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The internet is a space so vast that you'd think it's just impossible to meet someone real and much more, carry out a genuine friendship from that. After all, we have our online and offline personas. Some mirroring each other, the others totally different that would even put Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to shame. When I started and joined the local blogging community 13 years ago, Didi a.k.a. canDishhh was one of those who welcomed me so warmly and I gotta say that we hit it off instantly. Well, I guess, it's also because we both went to the same high school so that's one big similarity and we share a lot of common friends too. Besides that, I've always loved Didi's personality. She's very down-to-earth, brutally honest and is one of my very loyal friend. Back then, Didi and I were two single girls, not even engaged to be married and motherhood is totally far far away from the picture. I remembered how we would go out for dinner or would just chat all day and night whenever we would find each other online at the same time. I also love her blog. It's so real that I can literally hear her voice whenever I read her entries. She's also one of my dearest friends. One whom would really take the time out to visit me when I was in the Lion City. I miss catching up with her. Life back in Manila is just so crazy! 

candishhh bakes 1

Recently, Didi discovered a new love and boy is she good at it! She started making foccacia bread and that's how Candishhh Bakes was born. It started with 2 flavors and she added one more..and another more. With every variant that she creates, it just keeps getting better. As soon as I found out that Didi was making foccacia, I wasted no time and quickly ordered my first batch of bread. I got the Rosemary Tomato and Olives and the Garlic, Olives and Bagel Seasoning. Each foccacia sells for only P250 which I think is a steal! It's about 8" in diameter and you can enjoy this in perhaps 2-3 breakfast mornings...or if you're like us who just lovessss Didi's foccacia bread.. well, that would be in one sitting. Haha! 

From the first batch, I fell in love with the Rosemary Tomato and Olives because I love anything with olives. Apparently, so does my little girl L that I ended up having to sneak out olives from her as she would pluck them out of the bread and eat them first. Sneaky little girl! One thing that I love about Didi's foccacia bread is how pillowy soft it is. 

Don't believe me? Here's a close-up shot : 

candishhh bakes 3

See, soft and pillowy. 

I reminds me of Pizza Hut's delicious thick crust -- slightly crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside. Just warm it up for about 10 minutes. Don't overheat it as the bread and harden and that'll ruin the experience for you. 

candishhh bakes 2

A few weeks after my first purchase, Didi came out with another new flavor -- Caramelized Onions and Feta. OMG! This one won my heart on my very first bite. ♥ ♥ ♥ The sweet caramelized onion, the slightly salty kick of feta cheese, the pillow dough. I felt like I won a jackpot with this one. It's so good and even so when I dip it into some olive oil and balsamic vinegar mix. You can have it with pasta or any meat dishes that has a lot of sauce and you can use the foccacia bread to mop up the sauce. As for me, I love having this for breakfast with just the olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. 

candishhh bakes 4

I guess one thing that makes Didi's foccacia a hit is you know that every piece was made with so much love. Didi listens also to her customers and find ways to cater to their needs. For instance, she now has gluten-free foccacia bread as well as one that's infused with malunggay making it perfect for all lactating moms out there. Come to think of it, malunggay is packed with so much nutrients that it's good for everyone now that we just want to boost our immunity. She also has added a fourth flavor which is the Caramelized Onions with Garlic if you just want it simple. 

This is probably one of the yummiest foccacia breads in town and I'm glad that ordering this was made so easy as Didi is just a message away. 

Check out Candishhh Bakes Foccacia on Instagram and place your order now!  

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