Franny Mommy Favorites : Toddliebaby Diapers

A month ago, Paul and I were faced with a dilemma, one of our kids has formed this habit of removing all of his/her clothes before going to bed. It started out funny and cute until it turned annoying and frustrating because one night, he/she ended up peeing on their bed thus waking the other twin up. I began searching for bedtime onesies but it's not that easy as these are normally worn by infants and I doubt it would fit my toddler comfortably. We've been using pull up pants for the longest time as we thought that they'd big enough to do away with taped diapers. Also, there aren't a lot of sized L or XL tape diapers in the market too.

toddliebaby 3
Then we chanced upon Toddliebaby. A new player in the local diaper industry and it stands by it's promise of providing hypo-allegenic, non-chlorine, non-dye, fragrant-free diapers that's soft, gentle and ultra absorbent. The best part is, it's all taped diapers with sizes from small to large. PERFECT!

The first night that we tried it on the twins, we didn't had to deal with any "stripping incident" and boy, were we so glad! We were so happy that we gave ourselves a pat at the back for choosing to try Toddlibaby that night. No wiwi accidents, no crying, no scolding and all we got was a peaceful night with the twins.

toddliebaby 4
Well, that's just one reason why I was so happy with Toddliebaby. Another reason is because it's super absorbent. Given how much the twins drink their milk and water before they go to bed, it's inevitable that they wake up with really heavy diapers the next day. I'm most worried about my girl L as baby girls are more prone to UTI. We've survived this for the past 2 yrs and I hope we don't have to deal with it anytime in her life.

toddliebaby 2
The morning after wearing her Toddliebaby, I noticed that the diaper has stayed light and dry all night. Even L wasn't complaining or was bugging us to change her diaper ASAP. We've been using Toddliebaby for 2 weeks already and so far we haven't dealt with any leakage too which is super important for us as the twins share a bed so if one leaks, the other one normally ends up soaking wet as well.

It's impressive to note that while Toddliebaby seems to be a local Filipino brand, the quality of the diaper is very good and not the plastic kind that is common in most supermarkets. That said, expect that the price is a bit premium too with each piece priced from Php 11 to Php 14.

Learn more about Toddlliebaby through their website and Lazada page

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