Eat-All-You-Can-Korean Barbecue at MeatSumo Premium in Panay Avenue

February is the shortest month of the year (despite this year being a leap year) and yet I always feel like my schedule is extra jam-packed this month as compared to the past months. Just this weekend alone, I became a ninang to an adorable baby boy and the next day we had a family gathering to celebrate the birthday of two of my nieces. They're tweens now and in my mind, I've always thought they're still little toddlers. Time is surely flying by so fast.

We're also a few days away from Valentine's Day and regardless whoever you will be dating -- your special someone, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your crush, your best friend, your parents or even yourself (hey, remember -- #selflove), I thought of sharing some of my recent and not-so-recent food finds which I think are totally date place worthy.

meatsumo panay 1
Let's start with MeatSumo in Panay Avenue. This just opened two weeks ago and I can expect this place to be packed most especially for dinner and during the weekend with groups of friends or family. For only Php. 549, you get to enjoy a wide (and I really mean w-i-d-e) variety of meat flavors and side dishes. MeatSumo is a Japanese-Korean barbecue fusion so you can have your hand-rolled makis together with some kimchi or with a plate of kimbap.

meatsumo panay 2
There are 11 meat flavors to choose from -- Pork Galbi, Pepper Beef, Beef Yakiniku, Beef Bulgogi, Pork Gochujiang and more. I personally love the pepper and gochujiang flavored meats so we ordered more of those. As for the sides, you can choose from 22 different side dishes. There's the usual kimchi, spicy dilis, cheese dip, steamed egg, lettuce, miso soup and kimchi rice. In addition to this, you can enjoy their hand-rolled makis like the California maki, beef yakiniku maki, california temaki and even the Korean kimbap. With the sides alone, you'll feel so full already so make sure to take it easy. The buffet is also inclusive of drinks -- iced water and red iced tea. Also, they're probably the only Korean/Japanese barbecue restaurant that I know as of the moment that also serves dessert together with the choices. This has always been my plea with other Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant as dessert is known to cut the cloying (umay) feeling and it's just so unfortunate if they don't have anything to offer. Finally, MeatSumo has answered my prayers.

meatsumo panay 12
They make use of table-top charcoal grill and the servers are so attentive to your needs and would frequently ask if you'd like to replace the charcoal. They were on their soft opening when we visited and if they keep this good service up, I'm sure this will definitely make their customers keep coming back. I also hope that they can maintain to cleanliness. I'll never forget visiting one Korean eat-all-you-can restaurant in Pasig and the floor was so slippery and the tables have this thin layer of oil splatter which the servers did not bother to wipe off. So far, MeatSumo's exhaust is very good and the tables are oil-free. Bravo!

meatsumo panay 7
Okay, here's dating tip #1 : Date a guy who can cook for you and you'll never go hungry ever. In my many years of dating Paul, I am really thankful that he can cook quite well. It's funny how he actually loves cooking! This is why whenever we dine at Korean barbecue restaurants or in Chinese shabu-shabu, he would automatically take charge of cooking. No complaints there as I am more than happy to just sit back and eat. :)

meatsumo panay 6
Here's our first batch of meat flavors. It's a mix of beef slices and pork cuts. Personally, I love the beef more as it's really tender and fragrant. When you dine at a Korean restaurant, always remember your dipping sauce. These are essential to bring out the right flavors that will really blow your mind. My personal favorite is the sesame with salt dip.

meatsumo panay 8
I just found out that it's important to pull the exhaust tube close to the fire in order to avoid painful oil splatters. Look at the marbling of our meat. If you can just imagine the amazing smell that we all experience while waiting for the meat to cook.

meatsumo panay 10
We also tried the Pepper Beef which was recommended by our friends P and G and they're right. It's one of the best flavored meats in the menu. The thinly sliced beef is covered with freshly cracked peppers and the flavor gets more intense as it cooks. Have this in a piece of lettuce, add a few kimchi and cheese and enjoy!

We had an amazing time grilling and eating until all the meats are gone, all the sides have been tried and even our bowl of Cheese Ice Cream was wiped clean. MeatSumo also serves alcohol for those fun nights with the gang. After all, soju goes very well with barbecued meats!

As they're on their soft opening, they have a number of great offers like the 4+1 with free bottle of soju for only Php. 2,4000 or get 10% off if you dine at MeatSumo from 5pm to 12 am daily. Now, isn't this a great place to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Follow MeatSumo Panay on Instagram to know their latest promo or better yet visit them at 23 Panay Avenue, Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City. The restaurant is right beside Mandarin Sky Wok and they have two parking lots for your convenience. 

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