Celebrated my birthday with Party Plate Philippines

We're officially halfway through the year! I can't believe June flew by with just one blog post. My sincere apologies! My birthday month found me so busy with work that on nights when I have the time to relax and to blog, I would opt to just binge on Netflix to clear my mind before bedtime. Anyway, please don't forget to follow me on Instagram as I would regularly post my latest food discoveries there. 

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Let me share with you one of the highlights of my birthday celebration. As you know, this is the 2nd year that I celebrated my birthday at home as we are still battling the COVID19 virus but one good thing that happened before my birthday was that my parents and I got our full dose of vaccines and Paul just got his first dose recently so here's to getting all of us fully vaccinated in the coming weeks. Despite having to stay home for my birthday, I got to say that this year's celebration was made extra special as I was showered with lots of love and well wishes from my family, friends and colleagues. 

Of course, no birthday celebration will ever be complete without enjoying good food..and that means, lots and lots of good food. I swear, I was so full for the next 2 days following my birthday but my heart and my belly were so happy and content and I am just so thankful for all the blessings. The highlight of my birthday lunch was this full cochinillo by Party Plate Philippines. The truth is I have never had cochinillo ever before (surprisingly, I've really been hiding under a rock all this time) and with that, I never had the chance to slice through the crispy cochinillo skin with a plate as often shown on TV so I was so excited that I can finally do so as this beautiful thing was delivered to our home on my birthday. It came with their signature sauce which tasted a lot like lechon sauce. 

Cochinillo is Spanish-style suckling pig which is very similar to our local lechon de leche. Party Plate's version has a delicious lemongrass flavor making it so delicious and it cuts out the cloying (umay) feeling too. The meat is so tender and since one order is about 5-6kg, we ended up with lots of leftover and even after reheating this in the oven for dinner, the meat still stayed very tender. 

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To go with our cochinillo, we had two types of flavored rice -- Shrimp and Mushroom Tartufo Rice and Chicken Inasal Rice. Both are so good but it really depends on your taste preference. The Shrimp and Mushroom Tartufo Rice has a more subtle flavor which I thought went well with the cochinillo as it won't overshadow the main star of the show and yet, the truffle flavor was indeed a good touch. 

party plates 3
Meanwhile, if you like something more flavorful then you have to try the Chicken Inasal Rice. As Paul puts it perfectly, it's an entire meal on it's own. It has a very distinct inasal flavor with chicken bits in every spoonful. It's comforting, familiar and truly satisfying. 

Party Plate Philippines is the brainchild of the mother-daughter tandem behind my go-to cake supplier, Hearts and Bells so you are assured that you're getting top quality dishes that will stay consistent at all times. With Party Plate PH, you can now plan your party much easier as they got several dishes to choose from and you can get your cake from them too! Price-wise, the cochinillo is priced at par with other brands/sellers but one thing that I like about Party Plate is that they got cochinillo packages available making ordering such a breeze. They also have several sauces to go with the cochinillo which I can't wait to try next time. Lastly, they also have dishes like Lasagna, Callos that would be perfect to complete your celebration with. Check out their full menu here

To order, message Party Plate on Instagram

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