G! with the Barkada : Greenwich Pizza Making Camp

I recently discovered how much I enjoyed planning the birthday parties of my twins. Whether we have decided to make the party big or small, I love thinking of fun and creative ways to celebrate their special day. I have an entire year to plan for their 3rd birthday but I'm starting to list down some ideas already. Time flies like a speeding bullet and before you know it, my adorable twosome will turn another year older *sniffle*. Can they stay my babies for a little while longer?

greenwich pizza 1
Anyway, the day after their birthday, we were invited by Greenwich Pizza to join their Pizza Making Camp together with fellow foodie friends. It was only recently that we have re-discovered Greenwich pizza and we just love the Hawaiian Overload pizza. Yep, we are that kind of people who loves pineapples on our pizza. 

greenwich pizza 2
I was so game to learn how to make my own Greenwich pizza and I had my little L who was ready to help me too. All participants of the Pizza Making Camp gets their own apron, a cap, sunglasses, name tag, some goodies, an activity placemat and of course, your certificate of completion. You also get all the ingredients needed to make your pizza and of course, the special dough. 

greenwich pizza 3
For this session, we got to learn how to make the Greenwich All-In Overload Pizza. Starting from forming the dough to adding in the tomato sauce and covering our pizza with all the topics! I honestly never really bothered to take note of the types of meat and ingredients that goes on top of my All-In Overload Pizza but boy, they surely were a lot and I noticed that Greenwich Pizza is very generous with the amount of meat and cheese they add on the pizza and the quality is very good too. I love how the pizza apparently has chorizo, burger bits and 3 different types of cheese if I'm not mistaken and more more more! 

greenwich pizza 4
My little L had so much fun but I assigned her to take care of the cheese as this paranoid mom is scared to let her handle raw meat. Not yet, not yet. Now, you may be wondering where her twin was. He was busy playing all around the restaurant while munching on some Cheesy Bread Sticks. Anyway, at least us girls can focus on making our pizza. 

greenwich pizza 5
It was really fun trying to creatively design our pizza. Finally, here's what our All-In Overload Pizza look before it went straight to the oven.

As with anything, good things take time so after 30 minutes, our finished product was served and here's our pizza! I honestly was surprised that for me, it looks pretty good! Peeking at everyone else's, it sure was tough for the judges to decide as all our pizzas look pretty mouth-watering if I may say so myself. Of course, there can just be one winner and it was cutie Beanie from the Eatsplorations family! Congratulations! 

greenwich pizza 9
Meet my foodie friends!! #BarkadaGoals indeed
Well, we still all felt like winners as we got to bring home our pizzas. Yay! Even my mom and dad loved it too. :) 

I'd say, the Pizza Making Camp is a fun and creative way to celebrate a special day or even for your teambuilding. The ideal number of people is about 20-30 as the space is not that big but the package is already inclusive of other Greenwich menu items too. Check out the 4 available packages below. 
greenwich pizza 8

This is definitely something that I will consider later on. Perhaps when my twins are much bigger and are more aware of the instructions given to them. Also, when they're more competitive (just like their Mommy!) haha. 

Visit your neighborhood Greenwich outlet to inquire. 

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