2010/04/serenity-found-at-serenitea.html

  7. I have yet to try the food :)


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