#FrannyBakes : DIY Mother's Day Cake from Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

You know the age-old saying that "you can't have your cake and eat it too?" For me, it means you can't just have it all. That's true and very realistic as life is never perfect. However, to celebrate Mother's Day, the sweet folks of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati has the perfect solution to counter this saying with their DIY Cake Box

holiday inn diy cake 3
It's a special DIY box filled with all the essential ingredients to make your very own cake! One that you can also enjoy come Mother's Day (or any other day even before that if you just can't wait any longer). For only P1350, the box comes with specially packed and measured cake flour, buttercream icing, rainbow sprinkles, an 8-inch springform pan, a set of silicone baking utensils, 2 adult aprons and some freebies from Jack n Jill and Nissin. This is a great deal as the baking pan alone can be use for a really long time and it can help bring out the Baking Star in you. 

holiday inn diy cake 4
I got this over the weekend and I immediately knew what I will be doing during my extra no-work holiday. Prior to baking, I kept on thinking that it might be better to make cupcakes instead as cupcakes are easier to eat, it can be shared with more people and even the kids love cupcakes. So, as much as I was so excited to use the springform pan, I set it aside and brought out my trusty cupcake molds. Luckily, I still have lots of my rainbow cupcake liners which I initially bought while planning the twins' birthday. Rainbow cupcake liners + rainbow sprinkles, seeing these made my little L so excited as she loves the show Rainbow Ruby and believes that she is, in fact, Rainbow Ruby. haha.. oh kids. 

The instruction guide was very detailed but I got to admit that I found it troublesome that it was measured in grams. I'm more used to recipes that measures in cups so I have to have my cellphone nearby to convert grams to cups as you know, precision is very important in baking. So I started work on the batter and I got Paul to help me out. Together, we creamed the butter and sugar (my favorite step!), added in the wet ingredients followed by the dry ingredients. I taught him how to make buttermilk and to make soft peaks out of egg whites. I'm so glad that I still remembered my basic baking skills from high school. It was therapeutic separating the egg whites and the egg yolks and to whisk the egg whites while watching it turn soft and foamy. 

holiday inn diy cake 1
Soon, we got our batter ready to be divided into the mold. I didn't realized that this recipe can make so much cupcakes that I had enough batter left to pour into my 8" spring form pan so I got 2 dozen cupcakes and a mini cake! What a win! 

We waited for these to bake while having dinner. I would check the temperature and doneness of the cupcakes from time and time and we just love how the entire dining room smelled so buttery sweet. I cooled all the cupcakes and the cake after baking and began to prepare my icing right after dinner. 

I'm more of a cook than a baker and I personally do not like icing so I've never made it. I always thought that it's loaded with cream and sugar but this version proved me wrong. All I needed was 40g of cream, powdered sugar and butter. That's it! Mixing it well, I now have my icing. Mommy asked that I keep some cupcakes icing-less while Paul and the twins naturally wanted some buttercream icing. Note that the box actually comes with icing already but if you want more then you can just make some with these 3 ingredients. 

Are you ready to see the finished product? 

holiday inn diy cake 2

The cupcake has this mamon-like consistency and the icing was not too sweet so even Papa liked it too. My twins loved the butter cake so much that J specifically requested to have a piece of cupcake for his breakfast the next day. I gave him the one without icing which made him so happy as he ate and gave me numerous thumbs-up signs. 

This is a fun way to bond with your mom or with your kids this coming Mother's Day. After all, the way to everyone's heart is through his/her stomach so why not bake this cake to make Mother's Day extra sweeter. 

Click here to purchase your special Mother's Day DIY Cake Box from Holiday Inn & Suites Makati. Make sure to order a day in advance and you can have your cake delivered or picked up depending on your preference.  

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