Cakes by Louise : The Best Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake in town?

Whenever I get to look back at my childhood, I can't help but feel that life was wayyy simpler back then. No cellphones, no internet, no cable TV.. sometimes I do wonder how we managed to survive but we did! We learned to play with our siblings, our neighbors, we find fun in reading the comic strips in the newspaper, we became creative and somewhat entrepreneurial at a young age, we had lots of fun. 

Food was also more or on the simpler side back then. It need not to be Instagrammable but it's one that's legit delicious and truly comforting. Take cakes for example, I remember growing up enjoying the kind of chocolate cake that has a nice spongey chiffon texture, the frosting with just the right amount of sweetness and with that creamy caramel center to seal the deal. Nothing fancy, not even with those gold foils or molten centers. Don't get me wrong, innovation is always good and I'm so happy that we have a wider range of choices today but it still sure feels good to look back at how different life was just a few decades ago. 

chocolate cake 2
I chanced upon Cakes by Louise upon seeing the post of my friend Richie. He was raving about this newly discovered home baker that makes traditional chocolate cake on his Instagram post and as soon as I was done reading his post, I clicked on the link to Cakes by Louise' Instagram page and guess what?! I immediately placed my order! 

chocolate cake 3
This is the type of cake that you will need on good days, on bad days, on stressful days, on days when you just need a hug and more. One bite and I was suddenly filled with nostalgia. The chocolate cake was so moist and delicious and that creamy caramel center.. oh man! It's so good and comforting. I am also very particular about the sweetness level in cakes as too much sweet can give me a nasty sore throat but this chocolate cake was just right. Even the chocolate frosting was not too rich or cloying so I am pretty sure you'd be scraping your plate clean. 

Ordering was also a breeze. They're based in the South so you can book any of the same day delivery that services your area to pick your cake up. 

Check out Cakes by Louise on Instagram to place your order. 

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